Jambi is a capital city of a province with the same name in eastern side of Sumatra Island. This city is well known for being rich in resources, history, and culture. It has many valuable commodities both in mining and agriculture which contribute big time on its economical income such as oil, tin, gas, coals, soybean, potatoes, and tomatoes.

Jambi is also known to be the center of several historical cultures such as Malay Kingdom. For tourists, Jambi is very interesting to visit as there are so many attractions to discover.

Jambi Culture (Source: Flickr. Credit: Fitrian Afifah Yurma)
Jambi Culture
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Fitrian Afifah Yurma)

How to Get There

The city of Jambi has an airport to allow you to visit the city easily by plane. Sultan Thaha Syaifudin Airport is only 7 kilometers away from the city. It is about 15 minutes of drive. But due to its capacity, the airport could only serve several domestic flights only. Flights are available from Jakarta City, Batam, and other towns in Indonesia.

Other way to reach Jambi is by getting a ship via Lampung on Bakauheni Harbor. From Lampung, you can continue to Jambi city by bus. Or if you are already on Sumatra Island, you can also reach the city by bus.

There are two major bus terminals in the city; Alam Barajo Terminal and Rawasari Terminal. The buses are available from and to many cities in Jambi Province as well as any other cities from different provinces in Sumatra Island.

Getting around the city of Jambi is easy as well as there are enough public transportation to take you from one place to another. And if you prefer something more private, you can just grab a taxi to take you around any time you wish.


Where to Stay

It is not difficult to find a place to stay in the city of Jambi. There are many hotels on any range of prices and facilities to book. Five star hotels are not available. The most luxurious accommodation you can get is the four-star one. And as for the cheapest one, there are plenty of budget inns thorough the city. For your references, here are several hotels with various rates in Jambi:

    • Address : Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda 88, Jambi
    • Phone : +62 741 7550538
    • Fax : +62 741 7550539
    • Address : Jalan Abdurrahman Saleh 1 , Jambi
    • Phone : +62 741 573125
    • Address : Jalan Kol Abunjani 12, Sipin, Kota Jambi
    • Phone : +62 741 60670
    • Fax : +62 741 60533


The River of Batanghari

If Paris has Seine River, then Jambi has Batanghari River. With 1,700 kilometers length, Batanghari is known to be the longest river on Sumatra Island. The river flows through the city of Jambi, dividing it into two regions and providing it with incredible view to see. The river then became an important feature of the city.

To connect both regions of Jambi, a majestic bridge called Batanghari Bridges are standing over the river. This iconic bridge of Jambi offers beautiful panorama over Batanghari River and the city of Jambi. You can enjoy the view and the wind at this bridge by snacking roasted corns or other snacks sold by the vendors lining on the side of the bridge.

Bridge of Batanghari (Source: Flickr. Credit: Mowel Blackpacker)
Bridge of Batanghari
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Mowel Blackpacker)

There is also another main attraction on Batanghari River called Tanggo Rajo. This riverside tourism area is the perfect place to enjoy the scenery of the river on a lazy afternoon. When it is almost night time, the view to enjoy would be more pleasant as you can see the sun sets at the background.

Tanggo Rajo also has a culinary center on where you could taste plenty kinds of foods and beverages to complement your day. Located on Jalan Sultan Thaha, this object is very easy to access. (more information culinary of Jambi) No wonder many people would come around to have a casual hangout at this place. Due to its accessibility and beauty, Tanggo Rajo is often used as a venue for special events. The biggest event is on Indonesia’s National Independence Day, August 17th, where there will be an annual Traditional Boat Race Competition.


Parks and Gardens

Other objects to enjoy a peaceful day are on recreational parks on gardens. In Jambi, you will have plenty choices of those. First choice is Taman Mini dan Taman Rimba Jambi (Miniature and Jungle Park of Jambi) on Jalan Sunaryo, Jambi. It is only 500 meters away from the Sultan Thaha Syaifudin Airport. With about 18 hectares of total area, it is indeed the largest recreational park in Jambi. Generally, the complex is divided into two sections; The Miniature Park and The Jungle Park.

The Miniature Park is somewhat like Taman Mini Indonesia Indah on Jakarta city. But instead of the entire Indonesia’s culture, Jambi Miniature Park only showcases only the entire cultures of Jambi which consists of six districts. The Jungle Park, on the other hand, is more like a zoo.

At the jungle park, there are plenty species of animals that you can see, including some rare and endangered species in Sumatra such as Sumatran tigers, cassowary bird, and rangkong bird. The Complex of Taman Mini and Taman Rimba Jambi also has sport stadium that is usually crowded on weekend.

Traditional House of Jambi on the Miniature Park (Source: Flickr. Credit: Ahmad Fuad Morad)
Traditional House of Jambi on the Miniature Park
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Ahmad Fuad Morad)

After that, there is also Mayang Mangurai Park at Jalan Atamdibrata, district of Telanaipura, Jambi. Similar to the Miniature Park of Jambi, this park also showcases the cultures of Jambi, but in a different way. At this park, there is Kajanglako, a traditional house of Jambi.

Inside it, there are collections Jambi cultural items such as wedding costumes, accessories, decorations, and much more. Located around the park, Mayang Mangurai City Forest is an agro-tourism site with conservation area, outbound facility, and family recreational park. The city forest is also a good site for casual camping with friends or family.

Still on the district of Telanaipura, you can visit the Taman Anggrek Sri Soedewi (Orchid Garden of Sri Soedewi) at Jalan Ahmad Yani. Just as you can guess from its name, this botanical park is what you should visit if you wish to see orchid flowers. There are about 60 species of orchids growing at this area of 2.5 hectares. Besides enjoying the view, you could also gain information about how to plant and grow orchids by yourself. Prior leaving the garden, a pack of orchid seed will be given to you for free as a souvenir so you can plant it on your home yard.

The Entrance to Taman Anggrek Sri Sodewi (Source: kaskus.com. Credit: daretobeowl)
The Entrance to Taman Anggrek Sri Sodewi
(Source: kaskus.com. Credit: daretobeowl)


There are still many attractions in the city of Jambi that you can discover. Therefore, please continue reading to our next article where you can gain more information about other wonderful objects in Jambi.