There is a saying that says “Life is like a wheel.” Sometimes we are up, some other times we are down. When we are up, everything feels fun and exciting. 

Everything seems right, and fun! But don’t ask how it feels when you are down in life. Everything we do feels wrong, life is also gloomy. You may be haunted by the feeling of bored and overwhelmed. You can’t see them, but why are they always there?

It’s true that we can’t choose when our life is up and when it should be down. However, if you feel that your life is gloomy and monotonous all the time, that might be a sign that: it’s time to go picnic! Let’s go and see the world out there! Get adventurous and find new challenges! And, never do it half-heartedly. Just go to places full of color.

Wait a minute, what is the relation between monotonous life and color?

Well, you might often hear about color therapy to overcome stress. When you visit a book store, it is easy to notice various coloring books for adults claimed as capable of getting rid of stress completely. But if coloring book is not enough to color your life, going for adventure to various places full of color might be much better for you.

Yes, there are several tourist destinations identical with the colors of rainbow.  Those colors are originally created by The Creator, but some are purely human made. Whatever it is, these colorful destinations are so cool that you who are in need of color therapy should visit them. Who knows, the charm of their colors will successfully live your gloomy life and enchant it to be fun and colorful.


1. Who Said That The Color of Mountain Is Only Blue Or Green, Try Danxia Landform Geological Park!

Danxia Landform Geological Park
Danxia Landform Geological Park, via

Who used to color a mountain blue or green when coloring at school? It seems almost all students did. In fact, not all mountains are blue or green in color. Just take a look at these mountains located in China, Danxia Landform Geological Park, which are colorful like rainbow.

Danxia Landform Geological Park is a mountain located not far from Zhangye city, Gangsu Province, China. This mountain is often called as Rainbow Mountain, formed by erosion for millions of year eroding its layer of soil and minerals so that fantastic colors appeared.

After officially acknowledged by UNESCO World’s Heritage Site in 2010, local government has seriously managed this geopark that it has now become a main tourist attraction in the area. Now, visitors could enjoy the beauty of the geopark’s color from various provided platforms.

*             *             *             *             *

2. There Is More Than One Rainbow Mountain. Peru also Has A Mountain With Rainbow Charm, Vinicunca Mountain.

Vinicunca Mountain
Vinicunca Mountain, via earthbles

Rainbow mountain is not only in China. In Peru, you could find a mountain  with rainbow colors arranged like layers of a cake, this is Vinicunca Mountain.

Vinicunca Mountain, popularly known as Rainbow Mountain, is a mountain within Willkanuta mountains. Different from Danxia Landform Geological Park which is continuously improved to be better in acommodating tourists, Vinicunca Mountain is still relatively rarely approached by tourists.

That’s because the way to reach this mountain is quite difficult and tricky! In order to enjoy that geological phenomenon, a tourist has to walk all the way to climb Ausangate Trek and Ausangate Peak. Some say that it it takes 6 days to finish all the tracks. Hmmmm…… Interested to try?

*             *             *             *             *

3. Moving to Nevada, This Fly Geyser Will Enchant You With Its Charm.

Fly Geyser
Fly Geyser, via 500px

When you see that picture above, you might think that it has been edited. Or at least, it is made with computer graphic software. But you can simply believe that the picture is real. It is called as Fly Geyser, a geothermal geyser located in Washoe County, Nevada.

Unfortunately, this geyser is a part of a private property. Tourists are not allowed to get in or get out as they wish to see this geyser closer. However, this geyser is big enough to be seen and enjoyed from road side.

*             *             *             *             *

4. Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, One of the World’s Largest Hot Springs with the Charm of A Rainbow.

Grand Prismatic Hot Spring
Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, via losandes

Who would have thought that a hot spring can be so colorful? On of which is Grand Prismatic Hot Sprig, a hot spring in Wyoming, United States, which is popular its rainbow-like color. Those colors are natural, not deliberately made to attract tourists.

