Phuket, heaven on earth!

The majority of tourists who have visited Thailand will agree with that phrase. Even if the word “Thailand” is associated with “sand”, “sea”, and “sun”, it is just common for Phuket to be the top ranking that can be imagined by tourists.

Combine it with its distinctive local life (plus a variety of ‘unique’ nightlife entertainment with the sexy ladyboys), then Phuket will get closer to the word “unique”.

And, Phuket will make you even more fall in love because this heaven of the world is affordable even for budget travellers. In fact, there are few things that you can do and get there for free. Come on, tighten your seat belts because through this article, we will take you to a ‘ride’ to Phuket to look for free things in this heaven of the world.

Phuket, via delicious2013.wordpress

1. Phuket is famous for its beachfront beauty. The good news is, you can enjoy the beach in Phuket as much as possible without having to pay, aka free.

The best in Thailand is available in Phuket through its super beautiful beaches. Beach in Phuket is famous as one of the best in Thailand, and also the most beautiful.

So spend your time on the beach, either to enjoy the softness of the sand, or to admire the beauty of the blue sky that meets with the view of the clear ocean in the horizon line, or perhaps just to relax while feeling grateful for the abundance of sunlight that is bestowed by God, those are few options of the best things you can do In Phuket. And, you can enjoy those for free!

  • Patong Beach, the prima donna which is always sought by tourists
Patong Beach
Patong Beach, via jbremer57/wikimedia commons

From all the beaches in Phuket, Patong is the most intriguing beach in the eyes of tourists. This beach is ideal to be visited by those who like to sunbath in the middle of the sun as well as to enjoy the sparkling lights in the bars and discotheques. Of course if you want to party, obviously it can not be included in the free category.

  • Surin Beach, a popular beach that still leaves a bit of tranquility
Surin Beach
Surin Beach, via awakeningolivianorth

Compared to Patong beach, Surin beach has a much quieter atmosphere. Though the beach is known by the nickname ‘Milionaire’s Row’ this beach has a beauty that able to lure tourists to relax on the white sand while enjoying the tosca-colored sea.

And, if after enjoying the beauty of nature you miss the classy artificial atmosphere, you can find several hotels and high-end restaurants around the beach.

Banana Beach, the hidden gem (which is no secret) in Phuket.

Banana Beach
Banana Beach, via theholidayplanningguide

This beach is one of the quite secluded beaches in Phuket, and also a hidden paradise that worthy to be tried by lovers of true natural beauty. This 180-meter long beach has crystal clear water. If you are interested to swim at this beach, you can visit between November to May which is the best time to try out the clarity of water at Banana Beach.

  • Bangtao Beach, Beach with a unique contrast
Elephant in Bangtao Beach
Elephant in Bangtao Beach, via thebeachfrontclub

Bangtao Beach or Bang Tao, is one of the unique beaches owned by Phuket. The beach which has 6 kilometers long coastline is filled with luxury resorts along its sides.

But not far from there, there are many villagers who live traditionally and work as fishermen and farmers. And, one of the best free moments you can enjoy on this beach is when you see the scenery of people who take their horse and ride an elephant along the sandy beach.

  • Ao Sane Beach, Phuket’s hidden gem.
Ao Sane Beach
Ao Sane Beach, via phuket

No one will ever denied that Phuket has many beaches which is continuously crowded by tourists. But if being in the middle of the crowd is not your choice, then you can stop by to Ao Sane Beach. The beach which is also known as Jungle Beach is one of the hidden treasures in Phuket.

Though you will not be the only tourists in this place (because along with the technology advancement, this beach is becoming more and more popular and advertised everywhere and finally inviting many tourists), there is always a place for everyone on this rocky beach.


2. For an authentic but free experience, explore the old town of Phuket.

Sai Romanee in Phuket old Town
Sai Romanee in Phuket old Town, via tuklaserangmatipid

Beaches in Phuket are appealing; tempting tourists to flock to come there even if some beaches need extra effort before you can reach them. However, the beach is just one of the many charms you can find in Phuket.

For a more authentic yet affordable experience, you can head to the old town area around Thalang Road, Rasada, Dibuk and Krabi. There are many Sino-Portuguese-style buildings that are hundreds of years old but still neatly standing; able to hypnotize tourists for a moment, thrown them into the time tunnel of hundreds of years ago.


Additional tips if you want to walk along the old city area:

Do not bring a lot of stuff, do not forget to wear a hat, and you must bring the camera because in that area there are a lot of spots that will look cool in your instagram.


3. What is the meaning of tour to Phuket if you are not visiting Bangla Road. For the best experience, just come around after sunset.

