Adventure theme park is always a great choice for family vacation. It is also a great choice for any kind of vacation, especially if you have so many energy to spend. In Bogor, there is one object that might be a great choice for this kind of vacation.

The park is called Jungleland. What makes this place so tempting is its numerous choices of rides and attractions. All are classified into several zones. Simply choose the kind of zone that suits your dream and have a great unforgettable adventure!

Jungleland Adventure Theme Park (Source : Saran Wisata)
Jungleland Adventure Theme Park
(Source : Saran Wisata)

How to Get There

Jungleland is located on Jalan Jungleland Boulevard, Sentul Nirwana Area, Bogor 16810. If you are using your own vehicles, you can simply find the location on Google Maps and let your GPS guide you. And if you are using public transport, here is the guidelines:

  • If you are from Jakarta City, go to the nearest commuter line station and get a train ride to Bogor. Make your stop to Bogor Station.
  • If you are from Rawamangun, Blok M, or Grogol, you can ride APTB (Angkutan Perbatasan Trans Busway) bus. Make a stop on Sentul City.
  • From Bogor city center or Bogor Station, you can ride on Trans Pakuan Bus with the route of Botani Square – Bellanova. Make your stop on Bellanova Mall.
  • From Cibubur or Bogor Outer Ring Road, you can ride T-05 public minivan (called Angkot) with the route of Bubulak Laladon – Sentul. Make a stop on Bellanova Mall.
  • Jungeland provides a shuttle transport from and to Bellanova Mall.
  • Shuttle transport from and to Sentul City is also provided.


Nearby Hotels

There are plenty of hotels on Bogor city and there are many more on Jakarta. But if you want one that is very close to the park, here are some of the best options for you:

  1. Aston Sentul Resort and Conference Centeras (About 1.8 km from Jungleland)

Jalan Pakuan No 003, Bogor 16810, Indonesia

  1. Rukun Senior Living (About 3 km from Jungleland)

Jalan Raya Babakan Madang No 99, Bogor 16810, Indonesia

  1. Harris Hotel Sentul City Bogor

SICC Complex, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman No 1, Bogor 16810 (About 5 km from Jungleland)


Operation Schedule and Ticketing

Jungeland operates daily with schedule as below:

  • Monday to Thursday : 10.00 AM to 05.00 PM
  • Friday : 10.00 AM to 06.00 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday : 09.00 AM to 06.00 PM
Holiday Season (Source : Koran Tempo)
Holiday Season
(Source : Koran Tempo)

Ticketing Price may change from time to time. But for now, the fare is as below:

  • Monday to Friday : $12.5 for domestic tourist, $15 for foreigners
  • Saturday and Sunday : $16.5 for domestic tourist, $19 for foreigners
  • Holiday Season : $19 for domestic tourist, $22.5 for foreigners
  • VIP Ticket : $5.6
  • VIP Ticket can be used to get on 8 favourite rides including Haunted House, Air Race, Bumper Car, Disk O, Mega Drop, Plume Ride, Discovery, and an Extra Ride.
  • Free entry for those who is having the birthday by showing legal ID card
  • Free entry for kids with the height below 90 cm
  • Discount 50% off for elderly aged more than 60 years old
  • Holiday season usually occurs around July (school long holiday) and December-January (Christmas-New Year holiday)

Parking Fee :

  • Motorcycle : $0.125 per hour with maximum of 12 hours for $0.75
  • Car : $0.2 per hour with maximum of 12 hours for $1.5
  • Bus : $3 per one time parking

You can get a discount or any kind of special promotion if visiting the park in large group. For this purpose, please contact the management on:

  • Phone : 021 – 29 311 313
  • Fax : 021 – 29 311 311
  • Email :


The Rides and The Zones

Now that we have already discussed about all the basic informations regarding the object. Now is time to talk about the most interesting thing; The Rides and Zones! As we have mentioned before, Jungleland have plenty choices of rides which are classified into several zones. Here they are:

Carnivalia Zone

  • Flight Academy

Ever dreamed about being a pilot? Or is it your children’s dream? Here in Jungleland you can make it happen easily with Flight Academy Ride. This ride will not only give you chance to pretend being a pilot on a fake airplane.

But, it also has cool additional features that can make your experience feel more realistic. Basic Flight Course and Study Tour will make you learn all the basic things about controlling an airplane like a real pilot. Flight Simulator Academy will test you how good you have learned. And finally, there is an Extreme Game where you can act being in an air adventure on your own plane.

Flight Simulator (Source : Kompas)
Flight Simulator
(Source : Kompas)
  • Three Point Basketball

Having a family vacation would not feel complete without a fun competitive sport to enjoy together. On three point basketball, you can play a basketball match with your little family for fun.

  • Daytona

Being a speed racer is always the dream of almost any boys in the world. Sometimes, children might still have the same dream as they grew to be an adult. Do not worry, you can make it come true here in Jungleland on Daytona Ride. Here you can ride an F1 car and pretend being a professional car racer. With the track of 700 meters long, this ride counts as the longest race car ride in Indonesia.

  • Bumper Car

Bumper Car or Boom Boom Car is the most common rides that exists in almost every theme park. This classic ride is always a favourite as you can ride your car recklessly and bump it on purpose.

  • Haunted House

Brave enough to see the ghost? Give it a try on Haunted House. The story of this ride is about a home where every member of a family tragically died and became ghosts to haunt people.

  • Air Race

Want to know how it feels to fly in mid air? Air Race Ride will get you that. The ride will take you high in the air and fly around in circle. This kind of ride is the first and the newest in Indonesia.

  • Discovery

Swing is a fun ride in kindergarten. But what if the swing is upgraded with lots of adrenaline? That what Discovery is. On this ride, you will be locked in a giant pendulum and swing scarily. The swing is about 20 meters high and the steepest swing could reach up to 102 degree.

  • Disk O

You will be seated on a giant disk. Then, the disk will rise up to 15 meters high and start rotating. You will feel like your body would be thrown away. But do not worry, it is perfectly safe.

  • Kiddy Land

Take your little kids to Kiddy Land where they can find plenty choices of toys and friends to play along together.

Disk O Ride (Source : IPP Static)
Disk O Ride
(Source : IPP Static)


Surely there is still much more to play on this fun adventure theme park. To find out more about other rides, please continue reading to our next article regarding Jungleland Adventure Theme Park.


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