Jungleland Adventure Theme Park : Best Vacation Plan for Energetic Family – Part 1

Jungleland is a modern theme park which offers an adventurous experience for family. The area is about 3.5 hectares wide and has more than 30 amazing rides. Thus, you will not run out of fun and challenge when taking your family there for a vacation. With the panorama of Mount Pancar in the background, this park is such a beautiful place to visit.

On previous article, we have already discussed about all the basic informations and several rides available on this recreational park. Now let us continue it!


Map of Jungleland (Source : Harga Kini)
Map of Jungleland
(Source : Harga Kini)

Carnivalia Zone

  • Mini Drop

How does it feel when you are seat is rising up high to the sky in a slow slow speed, but a second later, it drops very quickly to down below. Shocking as it may, Mini Drop is always fun to experience. There is a bigger version of this ride called Mega Drop on Mysteria Zone.

  • Midway Games

How good you are at aiming and shooting? Test your skill here in Midway Games. Lock your target and shoot! If you are good enough, or lucky enough, you get the present you wish.

  • Rainbow Train

Choo choo train is always interesting to ride on, especially for young kids. With a combination of many cheerful color and cute characters, this train is always irresistable for little children.

  • Dino World

Imagine the dinosaurs come back to live on this earth! Must be scary, isn’t it? But it would be much challenging. On Dino World Jungleland, the robot dinosaurs can even move and make sounds. Very realistic!

Discovery (Source : Detik)
(Source : Detik)


Tropicalia Zone

  • Happy Swing

This swing is like an upgraded version of a conventional swing. Many people can seat in together and locked for safety. The swing is much bigger so you can go higher and further. Have all of your family member to ride together!

  • North Pole

Get on a boat and sail over the pool to meet sea animals. This ride is even safe enough for toddlers.

  • Wave Swinger

Swing around in a pendulum while the base is circling around in wavy movement. This ultimate ride will take you up and down, back and forward, left and right, all at the same time.

  • Harvest Time

Roll on a roller coaster ride with all the adrenaline that you have. Sharp turn, upside down, skyrocketing up, and sliding down, it is all about your bravery.

Rolling in A Speed (Source : Specindo.com)
Rolling in A Speed
(Source : Specindo.com)
  • Mini Bumper Car

Who said children are not allowed to drive? If you think bumper car is dangerous for children, try Mini Bumper Car. It is safe, it is fun, it is perfect.

  • Texas Train

What is the best way to get around the whole park without getting tired? Texas Train! You can just sit back and relax, enjoy the scenery and the breeze while the train is driving around on the track that is 1.7 km long.

  • Water Flume

Slide down with your family on a slippery water slide from the heights. With the track of 152 meters long and water filling up the base point, you need to get ready to get splashed on.

  • Ship Adventure

Sit back on your giant ship and feel your adrenaline rush as it starts to swing. Basically, it is like your ship is sailing on air.

  • Mini Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel ride is always fun to ride on. But as kids might be scared of the heights, you can take them to Mini Ferris Wheel. It is safer but it is just as fun.

  • Jeep Tour

Another choice for going around the park is by getting on a Jeep Tour with you family. Feel the fresh air and make your stop anywhere you wish. The jeeps are available in many colors you can choose.

  • Convoy 6

It is a mini version of Jeep where your kids can ride along with their friends. Just like the regular jeeps, this ride also offers choices of vehicle in many colors.


Mysteria Zone

  • Hydrolift

This ride is ultimately fun for family. A rubber boat with the capacity of 6 people will lift your family high and then it will be thrown down to a water slide. The track is about 250 meters long.

Hydrolifting with Buddies (Source : Kompas)
Hydrolifting with Buddies
(Source : Kompas)
  • Jump Around

This ride is very funny. It looks like you are riding a car. But instead of driving forward, it will jump about to move forward.

  • Fire Pots

Turning around in a giant wok as if you will be cooked like soup. Do not worry, there will be no fire you burn you up.

  • Flying Bike

Reenact the scene from Extra Terrestrial movie where the kid is riding his bike to the sky. Yep, it is just like that.

  • Mega Drop

Basically it is pretty similar with Mini Drop from Carnivalia Zone. It is just bigger, higher, and much more scarier. This machine will drop you down in a second from the heights of 38 meters.
That is all the rides available on this adventure theme park. Please know that each right have different height requirement for safety purpose.


To make the park more lively, live music would be a great idea. On Jungleland, you can get that on the Amphitheater located on Carnivalia Zone. This open outdoor stage has architectural design adapted from Roman Colosseum. To make it look more dramatic, a set of ancient temple is standing on the background.

You can also held your art performance event here. The stage is about 285 square meters wide. The seating area can occupy up to 800 people. It also features an artist room and stand-by room for preparation purpose.

Phinisi Function Hall

Jungleland also feature a function hall. The architectural design is very interesting as it shaped like the legendary Phinisi Ship of Indonesia. This facility is mostly used for wedding, company gathering, or school reunion.

With the area of 382 square meters, this hall can occupy up to 350 people. Rooms included on this building are the hall itself, media center, VIP lounge, artist room, kitchen and pantry, musholla, and also bathrooms separated for men and women. Renting the hall will include all the furnitures and stuffs you would need for your special events, including seats, tables, and multimedia stuffs.

Phinisi Hall (Source : Sentul Nirwana)
Phinisi Hall
(Source : Sentul Nirwana)

Amenities and Facilities

No matter how fun a theme park could be, it would not be convenient without sufficient amenities and facilities. Jungleland understands that very well. That is why they provide complete amenities and facilities for your comfort, including :

  • Cafe
  • Restaurant
  • Musholla
  • ATM Center
  • Nursery Room
  • First Aid Kit and medical team
  • Lockers to keep your belongings safe
  • Wheelchairs for difabled person and elders
  • Stroller for babies and toddlers
  • Shuttle service as mentioned before
  • Wide parking area


Now that is all about Jungleland Adventure Theme Park located on Bogor city. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? But remember, to keep your kids always on your sights. Once they get lost, it might be diffivult to find them back quickly as the park is very wide. Keep your belongings safe with you too and dont let it unattended.


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