As we have discussed before, Natuna Archipelago in Riau Archipelago hides many natural exoticism that can take your breath away. Most objects are undiscovered that you might feel like it is yours entirely. On the previous articles, we have talked about Mount Ranai and some unique beaches on the Natuna archipelago. But in fact, Natuna has more than just those things.

A Wonderful Coastal Line on Natuna Archipelago (Source: Flickr. Credit: Mustari Abdya)
A Wonderful Coastal Line on Natuna Archipelago
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Mustari Abdya)

Megalithic Rocks

The most unique thing about Natuna Archipelago is the geological condition. Several spots on Natuna are dominated with megalithic rocks. These amazing phenomena can be enjoyed at:

  • Alif Stone Park

Alif Stone Park is a natural park where there are plenty of giant rocks. This panorama is very rare so there is no way that you are allowed to miss it. It is very easy to reach this megalithic park. From Ranai, it is only 10 to 15 minutes. You can go there by car or motorcycle.

The megalithic stones of Alif Stone Park are spread all over the place and piled up naturally from the land to the sea. Nobody has moved the stone because it is already beautiful that way. The beach looks very unique and different as common beach has sand on the coastal line. Instead, Alif Stone Beach has giant stones scattered. Because tourists like to climb up the rocks to take good pictures, some megalithic rocks on the beach are equipped with wooden ladder to make it easier and safer to climb on.

Rocks of Alif Stone Park (Source: Flickr. Credit: broto hartanto)
Rocks of Alif Stone Park
(Source: Flickr. Credit: broto hartanto)

This park is very popular amongst tourists. They like to take picture of it or selfies with it as the background. So if you wish to visit it not when there are so many people there, we would recommend you to avoid coming there on weekends, especially on Sunday late afternoon.

  • Senubing Batu Sindu

Senubing Hill or Batu Sindu is another place to enjoy the megalithic rocks of Natuna Archipelago. The hill is located about 3 kilometers away from Ranai city. Thus, it is quite easy to access although the road is slightly twisting.

The megalithic rocks on Batu Sindu are piled up and leaning to each other, creating some tunnels and caves. These are the most favorite spot for tourists to take pictures. Not just giant rocks, on this beautiful hill you can also see plenty of coconut trees, providing shade and cool wind.

The combination of giant rocks and coconut trees create a unique panorama which you will never find on other places. If you go on top of the hill, you can see Senoa Island from a far and also a lighthouse on the other side.

There is also a beach on the area of Batu Sindu. If you go down the hill, you will see how the sea wave is hitting the giant rocks and slipping through the gap between them. You can also enjoy this beach from different angle by hiking the hill to the top. There is a rocky cliff on the beach where you can sit and enjoy the scenery. But you need to be really careful there as it is very high and the rock is slippery. If you fall down, your body will hit giant rocks on the lower level which can be very dangerous.

Senubing Hill and Its Beach (Source: Credit: gnadecoll)
Senubing Hill and Its Beach
(Source: Credit: gnadecoll)

Exotic Islands

Natuna Archipelago consists of plenty beautiful islands. Each island has its own enough reason for you to visit it. Some of exotic islands you should not miss while visiting Natuna are:

  • Kambing Island

Actually, Kambing Island is not really an island. It is still a part of Bunguran Island but is separated by a river. To reach this island, you need to drive for almost one hour from Ranai city or about 60 kilometers. Although it is located not far from the city, this object is rarely visited. So if you wish to pretend living on a private beach, you can just visit Kambing Island.

Kambing Island Across the River (Source: Credit: Shiro Wijaya)
Kambing Island Across the River
(Source: Credit: Shiro Wijaya)

The river between Bunguran and Kambing Island is perfect for swimming. It is shallow and there is no dangerous wave. The water is also clear. Besides swimming, you can also do some fishing there.

If you wish to spend quite some time at this island, make sure to bring enough foods and drinks by yourself. There will be no vendors offering foods and beverages. Local people are even rare to be seen. There are only some fishermen sometimes.

  • Senoa Island

Senoa Island is sometimes called as “Pulau Ibu Hamil” that means “Pregnant Mom Island”. The island is called that way because the shape of the island is similar to a pregnant lady lying on the sea facing the sun.

There is no public transportation to reach the island nor the public transportation inside the island because the island is not occupied. You need to rent a traditional fisherman’s boat from Sepempang for $22.5 to $37.5. From Sepempang, it needs only 20 minutes to reach Senoa Island.

The sea water you are passing on from Sepempang to Senoa is very clear and not polluted at all. At some spots, you can even see the marine life without even snorkeling. Senoa Island is also a conservation center for green turtles. If you are lucky enough to come at the right season, you can see them lays eggs and being released.

Exploring the island to the core is very much challenging as the island is so untouched. There are many exotic plants and trees. The air is clear and refreshing. Although it is still so natural, there is no wild animal on Senoa Island. So you can safely explore it without fear.

Baby Turtles at Senoa Island are Ready to be Released (Source: Flickr. Credit: sautsaoran)
Baby Turtles at Senoa Island are Ready to be Released
(Source: Flickr. Credit: sautsaoran)

The Great Mosque of Natuna

Besides having great nature beauties, Natuna Archipelago also has a great city concept. On Ranai city, Bunguran Island, there is a complex called Gerbang Utaraku. It is a complex area of governmental affairs and business center in Natuna.

The complex is still on plan project. But some of the buildings have already been built. One of the buildings is The Great Mosque of Natuna (Masjid Besar Natuna). It is now a building icon of Natuna. This mosque is considered as the gate of Gerbang Utaraku as well as the center of activity in Natuna.

If you see the whole Bunguran Island from above, there are two objects that are easiest to spot; Mount Ranai and Great Mosque of Natuna. This mosque is very vast and has a long pathway that connects it to the beach. People sometimes cited this mosque as “Natuna’s Taj Mahal” because it has some similarities to India’s famous building Taj Mahal.

The Islamic architecture is very thick on this building. You can see it on the domes, the towers, the arch doors, and even on the smallest details. Great Mosque of Natuna has six domes and four towers. So far, the mosque area is just the first ring according to the project plan. On the upcoming years, two more rings will be built surrounding the area.

Great Mosque of Natuna from Above (Source: Credit: galeriwisata)
Great Mosque of Natuna from Above
(Source: Credit: galeriwisata)


Now doesn’t it sound amazing? Natuna Archipelago has plenty nature beauties to offer with pristine beaches, unique geological situation, and exotic views at everywhere you see. Forget about popular tourism destinations. It is way better to find your secret hideout and enjoy the peaceful nature for yourself.