Bangka Island was once famous for having a huge tin mining. The company was owned and managed by the Dutch during the colonialism era in Indonesia. The business was very active and busy that time. After Indonesia declared its independence, the business was taken over the new government of Indonesia. Generally, Bangka has a brief history about the tin mining business. In order to value that, The Tin Museum of Indonesia is established in Bangka.

The Tin Museum of Indonesia (Source: Flickr. Credit: Bang Ardin)
The Tin Museum of Indonesia
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Bang Ardin)

How to Get There

The Tin Museum of Indonesia is located at Jalan Ahmad Yani 179 in the city of Pangkalpinang, the capital of Bangka. So it is very easy to access. To get to Pangkalpinang, you can get a flight from Jakarta City or Palembang to Depati Amir Airport of Pangkalpinang. You can also take a ferry to Muntok Seaport which is located about 140 kilometers away from the city. The ferry is available from Tanjuk Priok Port in Jakarta and Bom Baru Port in Palembang.

From the airport or seaport, you can rent a car or motorcycle to get to the museum. That vehicle can also get you to other interesting objects in Bangka. Other option, you can use the service of ojek, the motorcycle taxi. The rates of ojek may differ, depends on the distance. While using the ojek service, bargaining is very necessary. Be friendly to the driver might help you get cheaper rates.


Where to Stay

Being the biggest city of the islands, Pangkalpinang has lots of accommodation with various rates and facilities. Therefore, it would not be difficult for you to find one that suits your needs. For your reference, here are several options of hotels in Pangkalpinang that you can try to reserve:

  • Hotel Menumbing
    • Location : Jalan Gereja 5 Pangkalpinang
    • Phone : +62 717 422990,422991
    • Fax :+62 717 424485
  • Hotel Grand Millenium
  • Hotel Jati Wisata
    • Location : Jalan Kartini 3 Pangkalpinang
    • Phone : +62 717 431500, 431700, 431900.
  • Hotel Sabrina
    • Location : Jalan Diponegoro 73, Pangkalpinang
    • Phone : +62 717 422424, 423511, 431300.
  • Hotel Griya Tirta
    • Location : Jalan Semabung Lama 272, Pangkalpinang
    • Phone : +62 717 433436, 433437, 433438
    • Fax : +62 717 423859
  • Hotel Mitra
    • Location : Jalan Depati Amir 3, Pangkalpinang
    • Phone : +62 717 439071
    • Email :
  • Wisma Timah 88
    • Location : Jalan Merdeka 88, Pangkalpinang
    • Phone : +62 717 433300.
  • Edotel
    • Location : Jalan Girimaya Bukit Besar, Pangkalpinang
    • Phone : +62 717 7020835
    • Fax : +62 717 434835
    • Email :



The Museum is open daily at 08.00 to 16.00, except for Friday. On Friday, the museum is close for public so the management can do the general cleaning, repair, and such thing. The entrance is free of charge. If you need a tour guide, you can get one from the Public Relation office.



The building used for the museum was originally the building of Hoofdt Administrateur Banka Tin Winning (BTW). It was the head administration office for the tin mining company owned by the Dutch. The building was not only important for the development of tin mining industry in Bangka. It also holds a significant value for the history of Indonesian independence. That was why this building was chosen for the location of the museum.

The museum was first established in 1958, it is about 13 years after Indonesia earned its Independence. But unfortunately, the museum became officially opened for public in 1997. Since then, the visitors of the museum keep on increasing. Therefore, the management decided to do major rehabilitation to upgrade the quality of the museum.

The layout got rearranged to make it more comfortable for the visitors. Several collections and displays were also added to provide more detailed information of the history. To be noted, this museum is the only Tin Museum in the World. So there is no place better than this object to learn the development of tin mining industry.

The Old Tin Factory Owned by the Dutch (Source: Flickr. Credit: Armsk)
The Old Tin Factory Owned by the Dutch
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Armsk)

Tin Mining Industry

Tin mining industry in Bangka had started in 17th century. It was before the Dutch colonialism era in Indonesia. The industry started during the era of Palembang Sultanate. During this period, the mining activity is practiced traditionally. They used traditional bailer to retrieve tin ores from the water. They also used a tool called belincong to mine the tins. These tools are displayed on the museum.

Traditional Tools to Mine the Tin (Source: Flickr. Credit: Hasanuddin Tamir)
Traditional Tools to Mine the Tin
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Hasanuddin Tamir)

Unfortunately, on the next century, the land got taken over by the Dutch, as well as the tin mining industry. It happened on 1858. Not only Bangka, the Dutch also took over the twin island of Bangka, Belitung Island.

During this period, the industry was increased significantly. The Dutch government builds a factory and company on Bangka, as well as the supporting facilities. A seaport in Muntok was also developed so they could easily export the tin products to Europe and other countries.

But the most significant development was the tools used in the mining activity. Under the Dutch authority, many traditional tools got replaced by modern machine to increase the products. On the display, you can see the collections of ore dressing machine, excavator, and much more.

Besides the tools used in tin mining industry, you can also see collections of tin bar casts and tin bar stamps belong to the Dutch company. There are also samples of almost any types of tin and geological rocks. A series of picture and photographs are also displayed at the gallery to show the tin mining industry was in the past. At the courtyard of the museum, there is an old locomotive used to carry out the tin carts.

Locomotive at the Courtyard (Source: Flickr. Credit: Adrian Fajriansyah)
Locomotive at the Courtyard
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Adrian Fajriansyah)

Independence of Indonesia

The building used for the museum also holds an important role in the history of Indonesian Independence. At this place, an important agreement between Dutch and Indonesia had been settled. The story began after Indonesia declared their Independence in 1945.

About three years after that, in 1948, the Dutch started a military aggression to Indonesia in Yogyakarta. To defend the country, several Indonesian leaders called for diplomacy and negotiation with the Dutch. This effort resulted in a good ending. In May 7th 1949, the Dutch officials agreed to have a meeting with them in the building of Hoofdt Administrateur Banka Tin Winning (BTW), which is now The Tin Museum in Indonesia. The meeting resulted in a statement that the Dutch recognize Indonesia as a sovereign state.

Now at the museum, you can see a series of photographs and collections that show how this important event took place.


Visiting museum is always a nice tourism activity to do. From that, you can find many things to learn. For example, you can learn a lot from visiting the Tin Museum of Indonesia in Bangka.

First, you surely will have wide knowledge about practical technique in tin mining industry, from the most traditional to the modern ones. Besides that, you can also value how people keep trying to develop their technology and skill to upgrade their quality. For example, how people changed their mining tool to get more tins. But the most important matter is how you


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