Talking about disaster, many people will recall one of the biggest tsunamis in the world: tsunami in December 2004 which hit many areas around Pacific Ocean. One of the areas that have been poorly damaged by the Tsunami is Aceh.

However, Aceh succeeds to stand up and mend the damage caused by the disaster. Nowadays, Aceh is not only known as the disaster victim but also a province that has so many beautiful attractions. Travelers will be given a wide selection of Aceh tourism spots.

Aceh which has recovered from the damage caused by tsunami hides so many beautiful spots that are worth visited. Each spot has its own beauty. Here are some of the Aceh tourism spots in Aceh.


1. Lampuuk Beach


Lampuuk Beach is one of the most famous Aceh tourism spots. The beach is located about 20 km from Banda Aceh. Many travelers love to visit the beach due to its wave. The wave of the beach can be used for surfing. Wanting to experience an extreme holiday, the visitors will be able to try for rock climbing that often held in the reef next to the beach.

The rock climbing activity is organized by Aceh nature lover organization. Having a family vacation is also possible. There are some wooden booths in the shore that enables the family to enjoy the breeze while enjoying iced young coconut. There is also turtle breeding that can be found in this beach.


2. Mount Leuser National Park


Mount Leuser National Park is one of the Aceh tourism spot that is recognized as the world heritage. The national park lies in two provinces that are Aceh and North Sumatra. There many types of forests that can be found here.

Those are mangrove forest, swamp forest, algae forest, and lowland forest and so on. The visitors of Mount Leuser National Park will be able to see various animals such as elephants, rhinoceros, tigers, and many bird species. The tourists are also able to raft in Alas River in Takengon.


3. Baitturahman Mosque


Baiturahman is Aceh tourism spot that is very famous for its elegant and luxurious design. After the tsunami in 2004, the mosque became more  and more famous because it was able to stand and survive from the disaster while another building surrounding the mosque are ruined into pieces. Here in the Baitturahman Mosque, the visitors are able to learn the hidtory of Aceh and about Moslem culture.


4. Sabang / Weh Island


Sabang / Weh Island is one of the Aceh tourism spots where the travelers are able to enjoy some types of activities as one. Tiga Sumur Beach is a famout spot in Weh Island. Here in the beach, the tourists will be able to enjoy the beautiful beach or swim in the tranquil sea. Sumur Tiga is not the only beach that can be found in Weh Island.

There is also Sumur Empat Beach where there is a historical Japanaese Bunker and Sumur Lima Beach with its black sand where the locals usually use the beach to spend the weekend. Weh Island can be reached by using boats departed from Aceh twice a day. The trip to Weh Island will spend 1,5 to 2 hours.


5. Suhom Waterfall

Suhom Waterfall is also known as Lhoong or Krueng Kala Waterfall by the locals. The waterfall is located in Suhom village, Aceh Besar Regency. The Waterfall is Aceh tourism spot that is famous for its tranquil atmosphere.

The waterfall reaches 20 meters high. The water is clear and surrounded by greens. This spot is visited both by local and international tourists. Suhom Waterfall is a precious treasure for the local citizens since it becomes the electricity source.


6. Laut Tawar Lake


Laut Tawar Lake is Aceh tourism spot which is located in Gayo Highland, Aceh Tengah regency. The lake is very famous for its refreshing atmosphere. The area around the lake is inhabited by Gayo tribe, a native local tribe from Aceh. The tourist will be pampered by a Swiss-like landscape. Bright blue skies, clear water and green mountainous area surrounding the lake will give a refreshing feeling to the visitors.


7. Blang Kolam Waterfall

Blang Kolam waterfall is located in Sidomulyo village, North Aceh regency. The waterfall reaches 75 meters high. The waterfall is surrounded by a beautiful nature. The visitors need to be careful in visiting the waterfall in the rainy season since the water amount will be so high.

The area will be slippery and there is a flood possibility. The facilities in this spot are quite complete. The visitors are able to enjoy the beautiful landscape of the waterfall by paying entrance fee that cost $0.2 .


8. Lhok Nga Beach

Among the other Aceh tourism spots, Lhok Nga Beach is mostly visited. The beach is famous for its beautiful white sand and clear water. Many surfers visit this beach since the wave is good for surfing.

The visitors are also able to snorkel, fish and dive. Swimming is allowed in certain part of the beach. Female visitors wanting to swim are required to wear clothes that cover the body.


9. Air Dingin Waterfall

Talking about unique Aceh tourism spot, Air Dingin waterfall is the answer. Air dingin Waterfall which is located in Sawang, South Aceh regency will enchant the visitors with its beautiful white sand. The clear water of the river in the waterfall is inhabited by bulan-bulan fish. The wild orchids in the reef next to the waterfall sure make the waterfall more beautiful.


10. Tsunami Museum


Tsunami museum is one Aceh tourism spots marking special momentum in Aceh: Tsunami 2004. The museum is designed by Indonesian architecture, Ridwan Kamil. The tourist will be able to experience the 2004 tsunami by taking part in the tsunami simulation owned by the museum. The list of 2004 tsunami victims can also be seen here.


There also many tourism attractions in Aceh besides those ten attractions mentioned above. The visitors are also able to enjoy the beauty of many beaches in Aceh such as Terong Beach, Lhok Bubon Beach, Suak Ribee Beach, Cemara Beach and Batee Puteh Beach.

Having to have a cultural trip, the visitors are able to visit famous historical graveyard in Ache such as Sultan Iskandar Muda Graveyard, Kherkoff Graveyard, Indra Patra Ford and many more.

The travelers may also watch the Saman Dance Performance which iswidely known all over the world. Aceh also has some delicious dishes that will be pamper the visitors with the rich taste. Manisan Pala, Sanger, Kembang Loyang, Lepat, Khue Mamah, Bhoi cake, Bohromrom and Meuseukat are famous Aceh delicacies that are not to be missed.


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