For those who have not travelled to Palembang, they should make a plan to go there. Palembang is a city in the South Sumatera which has grown rapidly as a big city in Sumatera. The population of Palembang is approximately 1,5 million people.

It makes Palembang becomes the most densely populated in the Sumatera. In Palembang, the most famous places to visit are not only Musi River and Ampera Bridge. Here is the list of Palembang which will show you the real beauty of the Palembang city.

1. Ampera Bridge

via thefirsttaker
via thefirsttaker

Ampera Bridge is a landmark of Palembang. It has become the most favorite place to go and to visit for all of the tourists. Its length is about 1117 meters and the width is about 22 meters. Compared to other tourist attractions in Palembang, it is still the first rank for the tourists.

This Ampera Bridge was established in the year of 1965 and further became the biggest bridge in Asia at that time. It linked both Seberang Ulu and Seberang Ilir separated by Musi River. These days, it becomes the coolest destination to the tourists for both local and foreign.

The architecture which is totally amazing and captivating becomes the attraction for the tourists. At night, there will be thousands of light decorated this bridge. This place will be full of couples there because it is very romantic and special.


2. Kemaro Island


Due to the width of Musi River, there is a big island named Kemaro Island. This name is actually derived from the Indonesian words mean that this island will never get rained. Some of the visitors consider that visiting Kemaro Island is as same as visiting the real China.

During the Chinese celebrations such as Chinese New Year and other Chinese events, Kemaro Island will be full of a crowd of people. They will be busy preparing a lot of things to be used there. Why do this happen? For your information, all of the tourists who come and visit this Kemaro Island will feel and experience the euphoria of Tionghoa accent.

The Chinese tradition, accent and dialect are very strong there. Local tourists who are considered themselves as Chinese will absolutely come and visit this special island. There are also temples and big pagoda completed the beauty of Kemaro Island. For the couples, they can enjoy the couple love tree to bond their relationship indirectly. It becomes a belief for not only local people but also other tourists over the world.


3. Musi River


Musi River is the next thing to visit after spending your time in the Kemaro Island. By using a boat or a ship to the Ampera Bridge, you will be able to visit the beauty of Musi River. Musi River is the should-visit-destination not to be missed by all of the tourists when they are travelling in Palembang.

For about 10 percent of people agree that this Musi River should be on your visiting lists. It is not only a transportation link for the Palembang people but also it has been the most favorite destination for the foreign tourists.

This river has for about 750 km length. A traditional ship made by Palembang can be used for the way enjoying it. The costs offered are quite expensive but actually all of the tourists can bargain. As long as you can bargain it well, the cheaper costs you will pay.


4. Benteng Kuto Besak


Have you ever heard that most of the tourists like digging back the historical places of certain countries? Most of them like to know about the historical places of some countries or even cities where they visit and drop by. Benteng Kuto Besak is also one of the most favorite places to be visited in Palembang.

It is the third place recommended by the people who have been there. It is an old palace building in the XVIII century in Palembang. The beauty of Musi River together with the Benteng Kuto Besak will be your special beauty to remember.

At night, the scenery will capture both your eyes and your heart. The sunset shines in the surfaces of the river will be totally perfect and awesome by the Ampera Bridge near it. No need to spend a lot of money to look for a romantic place because this place will give you a lot as experiences.


5. Gelora Sriwijaya


Jakarta has its Gelora Bung Karno and so does Palembang. Gelora Sriwijaya is the name of “Gelora Bung Karno” of Palembang. Similar to the Gelora Bung Karno in Jakarta, the location used by the centre of all kinds of exercises in Palembang has been one of the tourism spots in Palembang.

People have voted their right that for about 5 percents people choose this tourism spot as the fifth tourist attraction to be visited during your holidays. In this place, there is a lake that has been the place for holding the Sea Games in 2011. It was amazing, wasn’t it? It will be a great honor for Indonesia to be the host of this famous event.

Not only this spot but also the environment near it should be its different entertainment too. There are some benches to experience the beauty of dawn. You can spend your time there by chilling out with your friends, watching the scenery, and so other things.

Well, for those who end up thinking that such exercises place will be the most boring place, this Gelora Sriwijaya will prove you wrong. The lake is totally captivating and you can do jogging and other exercises there.

These 5 places mentioned above have been chosen personally by the people since they are all captivating, amazing and also awesome. Not only local but also foreign tourists will be proud visiting there is they will have memorable experiences there. Then, as the Indonesian people, you need to take your time away to please both your mind and eyes from the hectic schedule.


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