For those who want a break from the work routine and run from the crowdedness of the city, choose Bali Island, an ideal dream destination. This beautiful island is a perfect place for recreation with family or friends and also to spend your precious honeymoon. Bali is also a wonderful spot for marine tourism such as diving, sailing, rafting and surfing that can be enjoyed by thousands of tourists every year.


As a place where the combination between the tradition, art and the culture become very dominant, Balinese embrace Hindu as their religion and reflected in every way in their daily life, that is the reason why there are a lot of Hindu temple in Bali. Tanah lot temple is one of the famous sanctuary temple in this island.

It offers not only the beautiful and uniqueness of the temple but also interesting sight of sunset. Located in the middle of the sea approximately about 300 meters from the shoreline, there are two temples here. The first temple was built on the top of the 3 acre of coral reef. The second temple in the north was built on a seaward canyon just look like with Uluwatu temple. This canyon shaped like a curved bridge which connected the temple with the land.

Pura Tanah Lot is located in the seaside of Beraban village, Kediri district , Tabanan regency. It is approximately about 30 miles west from Denpasar and about 11 km south from Tabanan, or about 43 kilometers from Kuta tourist area.

It can be reached within one hour drive from Ngurah Rai international airport. of Dang Kahyangan temple and a sea temple, this temple is a place of worship of the god of sea guards. In the west, below the temple there is a freshwater fountain, which is a holy water for Hindu people and can be seen when the sea water is receding.


The presence of this fountain is one of the reasons when this place was chosen as the location of the temple. If you go down to the beach between the canyon and the Tanah lot temple in particular month, you will see the stunning sunset. As the red sun will be directly in the cliff hole, the view described like a tired eyes looking at the world.

Unfortunately, this scene can only be seen in specific months when the sun sinking inclined to the north. The local people held Odalan feast every 210 days, it closely to the celebration of Galungan and Kuningan, which is precisely at Buda Cemeng Langkir holy day. At that time, you can see many  of Balinese come and pray at this temple.

With the beauty of the panorama, you can enjoy breakfast and a luxurious lunch and  relax with your favorite foods and beverages. When the sun goes down, you will be fascinated to see a reddish sky surrounding the temple, with the waves that hit the reef, romantic scenery, and see the blue sea. As a famous tourist spot in Bali, Tanah Lot surely will give you unforgettable memories.

The name of Tanah lot was derived from combination of two word of “Tanah” which defined as  land and “Lot or Lod” which defined as sea. So, Tanah lot means the land in the middle of the sea. Tanah Lot temple was established in the 15th century by Bawu Rawuh or Danghyang Nirartha, a Hindu priest (pedanda, Balinese language) from Majapahit kingdom.  He was on his way to spread Hindu religion of from the land of Java in the 16th century. He felt the spiritual sanctity to build the temple in this location.


According to the legend, Danghyang Nirartha, as a Hindu priest was taught Hinduism successfully to the local people. However, there is Bendesa Beraban, a holy parson. He feel unrivaled because many of his followers become followers for C.

He asked Danghyang Nirartha to leave Tanah lot. Danghyang Nirarta was agree to do that, but before leaving Tanah lot, he moved the stone boulders into the middle of the sea and built the temples there. He changed his shawl into snakes as guards to protect the temple.

Bendesa Beraban was so amazed and later became a follower of Danghyang Nirartha. These snakes are sea snakes species with flat tail, the color is black with yellow striped and still remain until today. This legend is remains for hundreds of years from generation to generation, so sometimes the details vary but the main points remain the same.

These snakes lived in several caves under Tanah lot temple and it is very tame, however they should not be disturbed. Some people said that these snakes have a poison 3 times more powerful than cobra.

To entering this area, you should buy admission ticket, the tickets that have been purchased already includes accident insurance for visitors and parked vehicles. Tanah lot area is a sacred area, so you are expected to dress appropriately, no harsh words and immoral acts.

When there are religious rituals, you should take a distance and do not take photo in close up during the event to avoid the distraction of procession ritual. There are many art shops at the entrance to Tanah lot and along the road from parking area to the temple. They offer local handicrafts and souvenirs such as cloths, Bali fabrics, udeng, hats, slippers, jewelry, paintings, sculptures and others. There are also food and drink stalls.


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