Welcome to my thread guys. This time, I will discuss about the hot water Ciater that are well known to all over the country. Have you ever been there?

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Want to try new nature tourist site? Ciater hot spring or Sari Ater might be an option for you and your family. At Ciater there are some points of hot springs originating from the active crater of Mount Tangkuban Perahu in the form of wading pools and rooms with natural design and natural charm of the beautiful mountains. The area is about 30 hectares surrounded by tea gardens of lush and green. Although the air is quite cool, the hot spring water capable of providing warmth for tourists.

Historically, around the 1960’s, it was a forest and cleared for settlements which later on named Ciater. Ciater tourist site name came from the word Air Ater meaning gushing water. People around the area told me that there was a legend about this place. It was said that long time ago there were an old holy woman named Embah Tajimalela.

At that time, the village where Embah Tajimalela lived was suffering water shortages. She tried to find a way to get water by cutting a large tree called Ater. Of the tree turned out water of rapid and warm. Until now the water is believed by surrounded people to have efficacy for treating some diseases especially skin diseases.

This tourist site, located in the city of Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, offers natural beauty of mountain and unique hot springs. The exact location are in Subang Regency at Jl. Raya Ciater Subang, 41281 with coordinates 6 ° 44.271 ‘S 107 ° 39.162’ E. To be able to reach the location of these attractions, tourists can use cars, rent a tour bus, or public bus.

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If you want to use public bus, you can take a bus from the Ledeng terminal in Bandung heading to Lembang. Arriving Lembang, you could change bus then riding public transit heading to Subang. Distance between Subang to Lembang approximately 32 km which take time about 40 minutes.

Arriving at Subang you should get off the bus at the Jalan Cagak Kampung, Ciater. If you depart from Jakarta City, to get to Ciater you go through Puncak route with distance about 212 kilometres. For an alternative route, you can go through Cikampek – Jakarta route with the distance 185 kilometres.
Most tourists come to Ciater to relax by soaking in the pool that is specifically made for warm water baths. Besides spring water, there are a spa, horse riding, rafting area, mini golf, fishing pond, outbound area, sports arena, camp site, swimming pool and children playground. There are other facilities such as hotels, restaurants, mosques, parking lot, shopping areas and there is also a very useful information centre for foreign tourists.

To enter the area you will be charged $1 / person. To enter special bathing pools or bathrooms you are charged $6 / person. However, the regular bathing pool cost $1.5 – $4. Those are personal rates in January-February 2013. However, if you want to know the rates for groups you can directly call (0260) 471700, 471 800, 471 900 or send an email to marketing@sariater-hotel.com.

I also would recommend a couple places in Ciater. These places are quite memorable for me. The most famous site is the bathing pool that you should not miss it.

Ciater / Sari Ater Hot Spring Resort

Bathing pools on the slopes of Mount Tangkuban Perahu is made into a complex of indoor pools and outdoor baths that are designed uniquely and naturally. Tourists are free to choose to bath in any pools. However, the most recommended pool is the outdoor or open pool.

Why? It is because you can bath in the pool while enjoying the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Cool atmosphere offer its own pleasure while bathing in the warm water pool. Another beautiful scene is to see the arising of the steam from the warm waterfall that fell in the pool.

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via strivetoengage.wordpress.com

Based on a recent research, Ciater water contains sulphur, minerals, calcium, magnesium, chloride and thermo. Acid level is quite high, with a pH of 2.45. The water that flow to the pool has temperature around 37-42 degrees Celsius.

Therefore, the water in Ciater is believed to cure various diseases especially skin diseases. Even a nobleman from Netherlands named Hack Bessel also had conducted research on water in Ciater. He confirmed that the natural hot water of Ciater is indeed efficacious.


Ciater Spa Resort

Spa is provided to help visitors to relax as well as treat diseases. It provides a modern treatment facility and combines the hot springs with very sophisticated equipment. The spa is handled by medical experts and therapists who are capable in their field, so no need to worry when you want to restore your health and have fitness at this spa.

Visiting this place can make you relax and healthy and also become beautiful because there is also beauty treatments clinic. In Ciater Spa, there are 45 bungalows with rooms of Family Suite, Deluxe Flats, Pine Hills Suites, Pine Hills Deluxe, Superior, and President Suites. All rooms are equipped with their own bathroom with water come directly from a natural hot spring.

Ciater Spa also offers 3 meeting rooms, restaurant with various menus, two wading pools of natural hot springs and 6 wading rooms. Ciater spa is ready to serve 24 hours. Admission rate of Ciater Spa Resort area is $0.7. While the rates of rooms start from $75 to $375.

Rates of beauty spa are starting from $4 to $60. Rates of wellness and Medical spa treatment are around $11 to $30. Diseases that can be treated in medical spa treatments are rheumatic, pains in the bones, muscle pain, stroke, spinal cord injury, muscle tension, arthritis and such.


Those areas are included in my recommendation. And before you go home, do not forget to buy souvenirs. Typical souvenirs of Ciater are pineapple. While Ciater typical cuisine are rabbit satay and stew. Ciater is a beautiful place and perfect for spending time with family or friends. This area also has a wide collection of tourist sites that should not be missed.


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