Apart from its color charm, this hot spring is also famous for the site it is situated in, the Yellowstone National Park. On top of that, Grand Prismatic Hot Spring is also popular for its size, because this natural hot spring is the biggest in the United States, and the third biggest in the world.

*             *             *             *             *

5. Any Plan to Visit Hokkaido? Just Drop By to Furano and Biei, and Get Ready to Be Amazed of the Glorious Colors of Their Flower Fields.

Flower Fields in Furano and Biei
Flower Fields in Furano and Biei, via daviegan

Situated in the northernmost of Japan, Hokkaido does keep a huge number of treasures. Hokkaido is famous for its relatively cool air compared to that of other are in Japan, its beautiful natural scenery, its impressive snow festival, and the colorful view of its flower fields.

Yes, it can be said that Hokkaido is identical with flower fields, particularly Lavender flower fields. The most famous areas with flower fields are Furano and Biei. The best moment to visit Furano and Biei is during summer. At that moment, Lavenders are not the only ones blossoming, but also other colorful flowers. That makes as if Furano and Biei were covered with rainbow carpets.

*             *             *             *             *

6. But If You Prefer to Visit Dubai, There You Can Also Find Rainbow-Colored Destination, The Miracle Garden.

Miracle Garden, Dubai
Miracle Garden, Dubai, via Raisa Kuvshinnikova/google+

Any flower garden is always interested to visit. Moreover if the flower garden is designed well and attractively, like Miracle Garden in Dubai. Miracle Garden is a flower park located in Dubailand district, United Arab Emirates. This 72-meter square wide park was just launched in 2013, since then tourists have been flocking to this place.

The main charm of this garden is certainly its colorful, rainbow-like flowers. Those flowers are designed into various shapes, from ordinary park to flowers covering a house. So beautiful! If you want to visit this place, come during October to pril, because from June to September the temperature will be too high.

*             *             *             *             *

7. Reed Flute Cave in China Can Be A Proof that The Beauty of Rainbow Can Be Experienced Deep In The Belly of the Earth.

Reed Flute Cave
Reed Flute Cave, via whenonearth

Who said that rainbow only appears after the rain? And, who said that rainbow can only be enjoyed on the surface of the earth.

Ladies and gentleman, what if we visit Guilin city, in Giangxi, China. There lies a cave namely Reed Flute Cave. This cave might be different from other caves you have explored. You won’t find dark, gloomy, and humid atmosphere in this cave. On the contrary, you will be amaze with the glorious illumination of various colors in that cave.

Actually, Reed Flute Cave is naturally attractive to be explored for its diverse stalactites, stalagmites, and unique rocks. In addition, this cave also has a lot of historical items. However, the popularity of this cave got sky-rocketed since local government took initiative to beautify this cave with various colorful man-made illumination. As a result, the atmosphere in Reed Flute Cave becomes like a fantasy land located deep underground. Very cool, right!

*             *             *             *             *

8. Although Not as Impressive as Its ‘Sister’ in China, Waimea Canyon in Hawai Also Has Color Charm That Can Make You Fall In Love.

Waimea Canyon
Waimea Canyon, via travelchannel

Hawaii has been long famous for its beautiful beaches. its waves loved by surfers, and its unique hula-hula dance. What ordinary tourists often miss is that Hawaii also has an extremely wonderful natural beauty.

Among many of Hawaii’s tourist attractions is Waimena Canyon, one of the most hunted place for those who love world’s color charm.  Waimena Canyon is a canyon located in the west of Kauai, in Hawaii islands. Like Danxia Landform Geological Park and Vinicunca Mountain, this canyon also has beautiful color layers.

The difference is that in Waimena Canyon, the color nuance is not far from green, red, and brown. Even though its color is still inferior to the other ‘sisters’, this canyon still has its own uniqueness, its colors are arranged vertically. Like cake layers. That makes us hungry!

