Nobody doesn’t like beaches. Do you agree with that?

No wonder, there are so many reasons why everyone loves beaches. They are beautiful, amazing, cool, and many other interesting things can describe the things called beaches. For me, myself, beaches are the places to get easily feeling to thank God.


When I go to the beach, usually there is nothing spoken except “Woowww”. I don’t know why, but it always feels like God is very near as I enjoy every single thing in the beach. The beautiful sunset, the huge amount of water, the scenery always reminds me that God is there to be the creator of all those things.

I don’t know how about you, but I’m sure that most of you love beaches, too, like me. No matter what the reasons you have, I bet that you have your own favorite beach in this world. Actually, I don’t have one because I love beaches very much, all beaches, every beach in this world. And here, I just want to share one of the beaches that seems to be one of the favorite for the Central Java citizens, that is, Parangtritis.

This beach is located in the south part of Yogyakarta. It is about 27 km from the hearth of that city and can be accessed easily by many public transportations. According to several visitors, this beach has become the favorite one because of the best spot can be seen when the sunset is coming.

This beautiful sunset can be observed perfectly when you go up to the Gembirawati Cliffs or Tebing Gembirawati as a background of this beach. And from there, not only the beautiful sunset you will have, but also all of the part of Parangtritis beach, Southern Sea, and up to the horizon.

To be able to see that beautiful sunset, of course, you have to spent the night waiting for the morning in the beach, except your house is near this location. But, you don’t have to worry about the place you can spent the night comfortably. You can try Hotel Queen. It is located on the uphill of Gembirawati cliffs. This hotel offers very reasonable rate and by morning you can easily go to the best spot to see the most beautiful sunset.


Want to do some funs with the whole family in the beach? Don’t worry, many things can be enjoyed here, from the kite flying, All terrain Vehicle (ATV) rental, and so many others. You will not be broke to get the enjoyment riding the ATV, the rental fee is only about 50.000 up to 100.000 per half hour. ┬áIt compares with the fun your family will have. Still not satisfied with those activities, you can also do relaxing by rent one of the makeshift shelter lining the beaches.

Although this beach is decided to be one of the beautiful beaches in Yogya, unfortunately you can do swimming here because actually there is a rule who disobey one to swim in it. There is a realistic reason why we are forbidden to swim, but Javanese believes that there is a relationship between Parangtritis with the Queen of Southern Sea or more well-known as “Ratu Pantai Selatan called Nyi Roro kidul”.

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Some of them still believes that Parangtritis is the gate of the Queen’s Palace so the bad thing will happen if there is someone who disturbs the gate. There is also the myth that if there is someone killed because he/ she swims on the beach, so it must be the action of the Queen.

After knowing that Parangtritis has so many stories behind it, make sure that your visit to Yogyakarta next time will not leave this place to be the one to visit. You have to enjoy walk barefoot to feel the sandy land and big wave in this cool atmosphere beach. Eventhough you don’t come to Yogya by your own car, you still can reach this place easily. Furthermore, there are so many inns there available for you whenever you want.


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