Surakarta or what is usually called as Solo is one of big cities in Java. Many tourists both domestic and international tourist are interested to visit Solo because it offers them a complete package of tour. The city is famous for it is rich of cultural heritage and tradition that can be found in the Surakarta Palace or what is known as Kasunanan Palace.

The visitors are also able to see the process of making Batik. The friendly residents make the visitor feel welcomed to the city. It offers the visitors a pleasant atmosphere. The visitors wanting to breathe fresh air are able to visit Karanganyar District with its tea plantation and many waterfalls.

The visitors can reach the district by bus that only takes about 30 minutes from Solo. However, those are not the only thing that the travelers can enjoy in Solo. Solo is also famous for its delicious culinary. In Gladag Langen Bogan Solo, the travelers will be able to taste the authenticity of Solo delicacy.


Gladag Langen Bogan Solo or what is usually called by Galabo by local resident is a new spot in Solo. It was inaugurated on April 13th, 2008. It lays on Mayor Sunaryo Street, Gladag. The location of Galabo is strategic and easy to reach for it lies in the end of Slamet Riyadi Street, the main street of Solo.

However, the travelers will not be able to find Galabo in the daylight. When they pass the street in daylight, all they can see is bunch of pedicab and taxis.  This attraction only operates at night. The whole Mayor Sunaryo Street is closed from 16.00 p.m. until dawn.

Many tables and chairs are arranged orderly in the left side of the street. The half right street is remained empty. However, when the visitors start to come at night, the right side will be full with people sitting on mats prepared by the sellers.

In Gladag Langen Bogan Solo, the travelers are able to find not only traditional foods from Solo but also various dishes from all over Indonesia. The whole street is full with food stands selling various delicacies.

Among the wide selection of delicacies, there are some dishes that are very famous. Thengkleng Solo is one of the most wanted dishes in Galabo. Thengkleng is a traditional food from Solo made from lamb. It looks like curry but it has aqueous texture. The next dish is Sate Kere. Sate Kare is made from the soybean cake made of tofu making residue.

The visitors may also enjoy Selad Solo. The dish looks like salad. There are some vegetables such as boiled carrot, potato, beans and lettuce. Stewed meat and sweet egg make this dish more delicious. The visitors are also able to taste another Indonesian culinary such as Coto Makassar, Sate Ponorogo, fried rice, various seafood dishes and so on.

The tourists are also able to enjoy the night by having some refreshing drinks in Gladag Langen Bogan Solo.  A bowl of wedang ronde will be able to omit fatigue. The travelers may also taste fresh milk in various flavors. The fresh milk mixed with egg, honey and ginger is the most favorite one. There are also various fruit juices and ice. The prices in Galabo are quite low. They range from $0.1 to $0.2.

The strategic place of Gladag Langen Bogan Solo makes it easier for the travelers to reach the attraction. The travelers staying downtown or around Slamet Riyadi Street will be able to reach Galabo on foot or by pedicab.

The pedicab usually costs $0.75 – $1.5. The travelers from Yogyakarta can reach Galabo by boarding Solo – Jogja trains to Balapan railway station. From the station, the travelers can pick whether they want to take bus ride, taxi or ojek (motorcycle taxi). The bus ticket for each person is $0.2. Taxi and ojek will cost around $1.9.

In Gladag Langen Bogan Solo, do not be surprised by the slow services. Every booth usually has only 2 – 3 waiter or waitress. So when it is crowded, the visitors have to wait longer. However, you will not get easily bored because there are so many street musicians who are ready to entertain the visitors. Try to get a visible spot to seat.

There is no table number in Galabo. When you order the meals, the visitors also have to explain to the waiter where they sit. Having an easily seen table will get the visitors their order faster.

If it is too crowded and there is no empty seat, the visitors are able to shop for Batik in Pusat Grosir Solo, right in front of the Galabo. If the visitors want to buy some souvenirs, they will be able to find it at Pusat Grosir Solo. Thus, they can both enjoy delicious dishes and shop at once.


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