*             *             *             *             *

9. Rainbow Can Be Created by Human. One of the Evidences Can Be Seen in Rainbow Village, Taiwan.

Rainbow Village
Rainbow Village, via chinadaily

Rainbow has been long time identified as God’s drawing, which often appears shyly after the rain. But it turns out that not all rainbow appear after the rain. Some rainbows are even made by human. One example can be found in a village in Taichung city, Taiwan.

Rainbow Village, that’s how the village is named, is actually a normal village inhabited by war veterans. Because the village has been long time abandoned by its inhabitants, and the local government has planned to level down the village and reconstruct another building.

But then, the last inhabitant of the village, Huang Yung-fu, started doodling on the walls of houses abandoned by their inhabitants as well as village streets with bright colors.

Unexpectedly, Huang Yung-fu’s creation gained enough tourists attention to visit that place. Rainbow Village has now been a main tourist destination in Taichung. The government has delayed the decision to level down the village. Who would have thought that colors could save a village?

*             *             *             *             *

10. Ever Heard About Marina Corricella? If You Haven’t Heard About It, It’s Time For You To Know About This Italian City Full of Colors!

Marina Coricella
Marina Coricella, via keyassets.timeincuk

Procida Island is one of the islands in the south of Italia, located between Ischia island and Cape Miseno. This island is actually not too big and you can simply explore the island by walking. However, Procida’s population is petty dense and it is rich of attractive local traditions.

One of most interesting things from Procida Island is Marina Coricella, a waterfront area situated under a cliff. The waterfront area is full of various buildings of multiple functions, from ordinary houses until bars.

What makes this waterfront cool is that the buildings are decorated with soft pastel colors, and they looked so impressive when viewed up close, from a distance, and from a height. As if a rainbow just passed this city and left its trace to be admired by anyone. That will certainly happen when the rainbow has colors with rainbow nuance!

*             *             *             *             *

11. Marina Coricella Is Not The Only Rainbow-Colored City. Switching to Canada, We Have St. John Ready to Amaze You With Its Lively Colors.

St.John, via topmoving

Trust us, Marina Coricella is not the only city full of the colors of rainbow. St.John, the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador,Canada, also has a strong nuance of rainbow. It may even be stronger that that of Marina Coricella, because the colors decorating all buildings in that city constituted of strong and assertive colors.

Yes, strong and assertive colors that give an impression of cheerfulness is the main feature of houses in St. John. It can be said that it made the architecture in St. John is different from other locations in Canada, and it is eventually known as “Jellybean Row House”.

Reputedly, the tradition to color houses with bright colors started at the time when the city was revitalized back in 1970’s. Since that time, the charm of rainbow colors in St. John can be enjoyed when visiting that town. Interested to visit St. John?

*             *             *             *             *

12. Last but not Least, End Your Color Adventure by Playing Around in Umbrella Sky Project, Portugal.

Umbrella Sky Project
Umbrella Sky Project, via reddit

Do you have plan to visit the country where a famous soccer star Christiano Ronaldo was born, it is Portugal? Put Águeda city into your itinerary. Moreover if you plan to visit Portugal during summer. Hmmm, what’s the matter?

Looking at it closer, Agueda city has a cool festival only conducted during summer. The festival is named Ágitagueda Art Festival. However, what attracts people’s attention most is the Umbrella Sky Project which has been performed since 2011.

Umbrella Sky Project is a project where people hang colorful umbrellas above one of the streets in Agueda that the umbrellas shade the street. Who knows the installation projects became increasingly popular that it feels incomplete if one visits Ágitagueda Art Festival without ever stepping their feet and get photographed under colorful umbrellas of Umbrella Sky Project.

There are still many other rainbow destinations that haven’t been put in this list. Just say, The Saguaro Palm Springs in Canada, Tulip flower fields in the Netherlands, and many others. In your opinion, is there any rainbow destination in Indonesia? If you know one, please feel free to share your information!



All photos were taken from the Internet (sources provided) without any additional editing except resizing without altering the original photos.


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