Hari Island is a small island located on the Province of South East Sulawesi. The island is only one and a half square kilometers. The island is situated not very far from the famous Wakatobi National Marine Park & Moramo Waterfalls, but yet not many people know about this island. Little did they know, the tiny island hides plenty of wonderful things to explore, both on the land and the sea.

Marine Life; Another Wonderful Thing on Hari Island (Source: anthology12.wordpress.com. Credit: Drick)
Marine Life; Another Wonderful Thing on Hari Island
(Source: anthology12.wordpress.com. Credit: Drick)

How to Get There

Hari Island is most easily accessed from the city of Kendari in Sulawesi Island. The city has a domestic airport that serves flight from several cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, and Makassar, the capital city of South East Sulawesi. From the airport, take a taxi or chartered car to the Banyan Harbor of Kendari. This harbor is located at the Center Market Complex.

At Banyan Harbor, you can rent a speedboat to reach the Hari Island. Or if you wish for a more unique experience, you can rent a ketinting instead. Ketinting is a traditional wooden boat mostly used by local fishermen.

It is about 20 miles away from the city center of Kendari to Hari Island. The sailing trip from Kendari to Pulau Hari is about one to two hours, depending on the weather, the tides, and the boat.

It is advisable to depart from Banyan Harbor in the morning as the waves tend to get rougher during mid-day. Generally, the higher the sun, the rougher the waves will be. If the wave is too rough, sometimes it is necessary to delay the boat ride until it gets calmer in order to ensure the safety.

Speedboat at the Beach of Hari Island (Source: anthology12.wordpress.com. Credit: Drick)
Speedboat at the Beach of Hari Island
(Source: anthology12.wordpress.com. Credit: Drick)

Where to Stay

Hari Island is un-inhabitant. So there is no chance that you will find any accommodations there at the tiny island. The closest place to book your stay is at Kendari city where there are several choices of accommodations. Here are some hotels and homestays in Kendari:

  • Plaza Inn Kendari
    • Location : Jalan Antero Hamra 57-59, Pier 29 Complex, Kendari
    • Telephone : +62 401 3131 888
    • Fax : +62 401 3131 777
    • Website : www.plazainnkendari.com
  • Hotel Aden
    • Location :  Jalan A. Yani 54, Kendari
    • Telephone : +62 401 390177
  • Hotel Anggrek
    • Location : Jalan Letjen S. Parman 82, Kendari
    • Telephone : +62 401 321852
  • Hotel Bukit Indah
    • Location : Jalan Abd Silondae 1,Kendari
    • Telephone : +62 401 321053
  • Hotel Bunga Tanjung
    • Location : Jalan BungaTanjung 111,Kendari
    • Telephone : +62 401 321134
  • Hotel Dewa Bintang
    • Location : Jalan Saranani Kendari
    • Telephone : +62 401 331661

It is recommended to make your reservations a few days prior your visit, especially during holiday season as the hotels and homestays might get overbooked quickly.


On the Island

Hari Island is very much pristine. It is un-inhabitant and does not even have any supporting building, either modern or even traditional ones. Visiting this island, you can pretend being lost in a remote island. This pristine situation allows the environment to grow naturally which results in a wonderful formation of an island.

A legend tells tale that the island was once dwelled by an angel in red flowing long dress. She was so beautiful beyond compare that no one can match her beauty. Her beauty radiated and is absorbed by the island, making it beautiful as the angel. To that fact, it is not surprising to know that many tourists like coming to the island for photography as it is such a great place for capturing avid pictures of nature.

The Crystal Blue Water on Fine White Sand (Source: anthology12.wordpress.com. Credit: Drick)
The Crystal Blue Water on Fine White Sand
(Source: anthology12.wordpress.com. Credit: Drick)

Around the island, you will see beautiful beaches with clean white sand. There are three beaches at this island and all of them are connected with narrow pathways. It is really fun to walk barefoot at the beach as the sand is fine, the breeze is calming, and the scenery is stunning. The water of the sea is also clean and crystal blue, which is amazingly beautiful to see. While exploring the beach, you might be lucky enough to see turtles lying eggs on the sand.

At the center of the island, you will find a small wild forest which is safe to explore. This untouched forest is the best site to observe tropical birds as well as other tropical animals in the wild. If you are lucky enough, you may even watch some large birds to catch their prey in mid-air. Need some adrenalin? You can try climbing a coral cliff inside this forest.


At the Sea

The beauty of Hari Island does not just stay above the land. Under the water surrounding the island, you can also see fascinating panorama with its diverse marine life and unique formation of the sea. The beauty of Hari Island’s underwater is not very far with the beauty of Wakatobi’s underwater. To that, snorkeling and diving are always the main attractions at this tiny island.

When the tide is low, you can do snorkeling only 20 meters away from the shoreline. At the depth less than one meter, you can already see the various corals and schools of fishes swimming around.

Anemone and clownfish are two species of sea creatures that you will mostly see between the corals during snorkeling. If the tide is high, this panorama will be available at the depth around 2 to 3 meters.

Clownfish Between Corals (Source: anthology12.wordpress.com. Credit: Drick)
Clownfish Between Corals
(Source: anthology12.wordpress.com. Credit: Drick)

Due to the tiny size of the island, it is possible to do circling around the island by snorkeling. This activity will take only one and a half hour to finish. To do this quest, it is recommended to do the snorkeling using fin.

If you go further and deeper to the open sea while diving, the panorama will be more breath-taking as the biodiversity will get higher. At the bottom of the sea, you will see some squids trying to camouflage with the sand. You will also see some colorful lobster hiding between corals. The corals are more varied in species down there. Other species of sea creature you will likely to encounter at this depth are nudibranchs, sunudan cuttlefish, starfish, electric clamp, shrimp anemone, angel fish, and ascidians.

Colorful Shrimp is Hiding (Source: anthology12.wordpress.com. Credit: Drick)
Colorful Shrimp is Hiding
(Source: anthology12.wordpress.com. Credit: Drick)

Enough with the exploration underwater, you can take your boat to several meters away from the shore and do some peaceful fishing. Chances are you will get sailfish in no time. To conclude the day, you can grill the fish at the beach while enjoying the sunset. And if you failed to hook to fish or if you are not interested in fishing, you can simply buy the fish from the fishermen.

Everyday, there will be several fishermen stop by the island to catch some fishes. Buying fish from these people would be much cheaper than buying fish in the city. Plus, the fish from these fishermen are guaranteed fresh as they have just caught those.


Hari Island is not to be underestimated as tourism destination. Despite the tiny size, the island accommodates lots of fun experience in nature adventure. So do not hesitate to plan your vacation to the fascinating Hari Island.