Either you like it or not, either you realize it or not, luggage is one important feature on a travelling activity. A good luggage doesn’t just act as a place to accomodate various things we carry during travelling, but also works as a protector for those things; and for some others, it also acts as an identity and prestige.

Choosing the right luggage to carry for travelling is easy-yet-difficult. It is easy because nowadays, there are plenty choices of travelling luggage models that you can select; the difficulty is, due to the abundant choices, it gets us confused on which one to choose! And, believe it or not, choosing the travelling luggage requires a little bit of sharpness, and knowledge, in order to choose the best luggage that suits our needs and budget.

photo by : niveasorensen.com
photo by : niveasorensen.com

Then what are the things we need to consider when choosing and buying luggage for travelling? Here are some criterias and considerations that you can use as a guidance to select the luggage to buy. But still, the last choice is in your own hand.

PS: this thread specially talks about the tips to choose luggage. For other things, I would discuss it on separate article.



What size of luggage to buy? Do you need to buy a big-sized luggage so it could occupy lots of things, or do you need to buy the medium size, or even just the cabin-sized one?

Generally, that is the most basic question asked when people start buying their luggage. To answer that question, let’s do a little flashback to the packing tips that Rick Steves ever shared on the thread: “You can’t travel heavy, happy, and cheap. Pick two.”

If you choose to travel heavy and happy, choose the big-size luggage that could occupy all the clothes or anything you wanna carry. But the risk is, if the luggage is too big, it might make you difficult to move and could end up being a nightmare.

Meanwhile, if you choose to travel happy and cheap, the cabin size luggage might be enough. But if you choose to travel heavy and cheap, you can choose the medium size luggage. So everything depends on your own needs.

As an addition, also consider the rules applied on the airlines you are going with. It would be a shame if after you bought luggage with particular size, it turns out that the luggage is not allowed to bring inside the cabin or is overweight when putting it on the baggage.

photo by : cloudfront.net
photo by : cloudfront.net



  • Color and pattern

With so many choices of colors and patterns on luggage, it might be better to choose the uncommon colors and patterns. The purpose is to make the luggage easily recognisable and lower the chance of it getting switched with other people’s one.

But if you can’t find one with unique color and pattern, you can still make your luggage special by adding specific signs, such as stickers. Other addition, better avoide the colors of white or creme because if the luggage is dirty, it would be clearly noticable.

photo by : taobaocdn.com
photo by : taobaocdn.com
  • Wheels

To make it easy to move when carrying a luggage, choose the luggage with flexible round wheels. Luggage with 2 wheels with easy manuever suits you who are always in hurry. But if you have many things to carry, the 4-wheeled luggage can lift the luggage weight better. Other thing, find the luggage wheel with material mixed with rubber so it is more durable.

photo by : c.tw.rakuten-static.com
photo by : c.tw.rakuten-static.com 


It is been known that a luggage handle is one of the part which get broken most easily. So, make sure the luggage you buy has a firm handle before deciding to buy it. Luggage with double handle tends to be more durable than the luggage with single handle.

Example of luggage with single handle. Photo by: g02.a.alicdn.com
Example of luggage with single handle. Photo by: g02.a.alicdn.com
  • Compartment

Luggage with 2 compartments, or luggage with extra pockets, will be more fun to use because you can easily organize many things.

  • Expendability

It is a rather hard to explain. The point is, does the luggage have a secret pouch to expand the size of the luggage or not. Because sometimes, we buy some extra souvenirs to take home after travelling, it might be better to buy the luggage with size that could be expanded.



  • Softcase vs hardcase

Lately, travelling luggages are made of various materials. There are both softcase and hardcase ones. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Softcase luggage is easy to put on cabin, lighter in weigh, and more flexible to carry, but is not strong enough to handle pressure.

On the other hand, hardcase luggage can protect the things inside it better, but once it is broken, it would be difficult to repair. Ideally, choose the material of polycarbonate (hard plastic commonly used for bulletproof glass) which is strong enough yet lightweigh; or choose the luggage which is half-hardcase and half-softcase (to make it lighter).

Whatever your choice, choose one with good material as a good-quality luggage is a long-term investment. It is also better to choose the waterproof material for easy cleaning.

  • Zipper

Zipper is often being the easiest part to get broken. So if you choose the luggage with zipper, make sure the zipper is strong enough and made of a durable and waterproof material.

  • Other things

Choose luggage with good safety mechanism. For example, it features a place to lock the zipper. Even though for now there are no exact way to avoid the luggage from getting ransacked by irresponsible people, but the luggage with good safety mechanism might hopefully make it a little bit difficult for those people.


It is better to choose luggage with TSA safety system (Transportation Security Administration). Luggage with TSA safety can be easily opened by custom officers using a universal key, so if they think you are carrying suspicious things, they could easily check it without breaking the key.


I hope it is useful!


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