On the previous article, we have already talked about several popular recreational venues at Ancol Dreamland such as Dunia Fantasi Amusement Park, Atlantis Water Adventure, Ocean Dream Samudra, Sea World Oceanarium, and Ocean Ecopark. We also have already talked about basic stuffs like how to get there, the ticketing, and the transportation to go around the park. Now, we would like to continue talking about more other attractions as well as the choices of accommodation and culinary to enhance your unforgettable vacation to Taman Impian Jaya Ancol.



Located on the top north of Jakarta City, Ancol Dreamland has several beaches that face the Java Sea. Each beach has its own unique attractions. Those beaches are:

  • Ria Beach

Ria Beach is very friendly for children. It has a playground that looks like a wrecked ship where kids can pretend to be sailors and play around.

  • Beach Pool Ancol

Beach Pool Ancol is the only beach in Ancol Dreamland where it is safe enough to swim on. This beach is very popular especially on weekends and holidays. Every New Year’s Eve, there will be a fireworks show at this pool.

Firework Show at Beach Pool Ancol (Source: Flickr. Credit: Imam tho)
Firework Show at Beach Pool Ancol
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Imam tho)
  • Bende Beach

Bende beach is favorite beach in Ancol for couple. There is a long wooden pier that goes to the ocean. It is very nice and romantic to sit down at the end of this pier, enjoying the quietness and probably a sunset.

  • Marina Port

On Marina Port, you can rent a private yacht for your family or groups. You can also get on a ship or public boats to Seribu Archipelago, another tourism destination with beautiful beach and sea exoticism.



Besides the recreational parks and beautiful beaches, on Ancol Dreamland you would also find other interesting venues for leisure purpose such as:

  • Ancol Beach City

Ancol Beach City is an integrated area of shopping mall, culinary center, and beach. This ultimate leisure offers you a combination of modern and natural tourism objects. The beach opens until night. Every month at the date of 22nd, a spectacular Fireworks Show is being held at the beach.

  • Pasar Seni (Art Market)

Art Market of Ancol is a place to accommodate plenty of artists, collectors, and art businessman. There are about 210 stands that sell various artistic products such as ceramics, paintings, carvings, and much more. The market opens from 09.00 to 20.00 everyday.

  • Jaya Ancol Golf

Jaya Ancol Golf Course is a new leisure venue on Ancol Dreamland recreational park. This is the first beach golf course in Indonesia. The venue has 18 golf holes spread on the area of 33 hectares. This exclusive leisure park also has several supporting facilities such as restaurant, meeting hall, executive lounge, and a golf shop.

Jaya Ancol Golf Course (Source: Flickr. Credit: huahinhans)
Jaya Ancol Golf Course
(Source: Flickr. Credit: huahinhans)

Recreational Transportation

Besides the transportation for getting around the entire area of Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, there are also several modes of transportation that are provided for recreational purpose. These modes of transportation are very unique and fun to try.

  • Segway

Segway is like a modern scooter with bigger wheels. It is mostly favored by kids and teenagers. Segway is available only at the venues of Dunia Fantasy and Ocean Ecopark. The rental fee is ranging from $3.5 to $15, depends on the track you chose. The rental fee includes a safety helmet.

Kids Riding Segways (Source: Flickr. Credit: Centre of Teaching Asian Language and Culture Deakin University)
Kids Riding Segways
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Centre of Teaching Asian Language and Culture Deakin University)
  • Gondola Cable Car

Gondola is a sky lift cable car. It is very fun to see Ancol and Java Sea from the height of 21 meters above the floor level. There are 37 units of cable car and each of them can occupy up to six adults. The cable car route is Festival Beach – Indah Beach – Car Theater or vice versa. Gondola operates at 11.00 to 18.00 during weekdays and 09.00 to 18.00 during weekends. Ticket is $3 per person. Kids below 85 centimeters of height are free of charge.


To Eat and Drink

Discovering the amusing park of Ancol Dreamland might cause you to crave for something delicious to fill your empty stomach. Actually, there are so many places to eat in Ancol, either it is a food court or restaurant. But for your reference, here are some popular places to eat in Ancol:

  • Stalls and Food Court at Each Venues

On very venue of Ancol Dreamland, there is a food court and various stalls to serve their hungry visitors. The prices sometimes are slightly higher than normal but are still affordable. Generally, these are the easiest and cheapest option to fill your empty stomach and boost your energy.

  • Dermaga One Seafood Resto

Dermaga One is the only restaurant in Ancol that serves many kinds of seafood dishes with Makassar recipes. The restaurant is perfect for intimate dinner with your lover or family.

  • Telaga Sampireun

Telaga Sampireun is a fancy Sundanese restaurant in Ancol Dreamland. The restaurant was designed with a concept of lake and saung (traditional Sundanese huts). The atmosphere is very cozy here.

  • Segarra Seaside Escape

Segarra Seaside Escape is another fancy restaurant in Ancol. They serve multi-national menus as well as alcoholic beverages. Overlooking at the beach, this restaurant is great for private parties such as anniversary.

The Outdoor Seating on Segarra Seaside Escape (Source: Flickr. Credit: robertadhiksp)
The Outdoor Seating on Segarra Seaside Escape
(Source: Flickr. Credit: robertadhiksp)
  • Jimbaran Resto

If you like Balinese seafood dishes, then Jimbaran Resto is where you should eat while visiting Taman Impian Jaya Ancol. To keep their original flavors of Bali, the ingredients (especially the spices) are supplied directly from Bali.


Where to Stay

One day might not be enough to explore the entire Ancol Dreamland. Thus, you might need to stay the night inside or around the area so you could continue your adventure the next day. It is very easy to find hotels in North Jakarta, from the low-budget inns to exclusive five-star hotels. Hotels are also available within the area of Ancol Dreamland, such as:

  • Putri Duyung Cottage

Putri Duyung Cottage is a modern resort located nearby the beach within the Ancol Dreamland area. The cottage has seven hectares of tropical fields, 137 waterfront rooms, 22 car parks for 22 cottage sub-areas, 7 meeting rooms, cafes, restaurants, and other supporting facilities. Choices of recreational activities are also available for you and your family such as horse riding, sailing boat, etc. This accommodation rates starts from $85. Information is to phone number +62 21 260 1820 or email to reservation@putriduyung-ancol.com.

Putri Duyung Cottage in Front of the Beach (Source: Flickr. Credit: Jo H)
Putri Duyung Cottage in Front of the Beach
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Jo H)
  • Mercure Convention Center Ancol Hotel

Mercure Convention Center is a four-star hotel within the area of Ancol Dreamland. The hotel has more than 400 rooms overlooking the beach. The hotel has two swimming pools, tennis court, and several other facilities. The rates are ranging from $39. For more information, please contact +62 21 640 6000 or email to reservation@mercureconvention.com.


Ancol Dreamland or Taman Impian Jaya Ancol is one of the best recreational parks in Indonesia. This park has already had everything you need. It has easy access, various venues and attractions, leisure, beaches, culinary (Jakarta), and even complete accommodations. It is like everything packed in one place.