For some people, it means a perfect time for short holidays before getting back to their normal activity on Monday. However, what if you don’t have anyone to travel with during new year holiday (or other holidays)? Should we delay our holiday travel until we have someone with us? That way our travel will be delayed forever!

If you really want to go traveling for holiday but sadly no one to go with, you don’t need to be in a bad mood then confine yourself in your room. Why do you not go solo traveling? There are a lot of benefits in solo traveling, but you must also watch out for some things when going solo traveling

Solo traveling illustration
Solo traveling illustration [photo:]

Here are some benefits when you do solo traveling.

1. Going alone allows you to plan your trip by yourself without having to be attached to someone else’s schedule and wish. It’s time to be free and independent!

free illustration
free illustration [photo:]

2. Wanna try challenging things that your parents or your traveling partner may not allow, like bungee jumping? You can do it if you travel alone. The point is, traveling alone allows you to experience new things as much as possible.

Bungee jumping
Bungee jumping [photo:]

3. Traveling alone opens wide chances for you to meet new people; because, like it or not, you have to force yourself to interact with other people, even with someone you don’t know at all.

meeting new people illustration
meeting new people illustration [photo:]


4. By traveling alone, you will have an opportunity to understand yourself more. It’s time for you to understand your own real personality, and to know positive and negative values within yourself. And for those who are still in search of their identity, traveling alone might be the best way to find yourself.

Find myself
Find myself [photo: darkday/flickr]

5. There is one more benefit of solo traveling. According to some solo travelers, traveling alone will cure your fear of loneliness. That maybe because you are forced to interact with other people and also experience some whole new stuffs, that you won’t have time to feel lonely and alone.

They said solo traveling can cure your fear of being lonely
They said solo traveling can cure your fear of being lonely [photo:]

6. Solo traveling challenges us to overcome our fear of various things, that will eventually get us out of our comfort zone, and develop our personality more. In many cases, solo traveling is also helpful to increase our self confidence. That’s because we are challenged to take care of ourselves and to solve the problems we might encounter during the trip.

Solo traveling develops our personality
Solo traveling develops our personality [photo:]


7. This one is also said by some travelers often going solo traveling. According to most travelers, traveling alone helps you save your traveling budget if compared to that of traveling with friends. That’s because we don’t have any “partner in crime” accompanying us to spend some money for stuffs that will waste our traveling budget (like: trying snacks in the city we visit, shopping for too many souvenirs, etc).

Partners In Crime
Partners In Crime [foto: hbp_pix/flickr]

8. Finally, solo traveling also reduces the potential of any drama which might happen in a trip, that possibly occurs if we travel with someone else.

Traveling alone minimizes the potential of unwanted dramas
Traveling alone minimizes the potential of unwanted dramas [photo:]

So, traveling alone is pretty cool, right? Therefore you don’t need to be afraid of having no one to go with you for new year holiday, because you can do solo traveling anytime. However, don’t forget to understand several things you must notice when you go solo traveling:

  • First rule for solo traveler wannabe: befriend as many people as you wish, but trust no one. When traveling to new places, you must share your trust to everyone if you want to be accepted in that new place. But remember, do not easily trust new person you just meet because there is no guarantee that they can really be trusted.
  • Do not talk too much when traveling alone, unless to someone you can really trust. Moreover if you are a woman, because a woman is more susceptible to danger when she travels alone. It includes the condition when you are in a tourist attraction. Do as best as you can to not let anyone knows that ladies are traveling alone, especially when a strange guy is asking about that.
  • Solo traveleroften becomes a target for those targeting tourists. To minimize the risk of getting targeted by scammer, try to behave and interact as if you were local people. Avoid showing your identity as a tourist, like walking around by carrying huge sized backpack while opening a newspaper-sized map widely. One of the best things to do before going traveling is collecting as much information as possible about the place you want to visit and downloading any necessary information (like map) into your smartphone, that you won’t look like a confused tourist.
  • For ladies, remember that your safety is number one. For you holding karate black belt, you still have to equip yourself with stuffs that can help you defending yourself when doing solo traveling. A multi-function knife or pepper spray can be a good tool to protect yourself if needed.
  • Another tips for ladies, please wear clothes as comfortable as possible when doing solo traveling. Avoid using heels (because no one will help you massage you in case you sprain your feet when carrying traveling bag). And, it’s better that you choose a hotel close to a number of activity centers (like minimarket, ATMs, market, food vendors) in order not to go too far from your hotel when you are in need of anything during traveling.
  • Always equip yourself with emergency numbers which can be contacted when something unwanted happens. And, make sure that your phone battery is always full. In case of emergency, your cell phone is the best hope to help you. In addition, in case necessary, find local emergency numbers of that city, g. local hospitals, nearest police station, etc.
  • Have fun! The point of solo traveling is to have fun and to give new insights. Solo traveling is useless if you are just complaining and grumbling about not having friend for traveling.


Are you ready for solo traveling this new year holiday?


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