Located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, this mount is a very unique because it was decorated with 5.250 hectares sea of sand (caldera) at an altitude of 2.392 meters above sea level.

From Cemoro Lawang, one of the entrance to this National park you can see clearly the caldera which is looks very fabulous when the sun light touch it in the morning. You can also ride a horse to climb the stairs of this mountain and see the stunning sunrise. Treat yourself with an extraordinary personal experience when you see how beautiful and magnificent the sunrise is.

via yobain.com
via yobain.com

Bromo  was came from the word of Brahma, one of the Hindu Gods. It is recognize as a famous tourism icon of East Java and it is an active volcano but it is not as dangerous as Mount Merapi. As an active volcano, Mount Bromo eruption has occurred regularly in the last 20 centuries, which is happen every 30 years.

The largest eruption occurred in 1974 and it erupted again in 2010. Unlike the other volcanoes in Indonesia, this mount is not as big as the other, but it has dramatic and spectacular sceneries that make everyone will be amazed.

This mount has a crater with a diameter of about 600 meters that extends from east to west and 800 meters from north to south. Meanwhile, the dangerous area is a circle with a radius of 4 km from the Bromo central carter.

via bromoeastjava.com
via bromoeastjava.com

Beside Mount Bromo, in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, there are several places that can be visited such as Mount Semeru, Mount Tengger, Mount Batok and several lakes. Tourists are come from all over the world to see the sunrise at mount Bromo from the top of Mount Penanjakan at an altitude of 2.770 meters.

The scenery is really amazing and you will hear only the sound of camera shots that capture the moment that will not be found in anywhere else. The beautiful valley was revealed as the sun started to rise, with the smoking Mount Semeru crater (Java’s highest mountain) in the distance. The changing colors as the sun rose were very beautiful, and you can feel how peacefully the morning air was.

via bromoeastjava.com
via bromoeastjava.com

Tengger ethnic group lived in this charismatic Mount, they are part of Javanese ethnic group. They speak an ancient dialect of Javanese language with difference pronunciation and that makes them slightly different from the rest of Javanese. The differences came as a result from a long isolation. Since the fall of Majapahit empire in 13th century, they have been isolated for hundreds of years. They still embrace the religion from Majapahit era, which is Hindu and their ancestors.

Tengger people believed that Mount Bromo is a place where a prince sacrifice his life for his family. That is why, once in a year they held an annual festival called Yadya Kasada or Kosodo to give the offerings as a sacrifice to the Gods. The offerings can be money, vegetables, or chickens, and they do the sacrifice by throw it into the volcano crater.

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via yukiba.com

There is an urban legend behind the name Tengger. Some people said that it was taken from the name of their ancestor -Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. Tengger is a combination of the end of their name. This urban legend is remains for hundreds of years from generation to generation, so sometimes the details vary but the main points remain the same.

To reach Mount Bromo, you can have flight from Juanda International Airport in Surabaya.
From there, you can continue the journey to Mount Bromo with a travel agent or driving a car from Surabaya to Pasuruan, Wonokitri, and then Mount Bromo. This journey spend 2 to 3 hours.

There are three other entrances besides the track above, the first entrance is Cemoro Lawang village, when you are passing through the Probolinggo, the second entrance is Ngadas village when you passing through Malang, and Burno village when passing from Lumajang. All of this pathway can be reached comfortably on four-wheeled vehicles.

Usually these routes or paths used are:

– Pasuruan – Warung Dowo – Tosari – Wonokitri – Mount Bromo, within 71 km.
– Malang – Overlapping – Klakah Shack – Jemplang – Mount Bromo, within 53 km.
– Malang – Purwodadi – Nongkojajar – Tosari – Wonokitri – Penanjakan, within 83 miles.

In order to arrive on time to see the sunrise, you should go with a little calculation of time, or you can stay in one of the hotels in Prigen, Tretes, to make sure you are on the slopes of the crater before sunrise. If you do not use a personal vehicle in Bromo, there are a lot of car rental that offers you an off road car. It is quiet expensive when you traveled alone rather than in a group,

The range of temperatures on Mount Bromo is between 3° – 20° Celsius, however it can be worst with a few degrees below zero during the dry season. Do not forget to bring jacket, gloves, and a hat or other head covering if you do not strong enough with the cold temperature.

If you are forget to bring it, don’t worry because there a lot of the local merchant that offers to loan it. After the sunrise the weather quickly became quite hot. April to November is the recommended time to visit it, because you will have a better chance to see the sunrise.

However, this mount is very crowded by the tourist every three times in a year, which is when the annual festival was held in February, over Christmas, and during Indonesia holiday season in July and August, so make sure to plan your visit for another time if you don’t like crowds.


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