Bangla Road
Bangla Road, via travelask

In every area, there are always areas that are ‘crazier’ than other areas. For Phuket, the ‘madness’ and ‘wildness’ can be found at Bangla Road.

Bangla Road is only 400 meters long. During the day, the road that is not far from Patong beach looks like an ordinary road. Yet as soon as the sun shifts to the moon, the festivity at Bangla Road will start to pound along with the bright fluorescent lights on the road.

All the madness you can imagine, from the appearance of various street performers, drag queen, to the appearance of animals that you may not see except on TV, they all exist at Bangla Road.

Not to forget the various appetizing, delicious yet cheap hawker snacks were also available here. Bars, pubs, restaurants, and discotheques will also try to hook the customer and add to the festive night atmosphere at Bangla Road.


Tips for lovers of the wildness of the night:

The darker the night, the more amazing experiences you can discover and experience on this road.


4. And, once satisfied enjoying the worldly atmosphere at Bangla Road, calm your hearts by visiting the popular temples in Phuket.

Had you satisfied being melted in the frenetic Bangla Road at night? So now it’s the time to get to know more about Phuket’s religious side, by visiting various temples.

Phuket has several famous temples, both Buddhist temples and Chinese temples, and entirely free admission aka free. However tourists are expected to abide by the rules of visiting temples (such as wearing decent attire) and donating to the temple.

There are several popular temples in Phuket, here are some that need to be written on the top list to visit.

  • Wat Chalong, the largest, most beautiful and most popular temple in Phuket.
Wat Chalong
Wat Chalong, via panoramio

Wat Chalong (note: ‘wat’ = temple) is the most popular temple in Phuket. This temple which is 8 kilometers away from Phuket keeps Buddha’s bones, so this temple is very important for the locals. But it does not matter if you just want to just visit without getting involved with the rituals, because in this temple area you can enjoy the cool fresh air while admiring the various paintings and statues in the temple.

  • Wat Khao Rang, a temple with the first giant sitting Buddha statue in Phuket.
Wat Khao Rang
Wat Khao Rang, via fiuzu

In Thailand many Buddha statues are made with extra large size. Especially for Phuket, a large Buddha statue (precisely made in a sitting position) is the first one and that can be found in Wat Khao Rang.

The temple which is often called Sumnak Song Khao Rang or Wat Lung Su Pa is located on the hill of Khao Rang which is one of the popular places to enjoy Phuket from a height, so this temple is often visited by those who come to Khao Rang.

  • Jui Tui Shrine, the Chinese temple that hosted the Phuket Vegetarian Festival.
Jui Tui Shrine
Jui Tui Shrine, via panoramio

One of the most extreme festivals in Phuket is the Phuket Vegetarian Festival, which often features a variety of performances that will make some people shudder and nauseous, like walking on firing coals to jabbing sharp objects to the cheek and mouth.

The host of the festival is Jui Tui Shrine, a Chinese temple that located in Phuket’s old town. Besides the festival, this temple is still awesome to visit because of its attractive architecture.


5. Equanimity can also be found if you visit the Big Buddha at Nakkerd Hills, the largest Buddha statue in Thailand.

Big Buddha Phuket
Big Buddha Phuket, via phuket

The large Buddha statue has always been a distinctive attraction of Thai tourism, and Phuket has some great Buddha statues that you can admire. The most popular is the Big Buddha statue located in Nakerd Hills, precisely between Chalong and Kata.

This statue is the largest statue in Phuket, with a height of 45 meters! This Big Buddha statue is made of white marble which looks glittering during the day, so this statue is also a symbol of hope.

No wonder if this Big Buddha statue become one of the destinations that you must visit while in Phuket, and the good news is, you can visit it anytime without purchasing a ticket aka free.

There are some notes you must know if you want to admire this Big Buddha statue up close. Avoid using clothes that are open, or wear clothes with printed words or images that are not decent. If you already on the spot with the wrong costume, then no worries.

You can borrow a sarong to cover your body for free. Other information is, the care and maintenance of this sculpture are fully rely on donations.

Giving a little voluntary donation will probably reduce the feel of free for these attractions, but it is worth doing if you still want to see this Big Buddha statue in the future.


6. Phuket is not only beautiful when viewed up close. From any height Phuket looks dazzling.

The beauty of the beach in Phuket might make you fall in love successfully, and the festive local life will also give you an unforgettable experience. However, the overall beauty of Phuket can be captured completely just by looking at it from a height.

Seeing things from a new point of view does give a different sensation, as well as seeing Phuket from a height. Just imagine, you are now enjoying the blue ocean and trees waving from above, while feeling the caress of the gust of wind, how do you feel?

