Bali is a paradise island with thousands of beautiful beaches and objects for lots of water sport activity. One of the most popular water activities amongst tourists in Bali is surfing. Riding you board and rolling on the sea waves is so much interesting while enjoying the refreshing water and scenic panorama surrounding. From so many surfing spot in Bali, nothing is comparable to Suluban Beach, a secluded beach in Uluwatu. Suluban Beach is also famous by the name Blue Point Beach.


How to Get There

Suluban Beach is located on Bukit Peninsula. This object can be accessed from Kuta or Denpasar though the busy road of Jalan Bypass Nusa Dua. From Denpasar, it is about 34 kilometers away. From Ngurah Rai International Airport, you can reach Suluban Beach by driving for 30 minutes only.

From Kuta, you only need to drive for about 30 to 45 minutes. If you don’t feel like driving, you can simply take a taxi. The trip will cost you about $9 to $11.25. If you get a taxi, it is recommended for you to ask the driver to wait until you want to get back to Kuta because it might be a little bit difficult to find a taxi in Suluban Beach. The waiting fee is about $1.5 per hour.

The Secluded Beach (Source: Credit: Marishcka Prudence)
The Secluded Beach
(Source: Credit: Marishcka Prudence)

Where to Stay

The nearest accommodation at this beach is the Blue Point Bay Villas and Spas at Jalan Labuansait, Uluwatu. It is a luxury villa at Bukit Peninsula with direct view to the beach of Indian Ocean. For more information, you can contact them via:

Other choices of accommodation nearby the Suluban Beach:

  • Gong Hotel
    • This hotel is located at Suluban Beach, Uluwatu. From the main gate of Uluwatu Temple, it is only about 500 meters away.
    • Contant by phone: +62 361 769976 or email to
  • Sandat Mas Cottages
    • This hotel is Jalan Pantai Suluban, Uluwatu.
    • Contant by phone to +62 361 769965 or email to

You can also book your stay at the resorts you can find on Kuta or Denpasar. Some of them even accommodate transport tour to Suluban Beach which is beneficial for you.


Reaching the Beach

Walking closer to the area of the beach, you can see a wide scenic view of Indian Ocean and lots of cream giant rocks spread on the entire beach. The beach is located way beneath the rocks. Thus, you first will see the beautiful beach from above. This panorama is very unique and breath-taking. At this angle, you can see the gradation color of the sea water. The shallow water nearby the shore is bright and translucent green. Meanwhile, the deeper sea is more like dark blue.

The Beach as Seen from Above the Rock (Source: Credit: Marishcka Prudence)
The Beach as Seen from Above the Rock
(Source: Credit: Marishcka Prudence)

To reach the coastal line and the surfing spot, you have to go down through a stair between the giant rocks to reach the shores. The height is about 50 meters. The stair is a little bit steep and might be slippery on rainy season. Thus, you need to be careful.

After going down the stair, you still need to walk through a tunnel beneath the giant rocks. Giant rocks are something you can easily find at this beach. This natural formation creates a unique experience and amazement. This formation is what gave the name “Suluban” to beach. On ancient folk language, the word “suluban” means “going through under something”. Other theory says that “Suluban” was taken from the word “Mesulub” which means “to bow down” or “to crouch”. This describes how people should bow down under the giant rock to come to this amazing beach.

Other name of the beach is Blue Point Beach. This name is taken from the luxury villa located on the top of the cliff, Blue Point Bay Villa and Spa, which is very eye-catching at the area.


Surfing Activity

Suluban Beach is famous for being a perfect spot for surfing because it has the best character of waves. The barrels are powerful and consistent. It is also has long swell, providing enough length for surfers to enjoy the surf. The wave is also high as it can reach up to 12 feet. On average day, the wave will roll up to 3 to 5 feet of height. This wave is such a perfect challenge for advanced surfers.

The best time to do the surfing is on the Dry Season. It is around April to August. During this time, the wind blows from east to west. This formation of wind will create a more stable and powerful wave to roll on.


Other Attraction

Besides surfing, another activity that is very popular amongst tourist on Suluban Beach is camping. If you look around the beach, you will see many camps sitting under the rocks. Most of the campers are also surfers. They choose to camp instead of staying on a hotel to feel the ultimate adventure, taking full advantage of the magnificent nature of Suluban Beach.

Camping Beneath the Giant Rock (Source: Credit: Marishcka Prudence)
Camping Beneath the Giant Rock
(Source: Credit: Marishcka Prudence)

And if you are not the adventurer type, you can simply walk around the beach to enjoy the scenic panorama of Suluban Beach. You can also walk between and beneath the rocks to see the stunning formation of nature. After done walking, you can sit down by the beach to see the surfers rolling on the barrel.

After spending one tiring day exploring the amazing beach, the best activity to conclude the day is to eat. Even though the beach is secluded, it is not difficult to find places to eat. Around the area, there are several restaurants and cafes. You can find the ones that serve international cuisine, Indonesian cuisine, or even the traditional Balinese culinary. Some of the restaurants and cafes are overlooking the Indian Ocean, providing you more pleasure during your dine. (information Vegetarian restaurants in Bali.)



  • The rock formation is sometimes difficult to get through. So make sure you wear comfortable footwear when visiting the beach.
  • The beach is a little bit dangerous for the children as the land is rocky and the path is not flat. Make sure to look out for them if you come here with children. Or for safer option, don’t bring your children to get through the rocky path.
  • Best time for surfing is around April to August.
  • Don’t forget to book your accommodation before visiting this place during the peak surfing season as the hotels might be fully booked.


Suluban Beach is such a paradise. Hidden behind a pile of giant rocks, this beach is like giving out surprise for surfers with heaven-like panorama and challenging wave. So if you like surfing, there is no excuse for not visiting this amazing secluded beach.