Natuna Archipelago is located at the outer line of Indonesia. To be more specific, it is at the South China Sea, northernmost side of Indonesia. Administratively, it is a part of Province of Riau.

This archipelago hides a majestic nature beauty with pristine beaches, exotic islands, and other wonderful attraction. Unfortunately, not many people know about this object. Thus, Natuna Archipelago is the perfect destination if you are looking for a tourism escapade to an exotic world with no one to be around.

Coastline of Natuna Islands as Seen from High Above (Source: Flickr. Credit: studio matahari lutong)
Coastline of Natuna Islands as Seen from High Above
(Source: Flickr. Credit: studio matahari lutong)

Getting There

Considering that the archipelago is not famous and popular, many people think that it must be difficult to reach Natuna. Surprisingly, it is not as tricky as you think. There are many options to get there. If you are from Pekanbaru, Singapore, or Malaysia, you can take a flight to Batam’s Hang Nadim Airport.

From Singapore or Johor Baru (Malaysia), you can also take a ferry ship to Batam. From Batam, take another flight to Ranai Airport which is already on Natuna Archipelago. If you are from Jakarta City, you can take a flight with Lion Air that serves daily flight with the route of Jakarta – Batam – Natuna.


Staying There

There are several inns at Natuna Archipelago, especially at the city of Ranai, the capital of Natuna. Other cities with accomodations are Tarempa, Midai, Sedanau and Serasan. But most of them are budget inns. Some hotels in Natuna are:

  • Caesar Hotel at Jalan Pramuka 3, Ranai. Telephone: +62 773 – 31421
  • Sisi Basisir Hotel at Jalan DKWM Benteng 132, Ranai. Telephone: +62 773 – 31212, 31203
  • Ajo Basamo Hotel at Jalan Soekarno Hatta 29, Ranai. Telephone: +62 773 – 31414
  • Galuh Hotel at Jalan Datuk Bane 18, Serasan. Telephone: +62 815 3679 9811, +62 813 7242 2526
  • Sianturi Inn at Jalan Imam Bonjol, Tarempa. Telephone: +62 772 – 31334
  • Alim Inn at Jalan Simpang Empat, Midai. Telephone: +62 856 6834 799

If you are hoping to stay on a fancy exclusive hotel, you can book your stay in Batam or Pekanbaru. But it would be a little bit troublesome if you plan to stay for several days.


Mount Ranai

The first city you step foot on Natuna Archipelago is Ranai, the capital of Natuna Archipelago. On the city, there is a beautiful mountain called Mount Ranai.

Mount Ranai at the Background of Ranai City (Source: Flickr. Credit: Ryan G)
Mount Ranai at the Background of Ranai City
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Ryan G)

The most unique thing about Mount Ranai is the vegetation gradation. If you go hiking it, you will notice the different ecosystem between the one you see at the low height and the one you see nearby the peak. Mount Ranai is only 1,035 meters high above the sea level.

But the vegetation you will find on the high level is the one commonly found on the mountain with more than 2,000 meters height above the sea level. Anyway, all these vegetation from the bottom to top will give you fresh air and nice sight to make to enjoy your hike.

To reach the top, you need to get through three summits of Mount Ranai. The first one is Serendit Summit at 968 meters above the sea level. This summit is a rocky cliff with 100 meters height. The second one is Erik Samali Summit at 999 meters above the sea level.

This summit is a higher rocky cliff with 150 meters height. The last one is called Datuk Panglima Husin Summit which is located at the highest level of 1,035 meters above the sea level. This summit is also a rocky cliff with 200 meters height.

Mount Ranai also has a breath taking waterfall which is slightly hidden. The water falls through a rocky canyon of 20 meters. The view is very wonderful here with plants and rocks surrounding it.

Waterfall of Mount Ranai (Source: Credit: Government of Province of Riau Archipelago)
Waterfall of Mount Ranai
(Source: Credit: Government of Province of Riau Archipelago)

Pristine Beaches

First famous thing about Natuna Archipelago is the beaches. They are so clean and pristine that you could have one whole beach for your own vacation. Not only you can enjoy the beautiful views and peaceful wind, but it is also safe to swim along at this beach as the wave is quite and calm.

Snorkeling is also a possible activity. In fact, sometimes you do not even need to snorkel to enjoy the underwater life. On a shallow spots nearby the beach, everything is plain to see from your boat. All thanks to the clear water.

There are plenty of beaches in Natuna. Some of the most beautiful ones are:

  • Tanjung Beach

Tanjung Beach is the most famous beach in Natuna Island. Some says that you have not visited Natuna if you have not visited Tanjung Beach. It is located on Tanjung Village, District of North East Bunguran. To reach this beach, you just need to drive or use public transportation from Ranai. It will only take 15 to 20 minutes to reach the spot.

Tanjung Beach (Source: Flickr. Credit: Bayuseta Jati)
Tanjung Beach
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Bayuseta Jati)

The beach is arched long up to one kilometer. At the entire line, plenty of coconut trees are lined up thickly, offering a cool shade and breath taking view. Between some trees, you might find local people’s house where the people are so friendly and humble. You can also find several local vendors offering foods and drinks for you to be enjoyed.

Tanjung Beach has soft wave and slight slope. This allows you to swim safely and enjoy the refreshing water of Natuna. The sand is clean as well.

  • Sisi Beach

On September 2006, The Island Magazine crowned Sisi Beach of Natuna as “The Best Undiscovered Beach in the World”. This beach is located at Serasan District. Geographically, this district is much closer from Borneo and Serawak (Malaysia) than it is from Sumatra or Batam. From Ranai, you can go there by taking a ferry ship named Kapal Pelni KM Bukit Raya.

Sisi Beach is very wide and long so you have lots to see. You could also take a long walk to enjoy the nature. The contour is rather flat which is perfect for kids running along safely. The sand is white and clean too so you can make sand castle out of it.

  • Datuk Bay Beach

Different with Tanjung Beach and Sisi Beach, Datuk Bay Beach has no flat sand around the coastal line. Instead, the beach has rocky contour with the sand in between. This unique characteristic has made the beach a favorite spot to visit by the tourists. This object can be accessed from Ranai with motorcycle or car for about 40 minutes or less.

Datuk Bay Beach (Source: Credit: gnadecoll)
Datuk Bay Beach
(Source: Credit: gnadecoll)

On the gaps between the rocks on the beach, you will find some small fishes swimming through as the sea wave sweep away. On the other side of the beach, there is also a cliff where you can see the beach from different angle.


Wasn’t it amazing? Natuna Archipelago indeed has lots nature beauties to offer. In fact, there are still more objects on this archipelago that we have not mentioned. Therefore, please read our next article as well where we provide further information about the pristine nature of Natuna Archiepelago.