What is the first thought across your mind when you hear the word “Sulawesi”? It is one of the big islands in Indonesia, consisting of several districts. It is famous for its people who have sailed through countries since thousands years ago.

Phinisi Ship is one of their creations and has brought the people until Africa, Europe, and America. Fascinated already? Don’t be. Sulawesi is also known for its beautiful small islands, the magnificent underwater view and pretty girls. People who come to Sulawesi must know that this island has ranges of uniqueness that other islands do not have. Sea is their main world after the land itself. Sea is where they live (with the ship) and travel (underwater life).

There are a few big cities in Sulawesi, which surprisingly grow beyond prediction. Its fast economy growth makes those cities being even more famous. In addition, they are not as crowded as Jakarta City, so Sulawesi is still the nice destination for a visit whether for short time or long time. You can have many unique things in Sulawesi, as you have never seen before in Java island or anywhere else. What are those things? Hold on the curiosity as you read the next paragraph.

Snacks. We are talking about the delicious snacks from Sulawesi, especially from Makassar. As the capital city of South Sulawesi, Makassar is famous for the things mentioned above. What kind of snacks that are originated from Makassar and what are they made from? Let us discuss them one by one.

First, we have Pisang Epe. It is made of unripe banana half smashed and grill for minutes. Once it warm or the skin is dark, Pisang Epe will be served with choices of toppings. You can have strawberry, chocolate, or even milk. The toppings are cooked traditionally, so do not ever compare them with toppings you have on pancakes.

via i0.wp.com
via i0.wp.com

The sellers of Pisang Epe can mostly be seen near Losari Beach. They provide you chairs and tables outdoor. It is nicer to have Pisang Epe on the night while enjoying the sound of the waves at Losari Beach. If you prefer to eat the snack by the beach, you can ask the seller to deliver them for you or you can take them while having quick sailing trip around Losari Beach.

The price is very cheap, ranging from $0.2 up to $0.5. They also sell traditional drink that perfectly coming with Pisang Epe, called Sarabba. It is made by coconut milk, ginger, and brown sugar. You can have extra milk on it as well. The delicious snack and Sarabba are perfect for your night in Makassar.

Second, there is the famous Palubutung. Wherever you are, whether you live in Jakarta, Aceh, Lampung, Bali, or anywhere, if there are people from Makassar, there will be Palubutung. Palubutung is the next traditional snacks that will pamper your taste. Once you have it for the first time, it can attract you with the addictiveness you will have never experienced before. Palu butung is another snacks made by Banana as well.

via duniainter.net
via duniainter.net

Different from Pisang Epe that is cooked fast, Palu butung is made from several processes because it consists of different parts. The banana must be steamed until it is soft. Next, we must have green dough made by flour and green paste. The green dough must cover the banana for the second steaming process.

Another part you must have is porridge made by rice flour. You must make it thick. The banana and porridge are put together in a bowl and pour rose syrup on the top. You can have Palubutung warm, or put ice on it. Both are really tasty and addictive, so prepare yourself for the sensation.

The famous Palubutung makes another creation that is not really as serious as Palubutung. It is our third snacks called Pisang Ijo (green banana). What is the difference? Well, there is not so much difference between those two besides the green dough.

via 4.bp.blogspot.com
via 4.bp.blogspot.com

In Palubutung, there are two steps of steaming processes, while in Pisang Ijo, the dough is made by flour, water, green paste, and egg. Fry the dough like a pancake. While it is hot, roll the banana with the green dough and leave it cool. The other components like porridge and syrup are the same, but since the process is much easier, we can see Pisang Ijo seller everywhere.

The three snacks are made of banana, but the tastes are different. Yet, they are still delicious and make you addicted. Makassar is the place where you can have the three snacks because they are originated from there.

The price are ranging based on where they are served. When you have it in the high-class restaurant, the price could be more expensive. So, what kind of traditional snacks from Sulawesi you want to have? Make sure you taste three of them.


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