It sounds fun! And, even more fun, in Phuket there are many popular viewpoints where you can enjoy Phuket from the heights and those you can do for free. 2 of which have been mentioned previously, namely Nakerd Hill, a place where the Big Buddha statue is located; and Khao Rang, where there is a temple of Wat Khao Rang. Here are some other popular viewpoints in Phuket:

  • Phromthep Cape, viewpoint with the historic lighthouse.
Promthep Cape
Promthep Cape, via phuket

There are many beautiful places in Phuket, but when asked which place is the most often perpetuated by the camera, Promthep Cape is the answer.

This place is popularly visited by tourists, lovers of photography, to couples who are looking for a romantic style of Phuket; while enjoying the moment where the afternoon sun seemed to sink behind the horizon.

And, if you had satisfied enjoying the atmosphere and wanted to escape from the sun in Phuket, you can play in the lighthouse which also serves as a museum (and free entry fee).

The inside of the lighthouse has been equipped with air conditioning, and the most awesome is, you can enjoy the view towards Phi Phi Island and its surroundings from the top of the lighthouse.

  • Windmill Viewpoint, for those of you who want to solemnly enjoy Phuket from above.
Viiew from Windmill Viewpoint
Viiew from Windmill Viewpoint, via amazingphuketisland

Not far from Promthep Cape, precisely between the beaches of Ya Nui and Nai Harn, there is another viewpoint that is also quite popular, namely Windmill Viewpoint. From this place, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery, just as beautiful as the scenery from Promthep Cape, but with a quieter atmosphere.

That’s because the Viewpoint Windmill is not as busy as the popular Prompthep Cape, so yup, feel free to enjoy the sunset, relax more, enjoy the scenery in the direction of the high seas, while occasionally watching the lovers of radio control airplanes flying their airplanes in this place.

  • Radar Hill, the highest viewpoint in Phuket.
Radar Hill viewpoint
Radar Hill viewpoint, via phuket

Radar Hill is the highest viewpoint in Phuket. However the road to reach this place is somewhat steep, windy, and should pass the weather station owned by the military. Remember, do not be tempted to take photograph at the military area okay!

  • Karon Viewpoint and the scenic views towards 3 beaches at once!
Karon viewpoint
Karon viewpoint, via

The majority of viewpoints in Phuket offer views over the high seas or to a beach or a bay. But from Karon viewpoint, formerly called Kata viewpoint, you can enjoy the scenery towards 3 beaches at once, namely Kata Noi beach, Kata beach, and Karon beach. In addition to Cape Promthep, this viewpoint is one of the bestselling tourists attraction throughout the year.


7. For anti mainstream free entertainment, you can find free movies for folk entertainment. 

Free movie
Free movie, via phuket101

Okay, this may sound funny. But there are some temples – usually a local temple – which holds free entertainment for the citizens in the form of screening a movie on a big screen.

Oh well, because the show is free, do not expect a cinema-class image quality. Come watch with a passion to mingle with local residents, who usually always enthusiastically welcome the screenings.


8. Or you can feel the thrill of being ‘attack’ by hundreds of monkeys in Toe Sae Hill.

Toe Sae Hill
Toe Sae Hill, via thephuketnews

Toe Sae Hill, or often also referred to as Monkey Hill, is a place where hundreds of monkeys roam freely. The monkeys are quite tame because they are used to the locals who often come to feed.

If you like monkeys, maybe you can try to feed the monkeys, who are always enthusiastic to swarm everyone who is carrying food; much like a fan who invaded his idol artist. But if you are too afraid to deal with the monkeys, watching those who are asking for food from other people is already quite exciting.


9. Tours to Phuket can be healthy too, because you can follow some free sports activities here.

Fitness equipment in Suan Luang Park
Fitness equipment in Suan Luang Park, via dawninphuket.blogspot

While on the tour, fitness matters should not be forgotten. Fortunately, in Phuket there are many sports activities that you can attend for free.

For example, you can take free aerobics classes that are often held in certain places (such as in front of The Bangkok Phuket Hospital every 6 pm), or just try out the fitness equipment in Suan Luang Park.


10. To end your adventure in Phuket, relaxing while enjoying the dancing fountains at Jungceylon Shopping Mall may become a beautiful choice.

Jungceylon shopping mall
Jungceylon shopping mall, via the beachfrontclub

After a tiring exploration of Phuket, you can visit Jungceylon Shopping Mall. Not for shopping or looking at the inside of various outlets (which ultimately will make you want to dig out your wallet as deep as possible), but to enjoy the show of waterfall dance that is usually held between 7 pm to 9 pm.


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