Located at the subduction zone between Eurasian Plate and Indo-Australian Plate has caused Indonesia to have numerous amounts of mountain. That is why many tourists like to come to Indonesia if they want to test their adrenalin in hiking.

Mountains in Indonesia have various characters. Some of them are just too easy to hike; even a mid-school student can hike. But some of them are almost impossible; even the professional hikers have the chance to die before reaching the mountain top.

If you are hikers with high experience in difficult objects, then maybe you want to consider hiking some mountains in Indonesia that is almost impossible to hike, such as:

1. Mount Carstensz at Papua

Mount Carstensz is one of the Seven Summits, the seven highest top in the whole world. It is a part of Jaya Wijaya Mountain in Papua Island, Indonesia. With the height of 4,884 meters above the sea level, it makes sense that the top is a kind of difficult to reach. People named the top of Mount Carstensz as “Carstensz Pyramid”. There are many hikers from across the world coming to this mount, trying their luck to reach this mysterious pyramid.

Cartenz Pyramid Covered in Eternal Snow (Source: Flickr. Credit: Fenyta Tifani)
Carstensz Pyramid Covered in Eternal Snow
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Fenyta Tifani) 

Some professional hikers say that in order to reach the Carstensz Pyramid, first you need to climb it with a rope until you reach the second point. Great skill in rope climbing is very crucial here. After the second point, you can hike up your way to the top.

On your journey, you will a valley with rocks surround it. You will also see three lakes that were formed due to heavy rains and glazier. Right when you almost reach the base camp area, you will have to go through what hikers called “The Wind Door” because the wind is seriously strong there.

Carstensz Pyramid is covered by eternal snow. The temperature can reach zero degrees up there. Oxygen level is also low due to the height. This may cause exhaustion, dizziness, and hallucination to the hikers. And when the hikers are already close to the top, Hypothermia and AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) might be their serious threats.


2. Mount Kerinci at West Sumatra

Mount Kerinci is the highest volcano in Indonesia with about 3,805 meters above the sea level. This mount is quite a favorite for hikers, either domestic or international. This is because Mount Kerinci has a complete track. There are asphalted track, track with a small river, rocky track, sandy track, a track with grass and trees, and even there is an extreme diagonal track with the slope up to 70 degrees. This is why Mount Kerinci is not a place for first-time hikers.

Breath-Taking View from the Top of Mount Kerinci (Source: Flickr. Credit: Rejselyst)
Breath-Taking View from the Top of Mount Kerinci
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Rejselyst)

During the hiking, you will also enjoy the natural beauty of Mount Kerinci. You can see many unique floras such as mahogany trees, wild bushes, and even rare flowering plants such as Rafflessia arnoldi and Amorphophallus titanium. And as for the faunas, you have the chance to see elephant, apes, monkeys, gibbons, tapir, tarsier, and about 140 species of birds.

Hiking Mount Kerinci would take you two days before you finally reach the top. Therefore, you really need to be well prepared. Mount Kerinci is surrounded by the forest of Kerinci Seblat National Park. This wide and green forest will give you a stunning panorama when you already reach the top. You will also see a deep wide crater with green water at the northeast side of the mountain top. Mount Kerinci is an active volcano which has phreatic eruption in almost every year.


3. Mount Semeru at East Java

Mount Semeru is the highest volcano in Java Island. The mountain top is called “Mahameru” with the height of 3,676 meters above the sea level. To reach Mahameru, you would need to hike for two days.

While hiking Mount Semeru, it is highly recommended to avoid the crater of Jonggring Saloko and the southern track. At this track, there frequently are toxic gas and lava flow. The gas contains sulfur in high temperature. It can move very quickly so it would be difficult to outrun it. This is why Mount Semeru is counted as dangerous mount to hike and totally is not recommended for inexperienced hikers.

A Small Eruption on Mount Semeru at Dawn (Source: Flickr. Credit: hshdude)
A Small Eruption on Mount Semeru at Dawn
(Source: Flickr. Credit: hshdude)

Mount Semeru is favored by the hikers because it has beautiful nature that you can really enjoy while hiking this volcano. During your journey, you will find a fresh water lake called Ranu Kumbolo. Some hikers like to rest and drink at this refreshing lake. You will also find an edelweiss field with cold wind blowing your mind away.

It is highly recommended to hike during the dry season, around June to September. Avoid hiking during rainy season as the track would be slippery. Chances of landslide are also high during this season.


4. Mount Leuser at Aceh Province

Mount Leuser is the tallest mountain in Aceh Province, Indonesia with 3,466 meters high above the sea level. The mountain used to be passive. But a massive earthquake and tsunami in Aceh last 2010 have triggered the volcanic activity back to this mountain.

Mount Leuser is a part of Barisan Mountain that lies along on the western side of Sumatra Island, from top north to south. It is also a part of National Park of Mount Leuser which embraces various ecosystems and is protected by UNESCO.

Mount Leuser is known to be the mount with the least quick hiking time. It could take up to fifteen days to reach the top and another six days to get back down. This is why Mount Leuser is categorized as almost-impossible mount to hike.

To hike this mount, you first need to gain formal permit from local police. That permit document is to be given to the management of Mount Leuser when you reach the starting point. You also must be accompanied by a hiking guide from the management of Mount Leuser.

Many wild animals are still living on Mount Leuser such as Sumatran tiger, rhinoceros, bear, and elephant. Always listen to what your guide say if you want to stay alive. Beside the wild animals, you will also have to go through several difficult tracks along the way.

First track is a diagonal track with the slope of fifty degrees before you reach the first resting post. There are also three small rivers and a big one that you need to cross. A hiker has died while trying to cross that wide river. There is an area where the trees are so tall and the leaves are so dense that sunlight hardly ever reaches the soil. This causes the soil to be damp and very slippery.

A River on Mount Leuser (Source: Flickr. Credit: Mark Berthold)
A River on Mount Leuser
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Mark Berthold)

But once you reach the top, all of the difficulties you have been through these past few days will be paid off in a second. Enjoy the view of the wide National Park of Mount Leuser meets the skyline at the horizon. The fresh air is bringing joy and pride everytime you take a breath. You will not get this kind of satisfaction in somewhere else.


Reading the description of these mountains might raise you curiosity. But remember, deciding to hike one of these mountains may bring you close to danger. Make sure you are experienced enough to do it. Also, make sure that everything is perfectly prepared before you start your adventure.