Not very far from the city of Medan, there is a famous lake with a small island on the middle of it; Lake Toba and Samosir Island. The water of the lake flows to Asahan River which is also a famous tourism destination as well as challenging white-water rafting site. The water of Asahan River then flows down to waterfall called Sigura-gura Waterfall.

Sigura-gura Waterfall is not as famous as Lake Toba, Samosir Island, or Asahan River, although it is located on the same area. But it has the same potential and beauty as those objects.

The waterfall is very huge it counts as the tallest waterfall in Indonesia. The dropped water then flows through another river that is also a great site for extreme white-water rafting. Not very far from this waterfall, there is a dam that retains the water and uses it as the source of electrical energy and water supplies.

Aerial View of the Waterfall and Its Environment (Source: Credit: Ina Tanaya)
Aerial View of the Waterfall and Its Environment
(Source: Credit: Ina Tanaya)

How to Get There

Sigura-gura Waterfall is located at the area of Toba Samosir. It is about 250 kilometers away from Medan city, the Province of North Sumatra. To reach this place, you need to go to Medan first. Kualanamu International Airport in Medan city serves flights from Malaysia, Singapore, Uni Emirat Arab, and several cities in Indonesia.

From the airport, you can rent a car with the driver to get you to the waterfall site. This will cost you about $26.25 to $37.5. You can also drive there by yourself. The road is convenient enough to get through. You can just follow the road sign pointing the directions to Lake Toba.

If you want to use public transportation, you can take the Damri Bus from the airport. The bus will cost you about $3. Take off at Simpang Kayu Besar and take another bus called Sejahtera Bus with the route of Parapat. From Parapat, you can use the service of ojek (motor taxi) to reach the location of Sigura-gura Waterfall.

The View You Will See Along the Way (Source: Flickr. Credit: Johny Siahaan)
The View You Will See Along the Way
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Johny Siahaan)

Where to Stay

Lake Toba is a popular tourism destination. Therefore, you will find a lot of accommodations available surrounding the area. To visit Sigura-gura Waterfall, you can stay at one of those hotels as the location is pretty close. Some of the hotels are:

  • Melissa Palace
    • Address : Jalan Nelson Purba 28, Tigaraja
    • Phone : +62 813 9223 6383
  • Sapadia Hotel and Cottage
    • Address : Jalan Josep Sinaga 2, Simalungun, Parapat 41174
    • Phone :+62 625 41335


The Waterfall

Sigura-gura Waterfall is noted as the tallest waterfall in Indonesia. With the total height of about 250 meters, this waterfall will look majestic and breath-taking from where you are standing. Because the water drops from an extreme height, it will create a great noise similar to a thunder that you can hear from distance.

The waterfall is surrounded with a thick formation of vegetation, consisting of several species of tropical flora. The jungle provides fresh air that match the fresh water of the waterfall. Steep cliffs are also framing the area, enriching the majestic atmosphere of the waterfall.

Underneath the waterfall, there is a river that retains all the dropped water. It is not recommended to swim on it as the river is quite deep and the water debit is quite strong. You could end up getting swept away by the currents if you are not being careful.

The Waterfall is Hidden with Thick Vegetation (Source: Credit: naeemg)
The Waterfall is Hidden with Thick Vegetation
(Source: Credit: naeemg)

To have the fullest experience on Sigura-gura Waterfall, you can have a camping for one night or two. There is a camping site provided on the area as many tourists love the environment very much. If you like adventure or extreme sport, you can try some rock climbing on the cliff nearby the camping site area.

Travel agencies will usually include Sigura-gura Waterfall on their tourism package of Lake Toba along with Samosir Island. This is because most tourists who visit Lake Toba would want to see other wonderful formation of nature around the area. The rafting package of Asahan River sometimes also includes Sigura-gura Waterfall as well. This is because the waterfall also has a river with great rapids, which is interesting for rafting variation.


River Rafting

The water that falls down on this waterfall will continue flowing on a river underneath it. The water debit is also still high it creates rapids on the river. The rapids are great enough for white-water rafting. The river is also featured with huge rocks all over the place, making it more challenging for rafting adventure. Newbie rafters are not recommended to try this object as it might be dangerous for them. Only rafters with experience and advanced skills are safe enough to conquer this river.

Conquering the Rapids (Source: Flickr. Credit: Johny Siahaan)
Conquering the Rapids
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Johny Siahaan)

The river of Sigura-gura Waterfall is sometimes used for the location for rafting competition, both national and even international. Rafters who visit Asahan River would likely to visit this site as well to feel different atmosphere and enrich their rafting experience. And if you are not interested in rafting, you can simply enjoy seeing them while relaxing yourself from the side of the waterfall.


The Dam

The strength of water debit from Sigura-gura Waterfall is also used as energy source. Not very far from this site, there is an artificial dam named Sigura-gura Dam. The dam is also a tourism destination that people like to visit. But the main purpose of the dam is to be electric power plant. The power of the water debit is converted into electrical power that supplies electrical energy needed at the surrounding area.

Sigura-gura Dam (Source: Flickr. Credit: icold bali)
Sigura-gura Dam
(Source: Flickr. Credit: icold bali)

Besides being the source of electrical energy, the dam is also a crucial source of water for irrigation. Around the area, there are plenty of fields and garden that uses the water from this dam. From these, we can conclude that Sigura-gura Waterfall is an important source of water and energy for the local people.

Sigura-gura Dam is also worth visiting. At this place, you can see learn about the process of irrigation as well as the process of converting water energy to be electrical energy.  There is also an observatory deck where you can see a stunning view of Sigura-gura district. This view is dominated with dynamic contour and thick vegetation that stretches out wide to the horizon.

From the Observatory Dock (Source: Flickr. Credit: Kagumarsyi)
From the Observatory Dock
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Kagumarsyi)


  • As the location is very close to Lake Toba, Samosir Island, and Asahan River, it is recommended to visit those places as well.
  • The rocks and the lands around the waterfall could be very slippery due to the sparkling water. Always be careful of where you are stepping at.
  • Be careful with the river underneath the waterfall as it could sweep you away.
  • If you want to do rafting, rock climbing, camping, or any other activity on this area, make sure to prepare your equipment prior visiting the site.


Sigura-gura Waterfall is much enjoyable. Not only you will be amazed by the majestic view, but you can also enjoy watching rafters struggling to conquer the rapids on the river. Judging from the importance of this waterfall to the lives of local people, the pristine nature of this site will surely be kept in order to avoid damage on it. This way, you can always enjoy the sophisticated environment of this wonderful object.