Beach is always a great place to visit anytime in a tropical countries like Indonesia. And if you make your travel plan to Bangka Province, Indonesia, then the most recommended place you should never forget to visit would be Pasir Padi Beach.

Facing directly to South China Sea, this beach offers a calm wave and refreshing breeze. The white sand is soft in texture, yet firm in contour. Without a doubt, this simple paradise had successfully attract lots and lots of tourists, both domestic and international.

Sunset at Pasir Padi Beach (Source : Detik)
Sunset at Pasir Padi Beach
(Source : Detik)

Getting There

Pasir Padi Beach is located on Pangkalpinang. This humble town can be reached using planes to Depati Amir Airport. Flights are available daily from Jakarta City and Palembang. Other alternative of transportation is by ship. Pangkalpinang has one of the most important port in Sumatra. Choices of ferry ships and fastboats are available from Jakarta and Palembang.

From Depati Amir Airport, the beach is just 7 km away. There are plenty kinds of transportation you can choose. For more comfortable trip, you can rent a car and find the beach using GPS.

Taxis are also available and cheap, but be aware that sometimes the driver demand to not using the argometer. There is also a public minivan (angkot) that could take you there. Angkot route is determined by its color, in which you should only choose the black one if you want to go to Pasir Padi Beach.


Staying There

Being the capital of Bangka Province, Pangkalpinang town is quite developed. You can find numerous choices of hotels in this town. Here are some of those:

  • Hotel Grand Millenium

Address                 : Jl. Soekarno Hatta No. 198 A-B Pangkalpinang
Telp                       : (0717) 437600
Email                     :

  • Hotel Jati Wisata

Address                 : Jl. Kartini No. 3 Pangkalpinang
Telp                       : (0717) 431500, 431700, 431900.

  • Penginapan Rachmat

Address                 : Jl. Yos Sudarso No.1 Pangkalpinang
Telp                       : (0717) 432735.

  • Hotel Mitra

Address                 : Jl. Depati Amir No. 3 Pangkalpinang
Telp                       : (0717) 439071
Email                     :

  • Edotel

Address                 : Jl. Girimaya Bukit Besa, Pangkalpinang
Telp                       : (0717) 7020835
Fax                        : (0717) 434835
Email                     :

Humble “Warung” on the Beach (Source : Wonderful Pangkalpinang)
Humble “Warung” on the Beach
(Source : Wonderful Pangkalpinang)

Because the beach counts as an important tourism attraction in Pangkalpinang, the government had already provided all the neccesary accomodation and amenities on the island.

Those include toilets, changing room, shelter, mushala, many kinds of hotel, and meeting facilities. For eating, you can also find several nice restaurants in this area. And if you want something that is more low-budgetting, you can try one of local “warung” around the beach.


The Beach

Pasir Padi Beach has a wide coastal line. It goes up to 300 meter. Coral reef, rocks, and white sand are covering the beach area for up to 2 km away. Such wide area would be perfect for many things.

You can simply sit back and relax, enjoying the peace and tranquility with no limit. Watching the sunset would feel wonderful too. Meanwhile, if you have too much energy, you can also take the advantage of this wide area by doing some beach sport such as volley.

The sea water has a calm and steady wave, which increases the calming atmosphere of the beach. It also allows you to do some swimming or many other kinds of water sports. It would be safe enough as long as you don’t go too far from the coast line. Do not forget to notice warnings, just in case the weather is not good enough for such activities.

But the most unique thing about this beach is probably the sand itself. It has a super clean white color, which is very pleasant to see. And if you look even more closely, you will notice that the sand grain itself has unique form.

Instead of a small round, it is rather a bit oval, just like the form of rice. In Indonesia, the word “pasir” means “sand”, and the word “padi” means “rice”. So Pasir Padi Means “The Sand of Rice”. That is how the beach earned its name.

The sand topography adds up the list of great things about the beach. Beneath the sand, there is a layer of tin. It cause the sand formation to be firm. Thus, it would be comfortable to walk on as your feet would not sink easily.

Some kinds of vehicle can also roll on the sand surface, which allow you to do some beach adventure. Every once in a while, locals ride to come over here with their motorcross to have a casual race. They usually do this on weekend or public holiday, around late afternoon to sunset.

A Vast Area of Beach for Adventurous Activites (Source : Lifestyle Okezone)
A Vast Area of Beach for Adventurous Activites
(Source : Lifestyle Okezone)

Sometimes, they hold an official motorcross race on the beach. Besides that, the beach is also used for other occasional events such as exhibiton, art performance, music concerts, or traditional ceremonies. To get the schedule about the events, you can contact the beach management or simply read it on local newspaper.


The Islands

Not very far from the beach away, there are several small islets that would be nice to visit. The nearest one would be Punai Island. It is actually a small atoll made from coral reef and rocks. It is only 200 meters away from the coast line.

When the tide is low, you can reach it just by walking for one minute or two. But when the tide is quite high, you might need a boat to get there. Not to mention that the island surface would be drowning a little bit.

If you reach out further, in the distance of about 2.5 km away, you will find Semujur Island and Panjang Island. These two uninhabitant islands are so worth to visit. Even beach visitors rarely wants to go there.

Therefore, you can play pretend to be casted away. The view would also be so mesmerizing as no matter where you see, there will be the scenery of soft wavy water captured by your eyes.


Pasir Padi Bay

Still on the area of the beach, there is an ongoing construction project that is almost finished already. It is another recreational object called Pasir Padi Bay. It is basically an integrated tourism area that covers the area of about 21 hectares.

Inside this area, there will be theme park, water park, outbond, eco park, shopping centers, plaza, bird conservatory facilities, zoo, water sports, and exhibition area. Pretty complete and rather tempting, isn’t it?

Pasir Padi Bay is scheduled to be opened for public around the end of 2017. It is intended to give alternative if you have already felt enough and satisfied with the pristine beach. It could also be a place for kids to play and learn at the same time.

Design Plan for Swimming Pool in Pasir Padi Bay (Source : Top High Flyer)
Design Plan for Swimming Pool in Pasir Padi Bay
(Source : Top High Flyer)


There are countless amount of beach in Indonesia that makes it impossible to count. But that doesn’t mean that all the beach would look the same. Some beaches have their own uniqueness and attraction that makes them different from other beaches. Same goes with Pasir Padi Beach. The nature formation and combination existing on this beach, you will never find it in anywhere else.


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