For some people, visiting to some places should be done in the famous places such as Bali Island, Jogjakarta and so on. Some other people will look for some places they have been explored before. No matter whether those places are famous and full of people or not, they will intentionally go there to explore by themselves.

One of the places that people should visit and explore is in Cirebon. This place is called Kasepuhan Palace in Cirebon. Compared to Kasepuhan Palace in Jogjakarta, Kasepuhan Palace in Cirebon is less famous. In fact, this palace is the most elegant and well-maintenance in Cirebon.

Throwback to its history, every single part of this Kasepuhan Palace is totally historical. At the front part of this Kasepuhan Palace is surrounded by big red wall. In this Kasepuhan Palace there will be a museum contains heirloom and also heritage objects that have been saved for more than a decade.

There are also some collections of palace paintings. One of the examples is the painting of Singa Barong Train. Every 1 Syawal the paintings will be out for getting “washed”. Kasepuhan Palace was established in the year of 1529 by the Mas Mochammad Arifin II as the grandson of the Sunan Gunung Jati.


In front of the Kasepuhan Palace there is a square named Sangkala Buana Square. It was the place where the military exercises are held. There are two pavilions beore entering the gate of Kasepuhan Palace, those are Pancaratna and Pancaniti.

Pancaratna is located in west side of the Kasepuhan Palace while Pancaniti is located in the east side. By visiting the Kasepuhan Palace, all of the visitors will feel the euphoria of the Cirebon city. There are some varieties of culture in Cirebon Kasepuhan Palace.


First, it is about the ceremony held there. There are actually a lot to explain. The names of the ceremonial events are Syawalan Gunung Jati, Ganti Welit, Rajaban, Ganti Sirap, Muludan, Salawean Trusmi, and also Nadran. These ceremonies are held based on the Javanese calendar.

Syawalan Gunung Jati shows that the people do some pilgrimage to the cemetery of the Sunan Gunung Jati. Ganti Welit means that the ceremony held annually was intentionally to change the roof of the Ki Buyut Trusmi family’s cemetery. It is usually held on the Mulud calendar in 25 and those who do this activity should be only the family of Trusmi. Rajaban are both ceremony and pilgrimage to the cemetery of Panjinan Prince and Kejaksan Prince.

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Ganti Sirap is a ceremony hold by changing the roof of the cemetery by using Sirap. Moreover, Muludan and Salawean Trusmi are held on each place they are going to hold the ceremony.

Meanwhile, for Nadran ceremony, the ceremonial event is done by the fishermen in propose to pray for the safety and gratitude for the God for giving bless. For the people who are not staying or living in Cirebon might not know the exact ceremonies held there. In fact, a lot of Cireboneses are mostly familiar with those ceremonies.

For those who are interested to go and visit the Kasepuhan Palace in Cirebon, you can go to Cirebon by using cars or bus or else. After you have arrived there, you need to use a driver to take you to Kasepuhan Palace.

It is because when you decided to go there by yourselves, you will be ready for the unknown streets. The endless road of Cirebon will make all of the local and foreign tourists become confused. The easiest and the cheapest way to go there are by using pedicab. The costs are totally reasonable and affordable.

Entering the Kasepuhan Palace is not free by the way. All of the visitors should pay a fee. The fee is not costly since there are a lot of local and foreign tourists there so that the costs should be affordable. Cirebon is actually one of the busiest ports compared to others in Java.

Although Cirebon is not as big as Semarang or Jogjakarta, it is also a place where some cultures are acculturated into one to make a new integrated culture. What are they? Well, we can say that Chinese, Islamic, European, Hindu, Pre Hindu and also Javanese styles are combined into one. Cirebon is a well-cultured city whose styles are the combination of a lot of styles into one.

Another fact that all of you need to know is about the spelling of the name Cirebon itself. It actually has a lot of spelling in different languages such as Dutch and Portuguese. Dutch will spell Cirebon as Tjirebon or Cheribon. Charabom will be the spelling of Portuguese in spelling Cirebon.

Sundanese will spell Cerbon which stands for the city in the province of West Java, Indonesia. Prince Bujangga Manik was a Hindu monk who wrote an old manuscript and travelled across both Java and Bali in the century of 16th. As a result, Cirebon especially Kasepuhan Palace is a place that is really worth to visit and explore. You will get a lot to learn and to be your memorable experience.


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