Kadidiri is one of the pristine islands mostly visited on Togean Archipelago. With white sand on the beach and clear turquiose water on the ocean, it is indeed not easy to say no to this vary island. Even so, Kadidiri is mostly known for its magnificent marine life. The amount of interesting diving spots around the island seems to be limitless. No wonder many travelers, especially divers, would want to come back again to this very island.

Green Clear Water of Kadidiri Beach (Source : Visit Indonesia Paradise)
Green Clear Water of Kadidiri Beach
(Source : Visit Indonesia Paradise)

How to Get There

This island is on the town of Tojo Una-Una, Province of Central Sulawesi.  Your flight would likely bring you to either Manado or Makassar.

From Manado, get a local flight to Luwuk. Make sure you get there on the right time as the flight is only avaible twice every week. From Luwuk, continue your journey to Ampana by using a public bus. The trip would be about 8 hours. Then, you can go on to Kadidiri Island using speedboat for only 30 minutes.

Other option from Manado is by getting a flight to Gorontalo and continue it by getting on a ferry to Wakai. This route is not recomended for people with seasick as the ferry trip would take about 13-15 hours. To cut short the ferry trip, you can go to Marisa first from Gorontalo using a car for about 3 hours. From Marisa, the ferry trip would only take 7-9 hours to reach Kadidiri Island.

If your plane bring you to Makassar, you can continue your journey to Rantepao, Tana Toraja, using public bus for 14 hours. After that, get on a speedboat to Kadidiri Island for about 30 minutes.

There are two options of cottages within the island. For mid class travelers, you can stay on Black Marlin Cottage. This wooden cottage is owned by an Englishman who have lived in Kadidiri for many years. Meals are served 3 times a day. This cottage can also arrange your diving plan as the owner itself is a divemaster.

Black Marlin Dive Resort (Source : Indonesia Travel)
Black Marlin Dive Resort
(Source : Indonesia Travel)

For a more luxurious option, go to Kadidiri Paradise Resort. The bungalow includes a deck where you can lay back and chill peacefully. The resort also offer a boat trip around the island, either for simple sightseeing or snorkelling activity.

They can also arrange your needs for other activities you desire. The tariff includes 3 meals a day with the menu mainly consists of seafoods. This is probably the only property on the island that can accept payment using credit card.


Amenities and Accomodation

Even thought the island is quite popular for marine tourism, the amenities are still not yet perfectly developed. The island has no source of plain water so you will always need to buy bottled mineral water for drink. Shops and food vendors are also highly limited, so it would be the best for you to stock up your supply of snacks, beverages, and medicines from Ampana, Marisa, or Rantepao. And as for the meal, it usually will be provided regularly by the hotel where you are staying.

Phone signal reception is almost impossible within the island and its surrounding. Make sure you notify your family and close friends about this to they would not be worry if they have trouble in communicating with you.

Electric power is also limited. In Kadidiri main island, you might find it easier to use the electricity. But if you visit the small islets around, the access to electric power will be unavailable after 9.00 PM. That is why it is important to prepare yourself with a flashlight. Charge all of your gadget full before time to make sure you have it enough for the night.

Exploring the Beauty

It is not difficult to see the beauty of marine life under the Kadidiri water. Simply go about 5 meters away from the coastal line, you can already enjoy the sets of coral on the ocean floor with some small fishes swimming around. As the water is very clear, you can even see it from the boat with naked eye.

The further and the deeper you dive, the more diverse the ecosystem would be. More variety of fishes, sharks, and turtles will welcome you there in awesomeness. Kadidiri is considered as one of the best place to dive in Sulawesi as it has plenty of wonderful diving spots around.

Wonderful Coral Ecosystem (Source: Top Indonesia Holidays)
Wonderful Coral Ecosystem
(Source: Top Indonesia Holidays)

Besides the magnificent marine life, Kadidiri also offers an experience in wreck diving. Just about 16 km away from the land, you can find a wreckage of drowned bombing plane previously owned by the US. The plane is now a home for many species of coral and small fishes. This might be an additional schedule for you diving adventure plan.

Not only under water, Kadidiri Island is also quite challenging on the land. The rainforests are vast and very pristine it became a great habitat for numerous species of birds and plants. Trekking is always a good idea. Don’t forget to bring along your camera and binocular. Some birds are quite shy that they will fly away as soon as the encounter a group of humans.


Surrounding Islands

Kadidiri is surrounded by many other islands and islets which are as nice to visit. If you have more time in Kadidiri, it would be a great idea to expand your experience by visiting some of those islands and check what they have for you. Here are some of those:

  • Batudaka Island

It is one of the biggest island on the entire Togean Archipelago. Besides many diving spots, the island also has a wide range of mangrove forest. If you are an adventurer, you might find it great for trekking activity.

  • Una-Una Island

There are plenty of diving spots under the water of this island. But besides that, the island also has a mountain called Mount Colo which is 2,509 meters high. It is an active volcano and is quite challenging to hike up.

  • Kundurang

This object is best for sea fishing and glass-boating. It has a charming gradation color of water that is clear enough to see the coral ecosystems underwater.

  • Siatu Island

On this island, you can find a floating village around the beach. The village belongs to the Bajo Tribe, an ancient local tribe who lives as marine nomads. They spend most of their time floating above the sea and master in traditional aquatic and navigation skill. Tourists always find it interesting to meet them on the village to know more about their unique way of life.

  • Taipi Island

It is only 4 km away from Kadidiri Island. It has black sand on the beach and perfect panorama. Under the water, you can find plenty of wonderful diving spots.

The Beauty Underwater (Source : Frances Ricicciardi)
The Beauty Underwater
(Source : Frances Ricicciardi)


  • Kadidiri Island is mostly recommended to be visited around April to November. Get your reservation done earlier to avoid overbooking.
  • Hiring a speedboat might be the most convenient way to transport around the island. But since the tariff might be expensive, it would be the best to share it other travelers with same destination or agenda.


Kadidiri Island’s main attraction is its own effortless beauty. It is very pristine and untouched. And that is why you need to visit it as soon as possible, while it is still all natural and pure.


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