Bangka Island is famous for many things; tin mining, acculturated cultures, wonderful beaches such as Pasir Padi Beach. Traveling to this island, it would not feel right if you have not visited at least one of so many beautiful beaches. One of the most beautiful beaches that are worth visiting is Parai Tenggiri Beach. It is located at Sinar Jaya Village, Sungailiat, Bangka Island.

Parai Tenggiri Beach (Source: Flickr. Credit: Halim Susanto)
Parai Tenggiri Beach
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Halim Susanto)


How to Get There

Sungailiat is most easily accessed from Pangkalpinang city. Depati Amir Airport of Pangkalpinang serves many kinds of airlines with many routes, but all of them are domestic flights. If you are from other country, you might need to get a transferred flight.

From the airport in Pangkalpinang, the easiest choice of transportation to reach Parai Tenggiri Beach is by renting a car with a driver. This service is much available at the airport with ranging rates, starting from $19 per day. The trip will take you only 45 minutes from Pangkalpinang to Parai Tenggiri Beach at Sungailiat. Besides renting a car, you can also chartered one with rates about $7.5 to $11, depending on how you bargain with the driver.

Other choice is by using public transportation. You can use a public car called “Colt” from Pangkalpinang to Sungailiat. The cost is only $0.6. From Sungailiat stop, you can get to the beach by using the service of motorcycled pedicab. It will cost you about $1.5 to $2.25.


Where to Stay

The closest accommodation from the beach is the exclusive resort called Parai Resort and Spa. The resort is also the official company that manages the Parai Tenggiri Beach. This four-star accommodation offers a luxury stay with complete facilities and private beach.

The resort has a restaurant, bar and grill, café, swimming pool, leisure, outbound facility, and many equipment for water activities you can do on their private beach. For further information and reservation, you can contact:

  • Parai Resort and Spa
    • Phone : +62 717 94888
    • Fax : +62 717 94000
    • Email :
    • Website :
The Swimming Pool at Parai Resort and Spa (Source: Flickr. Credit: Nurul Evani Huda)
The Swimming Pool at Parai Resort and Spa
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Nurul Evani Huda) 

Because it is located at the beach and is also the management, the rates of this resort might be very high. If you need other choices of exclusive accommodation with lower rates, three star hotels are also available around Sungailiat. Some of them are:

  • Hotel Tanjung Pesona Beach Resort
    • Location : Jalan Pantai Rebo, Sungailiat, Bangka
    • Phone : +62 717 435560, +62 717 435562
    • Fax : +62 717 435561
    • Cellphone : +62 812 7123 5999


For backpackers, you can also find several choices of budget hotels and inns around the area. Some of those are:

  • Hotel Citra
    • Location : Jalan Jendral Sudirman, Sungailiat, Bangka
    • Phone : +62 717 924949, +62 717 93313
  • Hotel Tri Mustika
    • Location : Jalan Ahmad Yani 2B, Sungailiat, Bangka
    • Phone : +62 717 92731
  • Wisma Flamboyant
    • Location : Jalan Sam Ratulangi 7, Sungailiat, Bangka
    • Phone : +62 717 92076


The Beach

Parai Tenggiri is probably the most expensive beach in Bangka Island. While most beaches are free of charge to enter the area, Pasir Tenggiri Beach demands you pay $3.75 per person for the entrance fee.  This is because the beach is managed by private company, instead of governmental companies like the other beaches. But the price is really worth it as Parai Tenggiri is the most beautiful beach in Bangka Island. The environment of this beach is clean and still natural. Besides that, the entrance fee also includes a welcome drink of your choices.

The unique characteristic of this beach is the huge granite rocks with unique shapes scattered around the shoreline. These rocks block and break the wave coming from sea, which is very pleasant to see. This phenomenon is kind of rare and is not available at other beaches in Bangka. That is what makes this particular beach more special than the others.

Granite Rocks by the Beach (Source: Flickr. Credit: Dondo4253)
Granite Rocks by the Beach
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Dondo4253)

The beach is covered with soft cream sand with trees around it. The contour slope is slight so it would be very comfortable to run along the beach or do many kinds of activity. The sea water is crystal turquoise which is gleaming when the sun ray hits it. Because of its fascinating nature, the area of Parai Tenggiri Beach is now classified as green tourism area, or is called Parai Green Resort.



There are many kinds of activity that you can do at this wonderful beach. Simple as ever, you can walk around the beach to enjoy the nature in peace and quietness. The beach is overlooking the vast Southern Chinese Sea so far to the horizon.

By the end of the day, an incredible view of sunset would conclude your day in this beach. If you wish to explore more of this beach, you can rent a traditional fishermen boat and sail around the beach.

If you come along with friends or family, then you might also want to do some water sports. The management has prepared some fun activities for the tourists to do such as banana boats, jet skis, and parasailing.

If you like swimming, you can also swim in the sea if the weather is nice. If the weather is not safe enough for you to swim in the sea, you can still swim on a swimming pool which is located right by the sea. It is much safer but it feels no much different.

Diving and snorkeling are also the activities possible to do around Parai Tenggiri Beach as there would be plenty of corals and fishes underneath the water. Any equipment and professional instructor for all those activities are available from the management. The management also offers a rental of glass bottom boat so you could enjoy the underwater panorama if Parai Tenggiri Beach without really dip yourself on the water.

Not far from the beach, there is a mini island called Rock Island. This mini island is still a part of tourism area of Parai Tenggiri Beach. To reach this place, there is a small romantic bridge that connects the beach to the island.

Bridge to Rock Island (Source: Flickr. Credit: Ari Kusuma)
Bridge to Rock Island
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Ari Kusuma)


To Eat

Spending the whole day at the beach with many activities done, you would indeed feel hungry and crave for delicious meal. In Parai Tenggiri Beach, you have plenty of choices about what to eat. If you want the cheap ones, there are several humble food stands lining on the beach area.

Most of them are selling traditional Indonesian food or special Bangka cuisines. Parai Resot and Spa also has restaurant, bar and grill, and a café with plenty choices of menu. But if you want your dine to be very special, you can just visit the mini Rock Island where there is a luxury restaurant floating on it. The restaurant offers you an incredible natural view of the island and the sea.


Parai Tenggiri Beach is surely the most expensive beach to enter in Bangka Island. But the fact says that it is also the most beautiful. With such wonderful formation of nature, nobody would ever deny the beauty of this beach. The beach also allows you to do lots of activities to maximize your experience in this exotic area. That is why you should put this beach as your tourism destination in Bangka Island.