Grojogan sewu is the unique name of a waterfall located in a subdistrict of Karanganyar Region, Central Java. The name of the location is Tawangmangu which is actually in the slope of Mount Lawu. The name of Grojogan Sewu itself has been taken from the Javanese that means the waterfall of one thousand.

The one thousand is meant to be the representation of the amount of the waterfall. In fact, the number of the waterfalls are not exactly one thousand, but the name is given because the waterfall consists of several exiting waterfall points to be enjoyed.


For the teenagers who live in Surakarta, Grojogan Sewu waterfall becomes the favorite spot to spent their vacation together with their friends. Some of Javanese families like also to choose this tourism spot to have fun and relax after the daily routines. The fresh air and greeny old trees had become a special place to release the stress and stay away from many pollutants they meets everyday.

One interesting point of this waterfall is about the access to go down to reach it. Though it is very easy to get this Grojogan Sewu National Park from Solo City because many means of public transportation available, but the path to reach the waterfall itself seems quite difficult for some people who visit this place for the first time.

The road to go down to the waterfall after we buy the enter tickets is a very long path consists of hundreds of stairs. If we are uncommon with the stairs style, we can be very exhausted only for go down to see the waterfall. But, don’t worry, your tiring trip will be paid best by the view you can enjoy down there.

Grojogan Sewu Waterfall
Grojogan Sewu Waterfall via

One thing cannot be ignored when we walk down the stairs is the existence of a lot of monkeys on the tree waiting for us feeding them. But for you who are afraid of this animals, you don’t have to worry because these monkeys are not wild. They never disturb people when we act good manners along the road.

Reaching to the location of the waterfall, you will feel like you are in somewhere else, almost no one in this world. The amount of the stairs have made us feel like we are a thousand miles below the earth (hehehe).

Not only that, your eyes will soon be exited by the height of main waterfall that was about 80 meters. Looking up the hill, we are served with the hotness of sunshine combined with the falling of water that seems like a snow. It feels shiny but so cold, amazing.


One thing to keep in mind when we want to come approach the waterfall is the slippery stones near it. We have to be careful because we’re usually attracted by the beauty of the natural scenery of the waterfall and it makes us want to come close and closer, especially to feel the falling water.

For you who want to take pictures, it is a must to keep not only you, but your camera, too. The slippery stones can make you fall into the water then you will lose also your lovely camera.

Another thing can be dangerous for you to do in this object is to bathe under the waterfall. If you do so, you will get your body hurts because of the hard flow of the waterfall. Take a safe distance with the main waterfall and you will safe. The picture can be taken from many angles eventhough you’re far is still amazing rather than you hurt yourself.

The Grojogan Sewu waterfall is becoming very interesting not only it has a good view, but it also has perfect match with the opposite attractions, such as candi Sukuh and candi Cetho. They will become your cheap vacation because the admission fee to enter those recreation spots is very cheap. To the waterfall itself, you only need under $2.

Unfortunately, this beautiful attraction is still only popular among the locals. Not lots of foreigners know well about this spot yet. Even though, sometimes there are many foreigners, but they are only a few of the visitors.

Whereas, this object is very potential to attract the tourists to come. May, in the next year, the government of the region can improve a good promotion in order to bring this tourism site to be seen over the people around the world.


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