Far at the eastern side of Indonesia, there lays a beautiful archipelago named Kei. To be more specific, it is on the southern side of Maluku Island. The archipelago is not yet famous, but everybody who has ever set a foot there would agree that this object is beyond compare. The nature is very pristine and stunning. It is such a perfect place to escape to.

Around Kei Archipelago (Source: deeckoveebuccu.blogspot.com. Credit: Deecko Buccu)
Around Kei Archipelago
(Source: deeckoveebuccu.blogspot.com. Credit: Deecko Buccu)

How to Get There

To reach the archipelago of Kei, first you need to reach the city of Ambon in Maluku Island. You can get domestic flights to Pattimura Airport in Ambon from Jakarta City, Surabaya, Makassar, Kupang, and other cities in Indonesia.

From Ambon, get another small flight to Dumatubun Langgur Airport which is already located on Kei Archipelago. Langgur city is located on the island of Kei Kecil, the most vital island on Kei Archipelago. There are three airlines serving this flight so don’t worry about not getting a ticket. It will take about 1.5 hours to fly from Ambon to Langgur.

In Kei Archipelago, you might need to rent a speedboat so you could travel around from one island to another without difficulties. Therefore, you can go to Tual Port where boat rental is available. The price to rent a boat is about $11.25 to $75.


Where to Stay

Kei Archipelago consists of several islands, but not all of them have accommodations and sufficient facilities for tourists. Accommodations are commonly to be found on the island of Kei Kecil, especially nearby the tourism area of Pasir Panjang Beach, Ohoilir Village. Some of those are:

  • Coaster Cottage. Telephone: +62 813 43472978, +62 819 45042000 ( Mr. Bob)
  • Delima Homestay. Telephone: +62 819 45023766 (Mr. Benny)
  • The Tourism Cottage. Telephone: +62 812 47460395 (Ms. Tuty Borout)


The Beaches

Being an archipelago, Kei surely has lots of beaches and open sea to enjoy. It is impossible to mention the entire beach one by one, so we would mention several beaches which are unique, popular, and extremely beautiful.

  • Pasir Panjang Beach or Ngurbloat Beach

Pasir Panjang Beach is the most famous beach on Kei Archipelago. It is also well known by the name of Ngurbloat Beach, which means “pasir panjang” or “long sand” in folk language. The beach is named that way because the coastal line of the beach is very long. It is about 5 kilometers long. Ngurbloat Beach is located at Ohoilir Village, the island of Kei Kecil.

Walking by the Coast Line at Pasir Panjang Beach (Source: jelajah.valadoo.com. Credit: Ayu Noor)
Walking by the Coast Line at Pasir Panjang Beach
(Source: jelajah.valadoo.com. Credit: Ayu Noor)

The sand on this beach is white and bright. The texture is very soft. It is softer than common sands at any other beach. The beauty of the beach in Kei Archipelago has been written on the book “Maluku, Indonesian Spice Island” by famous traveler writer, Karl Muller. On the book, he described the beach of Kei as “No beach in the word surpasses the powder fine sand of the Kei archipelago”. That citation is written by a stunning photograph of Ngurbloat Beach.

Walking by the beach of Pasir Panjang is very interesting as there are not many people visiting the beach. Therefore, you can really enjoy the quietness and peace. The coastal line is long so you are free to walk as far as your feet may reach. Along the coastal line, you will be shaded by thick formation of palm trees. The water of the sea is crystal blue. The breeze is nice as well. Pasir Panjang Beach indeed is the best pristine beach that you could never compare to any other beach in the world.

  • Ngutafur Beach

Other beautiful beach that is also famous on Kei Archipelago is Ngutafur Beach. It is located on Warbal Island. The island has no shop or other facility so make sure you bring enough supply of foods and beverages before departing. Reaching this island is not easy either as you need to use rented speedboat from Tual city.

The most attractive thing about this beach is the flock of pelican birds that like to hang out at this beach. At certain season, those pelicans migrate to Ngutafur Beach from their origin place, Australia and Papua New Guinea. The pelicans will go back again when the migration season is over. This routine always occurs in every year.

Besides the pelican birds, there is also another unique species of animal you might encounter on this island; carambola turtle. Carambola turtle is an endemic species of Kei archipelago. Now it has been classified as endangered and protected by the WWF. The turtles usually make nesting ground at this beach so it might be easy to find one. But remember, you are not allowed to do anything that may harm them. Any activity regarding the rare turtle is being monitored by the WWF.

An Adult Starfruit Turtle on Ngutafur Beach (Source: kaskus.com. Credit: krupukkriuk)
An Adult Starfruit Turtle on Ngutafur Beach
(Source: kaskus.com. Credit: krupukkriuk)

Ngutafur Beach is also a nice spot for snorkeling and diving. The marine life is pretty amaxing down there as you would see lots variations of coral, fishes, and of course, the starfruit turtles. As the sea water is clean and clear, sometimes you could see it from the surface so you don’t even need to get off of your boat.

Ngutafur Beach has unique formation of coastal line. The beach has a long bar of sand that stretch out to the sea up to two kilometers of length. The sand bar is about 7 meters wide. During the high tide, the width would shrink and even disappear. This sand bar is really fascinating that every people who come to this beach would walk up to the end of the bar.

  • Ohoilir Beach or Ngur Sarnadan Beach

Ngur Sarnadan Beach is located not very far from Pasir Panjang Beach. In fact, both beaches are located on the same village of Ohoilir. Similar to Pasir Panjang Beach, Ngur Sarnadan Beach also has soft white sand, although it is not as soft as the one at Pasir Panjang. The sea also has clear blue water that is so refreshing to see.

The current at Ngur Sarnadan Beach is much calmer. Therefore, the beach is safe for swimming. You can also do some snorkeling and diving because the marine life is very fascinating to see. At this beach, there is a rental station that provides any equipment for swiiming, snorkeling, and diving.

Traditional Resting Hut at Ngur Sarnadan Beach (Source: melkyretra.blogspot.com. Credit: melkyret)
Traditional Resting Hut at Ngur Sarnadan Beach
(Source: melkyretra.blogspot.com. Credit: melkyret)

This beach is perfect for family vacation as the sand area is so wide. Some people like to play volley ball there. Besides that, this beach has sufficient supporting facilities such as food stands and several traditional huts for resting.

Other activity that is fun to do at this beach is fishing. It is not difficult to catch a fish at this beach. You can simply rent simple fishing equipment, get on a boat, and wait for a little while.


Not only just beaches, Kei Archipelago also has several stunning objects which offer amazing natural views and unique experience. To keep up with that, please check out our next article where we would provide other useful information regarding the pristine archipelago of Kei.

The Pristine Archipelago of Kei – Part 2 (END)