Sawarna, a virgin beach in Banten. Have you ever heard about this beautiful beach? Many people are not familiar with it, however if you are looking for an extraordinary experience to spend your precious vacation, this charming beach is the best option.

Located in Sawarna Bayah village, a coastal village, that has a variety of interesting sights as tourist destination, such as beaches, rivers, rock canyons,  and caves, this beautiful coastal region related with the mystical story of Nyai Roro Kidul and coal exploitation in Bayah and Lebak by foreign imperialist.


This beach is one of the most magnificent beach in Banten province, it has a beautiful landscape of nature overlooking the Indian Ocean, with 65 km total length, decorated with coral and white sand, surrounded with dense green hill, mountain and rice field, which is the main attraction for both domestic and foreign tourists.

This beach is also a right spot for surf lovers, because of the great waves. Many travelers come to enjoy surfing with remarkable south coast sea waves which attract the surfer’s adrenaline.

Travelers can surely satisfy to discover the beauty of the sea because Sawarna area consists of many unspoiled beaches, such as Ciantir beach, Tanjung Layar beach, Karang Bokor beach, Karang Seupang beach, Teluk Legon Pari beach, Cipamadagan beach, Pulo Manuk beach and Karang Taraje beach.

Along the coast, there are a beautiful large coral, commonly known as Tanjung Layar and caves, which is increase the value of this beach. Some of the caves are Sikadir cave, Cimaul cave, Pasir Tangkil cave, Lalay cave, Lagir cave and Singalong cave.

These caves are a limestone cave (karst) which is formed from early Miocene era and have different size and shape. If you want to see and  enjoy more beautiful scenery, you can climb to the top of the hil near the beach. White sand looks very pretty next to the blue of the ocean water.


There are three alternative access to reach Sawarna beach. The first track is from Serang to Malimping and then go to Sawarna Bayah. While the second track is from Serang to Rangkas Bitung to Kencana Mountain and Malimping until Bayah. Or the third alternative track from Bogor to Pelabuhan Ratu and then go to Sawarna. The approximately travel time is about 7 to 8 hours from Jakarta City by car.

To reach Sawarna from Jakarta, travelers can go to Karang Hawuh in Pelabuhan Ratu, which can be reach about 6 hours from Jakarta by car and then continue the track from Karang Hawuh to Sawarna with about 2 hours drive. It is a very long track, because we have to go through some steep mountain road and damage winding roads as well.

For information, if you want accommodation or homestay, rate per night ranges start from $7.5 to $15. While car care, charged for $2. To entering Sawarna beach, you must cross a suspension bridge and walk by foot about 1.5 km. The journey to Sawarna is definitely an extraordinary and a tough journey. But then it all paid off, once you see how magnificent and gorgeous Sawarna is.



There are two recommended places that you must visit if you come to Sawarna :

  • Tanjung Layar beach

This beach is a coral and shallow beach. The length from the shoreline through the canyon reef is about 150 meter with the depth is only about 40 cm. It is consists of a lot of little coral wall and two large pieces of coral rock stand bravely like a gate at the top of the beach, which is only separated by a line with the sky.

At a glance, this coral is similar with Phuket in Thailand. Not far from the coral, you can find a quiet and beautiful beaches, where you can enjoy stunning sunset and sunrise. There is an urban legend said that Tanjung Layar is a former of a wreck ship, two large beautiful coral are represented the sail and little coral wall is the side of the ship.

  • Ciantir beach

Unlike the coral beach Tanjung Layar, this beach is a white sand beach with a perfect waves for surf lover. It is approximately 150 kilometers from the Rangkasbitung city, located in the district of Bayah.

This beach offers beautiful scenery and stunning beaches with waves suitable for surfing sports, a lot of tourists coming from foreign countries such as Japan, Australia, and Korea to enjoy surfing at this beach. Ciantir beach is also famous for its cave, Lalay cave is one of it. “Lalay” came from Sunda language which means bat, because a long time ago this cave is a bat nest.

In Sawarna,  you can enjoy caving at Lalay cave, this cave offer beautiful stalactites and stalactnit formed by nature. There is an underground mud river with thickness of 10 to 15 cm in the bottom of this cave.

The total length of the cave is about 1000 meters. Caving is one of the attractive sports that interest nature lovers. Caving itself divided into two types, which is semi and full caving. The differences are in the time, mileage and the equipment to used. Remind yourself to bring a flashlight for it.


Tour to Sawarna, all you need is to prepare your budget starting from $39/pax. The perfect time to visit is in March until December, because the sea is in peaceful condition. Bring your sunscreen, a hat, t-shirts and sunglasses to make you comfortable with the beach weather.

You can also bring your mountain sandals and shoes (for tracking) and your snack. The most important things is the camera or a handycam to make sure you will not miss the wonderful and gorgeous scenery. Be careful for the stream of the south coast sea, it is an extremely strong stream.


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