Riau Archipelago is a province in Indonesia that has been quite famous for being a great tourism area. They have many kinds of tourism objects so the travelers will not be bored to explore the whole archipelago. Riau Archipelago is the second most visited province by international tourists. Thus, we would like to recommend Riau Archipelago as your choice of tourism destination in Indonesia.


Jembatan Barelang

Jembatan Barelang or Barelang Bridge is a series of bridges that connect all the islands on Riau Archipelago; Batam, Tonton, Nipah, Rempang, Galang, and Galang Baru. Jembatan Barelang means a lot for the Province of Riau Archipelago. The people are now able to move easily from one island to another, making it easy for them to access amenities, to distribute products, and more. The province also became prettier since then as the bridge has sophisticated design and advanced structure. Riau Archipelago is able to attract more tourists after they built this bridge.

An Aerial View of Jembatan Barelang (Source: Flickr. Credit: mariMaaar)
An Aerial View of Jembatan Barelang
(Source: Flickr. Credit: mariMaaar)

From the bridge, you can see a scenic panorama of the beach and the archipelago. You can see the blue water meets the sky at the horizon. You can also see some boats on the river. If you like water sport, you can ride a kayak at the river of Batam. Some kayaks are designed to be suitable for first-time kayaker with built-in buoy.



Being an archipelago with several islands, this province indeed has many water spots. In facts, about 90% of the province area is water. The islands take up only no more than 10% of the area. From this fact, you might have guessed that the province has many beautiful beaches and various choices of water activity.

If you want to see the beach, you can go to Lagoi Beach on Bintan Island. This beach is intended for high-end tourism. A lineup of world-class resorts and restaurants are available at this luxury beach. You can also go to Trikora Beach on Bintan Island.

You can do many water activities there such as swimming, canoeing, fishing, and many more. Sisi Beach on Natuna Island is also nice to visit. This beach is titled as “The Best Natural Beach in the World” by Islands Magazine. Other choices of beach are Melayu Beach on Galang Island, Penjalin Beach on Anambas Island, Tanjung Beach on Natuna, Padang Melang Beach on Anambas Island.

Playing with Speed Boat on Lagoi Beach (Source: Flickr. Credit: Merza Gamal)
Playing with Speed Boat on Lagoi Beach
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Merza Gamal)


Underwater Adventure

You can see the beauty of Riau Archipelago’s ocean from the beach. But do you know that you can also enjoy it underwater? Yes. Many spots in Riau Archipelago are very beautiful to explore. Try going under the Abang Island where you can see corals in so many species and colors. Abang Island is the most favorite spots in Batam for water activities such as scuba diving, snorkeling, island hopping, and much more.

Other beautiful spot for underwater adventure is at Benan Island. The underwater also has various living creatures. People love to hunt for photograph at this spot. Other places you can visit for underwater panorama and activities are Senayang Island, Durai Island, Senoa Island, Penjalin Island, Mapur Island, and Bawah Island.

Fish and Corals Underwater the Abang Island (Source: Flickr. Credit: angel maramot)
Fish and Corals Underwater the Abang Island
(Source: Flickr. Credit: angel maramot)


Natural Objects

Besides the beach and marine life, other nature tourism objects available on Riau Archipelago are mountains, waterfalls, natural parks. There are three beautiful mountains on Riau Archipelago. Mount Ranai is located on Natuna. Hiking this mount is easy as they already built a hiking track.

It only takes four to five hours to hike. If you want to see more kinds of animals and trees, you can go to Mount Bintan which is 340 meters high. And if you are experienced hikers, then you must enjoy Mount Daik. It is the highest mount in Riau Archipelago and the track is not easy.

Riau Archipelago also has many amazing waterfalls. The best one is Temburun Waterfall. It is located East Siantan. This waterfall is famous for being the best waterfall on Riau Archipelago. The waterfall does not fall straight directly to the bottom pond. Instead, the water falls through a series of cliff consists of seven levels. Othe waterfalls are Air Bini Waterfall on Siantan, Jelutung Waterfall on Lingga, Ulu Maras Waterfall on Anambas, and much more.


Historical and Cultural Objects

Galang Island has ever been a basecamp for Vietnamese army during the war between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. A big refugee camp was built there and the building still exists until today. Not only the houses, there are also the remnants of churches, youth centers, prisons, temples, tombs, etc.

Another cultural tourism object is Kuil Seribu Patung which means “Shrine of A Thousand Statues”. This building is also known by the name Vihara Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. It is a religious place for Buddhist. A thousand of statues are inspired by the “arahat” purity in Buddha.

There is also Masjid Sultan Riau on Penyengat Island. The mosque was built on 1832. The architectural style is unique with 13 domes. The construction used white eggs for the wall finishing. Another historical mosque is Masjid Jamik Sultan Lingga on Lingga Island.

Front View of Masjid Sultan Riau Penyengat (Source: Flickr. Credit: leo hari)
Front View of Masjid Sultan Riau Penyengat
(Source: Flickr. Credit: leo hari)



Many kinds of tourism events are held in Riau Archipelago to impress more tourists every once in a while. On November 2014, there are two events scheduled; “Tour de Bintan” and “Kepri Carnival”. If you want to see about the schedule of the upcoming events, please visit on http://kepri.travel/events-2 your browser.



Another thing that tourists always look for everywhere they travel is the local culinary. So here are some unique culinary you must try while visiting the province:

  • Otak-Otak

A snack made out of chopped fish mixed with spices and flours. The mixture is then wrapped with coconut leaf and grilled.

  • Mie Tarempa

A serving of noodles from Siantan with fried fishes, beansprouts, chili, and eggs.

  • Roti Jala

A bread with the shaped similar to a rolled net. The bread is to be eaten with curry and cucumber.

  • Sup Ikan

A fish soup with clear gravy originally from Batam.

  • Gonggong

Gonggong is a kind of grilled snail served with tasty spicy sauce.

  • Asam Pedas Sembilang

A thick soup made from Sembilang fish with sour and spicy gravy.


Almost all of those foods and drinks are available on restaurants which offer local cuisine. Either way, you can also get them through the street stands and stalls along the way.



Going to Riau Archipelago is not difficult as they have five airports. Two of those are international airport located on Bintan Island and Batam Island. Domestic flights are also available from many cities in Indonesia. The archipelago is very close to Singapore that you can just take a ferry ride for only 45 minutes to reach Batam. Hotels, banks, and other amenities are available on these islands.

Local transportations are various as well, allowing you travel easily from one spot to another. Public transportation such as buses and metro trans are available in many routes. Besides that, there are also “ojek”, pedicab motor, and taxi that can take you straight to your destination.


Riau Archipelago indeed deserves the fame to be a wonderful tourism area. They have various kinds of attractions to offer. Accommodations are also well provided to ensure tourists’ comfort. So, why hesitate? Plan your trip to Riau Archipelago now! For more detailed information about tourism objects, events, accommodations, and amenities, please visit http://kepri.travel/.



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