Being an archipelagic country, Indonesia has lots of beautiful beaches to explore. Some of the beaches are very unique and has rare condition that you could not compare to other beach in the world. One of those beaches is the Pink Beach situated on the area of Komodo National Park, a famous national park where the giant reptile of Komodo lives. It is located on the Province of East Nusa Tenggara.

Pink Beach at Komodo National Park (Source: Flickr. Credit: your local connection)
Pink Beach at Komodo National Park
(Source: Flickr. Credit: your local connection)

What is Unique about Pink Beach?

While most of the beautiful beaches have white or dark grey color of the sand, it is not like that on this beach. Like its name, the sand here in Pink Beach is colored pink. The pink here is like strawberry milk pink. To the locals, this beach is mostly known by the name “Pantai Merah” which means “The Red Beach”. But tourists prefer to call it Pink Beach instead.

Nobody really knows how the sand could have a soft pinkish color. But scientists believe the color came from the wrecks of dead pink corals. It is indeed there are quite a lot of pink coral found around the beach. Scientists assume that the pink coral are broken into microscopic pieces when got hit by the current for many times. Other theory says the color pink is from the microscopic animal called foraminifera. This animal has the ability to produce the color of bright pink or red on corals. It is estimated that there are plenty population of foraminifera on the beach, but they are just too small to be seen using bare eyes.

In the entire world, there are only seven beaches that have this condition. Those beaches are Pink Beach at Harbor Island of Bahamas, Bermuda Beach at Bermuda Island, Santa Cruz Beach at Philippine, Sardina Beach at Italy, Bonaire Beach at Dutch Caribbean Island, Balos Lagoon Beach at Greek, and of course, Pink Beach at East Nusa Tenggara of Indonesia.

The Pinkish Sand on the Beach (Source: Flickr. Credit: Audrey)
The Pinkish Sand on the Beach
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Audrey)

Pink Beach also has stunning marine life, just like any other beach on Komodo National Park. Many divers from around the world would come to this object just to explore the beauty underwater. Besides that, there are also several Komodo living around this beach. As you might have known, that last species of Dinosaur can only be found at the Komodo National Park.


How to Get There

Pink Beach is located on an inhabitant island. So there is no public transportation that can get you to this amazing beach. Thus, you need to use a speedboat from Loh Liang Port in Komodo Island. If you have a package tour of Komodo National Park, Pink Beach is usually one of the destinations to visit. The trip from Loh Liang Port to Pink Beach is about 30 minutes.

To reach Komodo Island, you need to get a flight on a small plane from Denpasar (Bali) to Komodo Airport at Labuan Bajo, Komodo Island. The flight will take about one hour. From the airport, you can drive to Loh Liang Port for only 10 to 15 minutes.

Othe choice of transportation is by Live Aboard Ship (LOB) at Labuan Bajo. You can rent this ship along with other tourists to save money because this ship can occupy lots of people. It would be very expensive if you rent it by yourself alone.

The Ship Coming to Pink Beach (Source: Flickr. Credit: Adrian Adendrata)
The Ship Coming to Pink Beach
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Adrian Adendrata)


Where to Stay

The location of Pink Beach is secluded and inhabitant. Therefore, you will not find any accommodation around it. The closest place to book your stay is Labuan Bajo. For unique experience and safe budget, you can stay on a local people’s house as homestay. The facility is simple but the people are very nice and friendly to let you in. You can gain information regarding these homestays from your tour guide or local people.

Other choice to save budget on accommodation is by living on the Live Aboard Ship with other tourists. This ship can work as transportation mode as well as accommodation so it could really save budget. Plus, you get to share the budget with other tourists which would be very helpful.



It is very fun to sit by the beach and peacefully enjoy the magnificent view. The sea around the beach is still pristine and clean. Anywhere you see, your eyes will catch vast open water with clear blue color to the horizon. You can also walk around while feeling the breeze caressing your hair. While enjoying the view, sometimes you will even see komodo walking around. It is such a rare scene to witness.

The Breath-Taking Panorama to Enjoy (Source: Flickr. Credit: Tan Ylimaz)
The Breath-Taking Panorama to Enjoy
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Tan Ylimaz)

Swimming is also possible to do as the current is not so wild and the water is much refreshing. Don’t forget to bring your own swim suit and please check the beach condition on the information shelter to make sure the current and the wind is safe enough for this activity.

The marine life under the Pink Beach is very amazing to explore. It has various kinds of corals as well as species of sea animals. Thus, diving is a must-do activity on this beach. In fact, most people who visit this beach are divers. They usually live on Live Aboard Ship at night and jump into the deep blue sea in the afternoon.

If diving is just too much for you, you can do snorkeling to enjoy the exotic marine life of Pink Beach. Not very far from the coastal line, you can plainly see the varied underwater creatures in the shallow depth. The equipment for snorkeling and diving is available for rent at Labuan Bajo.

The Marine Life (Source: Flickr. Credit: Matt Francey)
The Marine Life
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Matt Francey)

You are already at Komodo National Park. Therefore, it would be such a waste if you don’t do Komodo observation as you will never see this animal at any other place in the world. You can do this by trekking on Labuan Bajo or Rinca Island which are located not very far from the Pink Beach. During the trekking, you will be accompanied by ranger guide.



  • As the beach is inhabitant, there will be no vendors at this island. Therefore, make sure you bring enough supply of foods and beverages.
  • The rental equipment for swimming, snorkeling, and diving is not available at this island. Make sure to rent those when you are in Labuan Bajo.
  • Komodo may look harmless and passive. But it could be dangerous if feel threatened. It could even swim and chase you to the sea if needed. Therefore, you need to be careful if you see one around you. It is highly recommended to always be accompanied by ranger during your visit on Komodo National Park including the Pink Beach.
  • Indonesia is located on the equator line. So the sun ray might be very hot for people from colder place. Thus, you might need to bring some protection such as sunblock cream, sunglass, hats, or anything to avoid yourself from getting sunburns.


Pink Beach is one of the most unique beaches in Indonesia, and even in the world. Thus, visiting this object would be a great experience for you. Plus, you have plenty choices of activity to do at this island. So, make sure you plan a schedule to visit this tourism destination on your upcoming vacation.