Feel bored, exhausted, and tired after facing much work and dealing with the busy of a big city.  Leave the city for a while and take the time for relax and get the joy of the beauty of nature to refresh our mind and soul.  Bandung is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia.

Bandung isn’t only popular for its fashion when shoes; clothes; and bags are being offered in a good variety, quality, and style but also there are some natural spots that can be found in Bandung. Situ patenggang will be in the lists.  It gives us alternatives of a natural tourist destination. It is a lake in the middle of a village. It offers the charm of nature where we can relax, breathe fresh air, enjoy an amazing view and feel truly holiday activities.

via initempatwisata.com
via initempatwisata.com

Situ Patenggang/Lake Patenggang is located in Ciwidey about 47 kilometers south of Bandung City, West Java. It can be reach about 2 hours drive from Bandung. Usually, it is very popular to be visited on Sunday and public or national holiday due to its proximity to Bandung and its cheap entrance fee with an admission prices only Rp 6 thousand per person and Rp 11,500 per car.

The easiest way to go there is via toll road and exit at Kopo. So, if we enter the toll road from Padalarang, Pasteur, Cimahi and Pasirkoja, we should choose direction to Cileunyi and exit at Kopo. This is the first exit after Pasirkoja.

If we come from other access, such as Cileunyi, and Moh. Toha, then we should choose direction to Padalarang and exit at Kopo.Once we have paid the toll fee, turn right at the stop light, then we only need to follow the road until we reach the town of Soreang. We just need to follow the main road to arrive at the small town of Ciwidey, and then drive several kilometers to reach the lake.

Originally, Situ Patenggang/ lake Patenggang is called Situ Patengan by the local society. Since the pronunciation of patengan is too difficult to say in Sundanese, then it is called Situ Patenggang or Patenggang Lake.  The name of Situ Patenggang comes from Sundanese language; those are “situ” which means a lake and “Pateangan-teangan” which means finding each other.

There lies a myth behind the existence of this beautiful lake. The myth tells about a man and a woman, Raden Indrajaya and  Dewi Rengganis, who were in deep love but due to bubat war between their country, both are forced to split up.

They were in a prolonged sadness and sorrow.  They cried a lot in their mourning life. They cried and cried all the time; their tears welled up and formed a situ/ lake which is now called Situ Patenggang.  They kept searching each other.  Finally, it came the time they could meet again on a big stone.

via wisatania.com
via wisatania.com

Situ Patenggang offers many beautiful natural attractions. It is a beautiful lake in the middle of tea plantation. The mountain range covered with tea plantations and a gorgeous lake which makes us want to stay longer there.

Along the way to the lake, we will be spoiled by the beautiful green carpet of tea plantations and strawberry farms which refreshes our eyes and mind. Moreover, the condition is supported by the fresh air which gives a sense of joy in our trip.

The beautiful sight, freshness and ruthless add our positive energy. Many people say that the best time to come to Situ Patengan is in early morning, when the sky was still blue net. The combination of blue sky and green tea gardens produce an unforgettable sight.

The lake of Patenggang has an area of approximately 48 ha. The lake is so beautiful like a wide water carpet and there is a small Island called Asmara/ Sasaka Island in the middle of the lake which shapes like a heart.

According to the myth, Dewi Rengganis asked Ki Santang to make a boat to be used to sail on the lake of their tears after their long separation.  This boat which later became Asmara/ Sasaka Island and the stone where they met again is now what the people called the stone of love.

There are some activities can be enjoyed by the visitor in this beautiful lake. One of the visitor favorite activities is water playing such as going around the lake while enjoying the panoramic beauty of nature and going fishing. The lake is calm, no worry to play such water activities. If we want to go around the lake, what we need is to rent a boat.

Some boats are available here such as speed boat, colorful rowing boat, water bike, and duck Genjot / paddle boat. Those are rented by the local communities. We only need to choose which boat we want to use.  A speed boat and a colorful rowing boat can be used for many passangers. A water bike and a paddle boat are available for a couple. If we want to rent a boat, do not forget to bargain it first. We can get a half price if we do well bargain.

via anekatempatwisata.com
via anekatempatwisata.com

Going around the lake, we can land on Asmara/ Sasaka Island where we can find the stone of love. It is one of the visitors’ favorite activities especially for a couple who wish a long lasting relationship and an endless love just like Raden Indrajaya and  Dewi Rengganis.

However it is a good place to take pictures both with the natural background and when we are on the boat. If we don’t like water playing, it is nice place only to sit along with friends and family.

There are seating mats for hire and there will be many ladies offering fresh strawberries in boxes. Shopping and hanging out with friends are other activities we can do. We will find food stall, fruit stall and some kiosks selling local stuffs and variety of souvenir in a quite reasonable price.


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