Jakarta is the largest, busiest, and most populous city in Indonesia. The city is the main destination for business as there are many offices and business center buildings in Jakarta. But besides that, the city also has many kinds of attractions to explore.

You could say the city has any kinds of tourism adventure that everybody is looking for. On the previous article, we have explained about two of them. Those were modern entertainment and shopping experience. Now at this article, we would explain more about other types of attractions that you can get in Jakarta. Here we go:

3. Spa, Wellness Treatment, and Salon

Spending one day in Jakarta could be really tiring. Plus, with the pollution on the air during the road, your skin might get dull. To let go of those problems, it would be very nice to have a day spa and complete package of wellness treatments. In Jakarta, there are many spa centers that come in different services, facilities, choices of treatments, and of course, price. Some spas even have their unique feature for their customers.

If you want a luxurious treatment with full relaxation, you can try Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spa or Sariayu Martha Tilaar Spa. If you want unique experience, you can try Kenko Fish Spa where a school of small Garra Ruffa fishes from Turkey would eat up your dead skin cells. For Moslem women, you can visit Moz5 Salon and Spa or Azzahra.

Foot Massage at the Spa (Source: Flickr. Credit: Lenard Po)
Foot Massage at the Spa
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Lenard Po)

After getting your body treated, the next thing right to do is going to the salon. Get a new hairstyle to refresh your look. Just like spa centers, hair salons in Jakarta are also available with various ranges of prices. Some spa centers also include salon treatment on their menu so chances you don’t need to find other place to get your hair or make up done.


4. Recreational Parks

If you have a vacation in Jakarta with family, then recreational parks could be the most perfect choice of destinations. The city has several parks with different themes. Let us say Ancol Dreamland (Taman Impian Jaya Ancol), the biggest recreational park in Indonesia. Inside the area, there is Dunia Fantasy Carnival Land, Atlantis Water Adventure, SeaWorld Oceanarium, Ocean Eco Park, and many other theme parks.

Atlantis Water Adventure (Source: Flickr. Credit: Satya Witoelar)
Atlantis Water Adventure
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Satya Witoelar)

For kids, there are plenty of kiddy recreational park where kids can play and learn at the same time. Those are Kidzania, Phinisi Edutainment Park, Castle of Indonesian Children, and much more. Other theme parks in Jakarta are Ragunan Zoo, Planetarium (where you can observe and learn much about outer space), Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park), Water Boom Lippo Cikarang, Snowbay Waterpark, and much more.


5. Historical Objects

Besides all the gleaming lights of modern life in Jakarta, the city also keeps strong historical values that are represented to several tourism objects in Jakarta. The main historical background of Jakarta centers on its role as the capital city in Indonesia since the Dutch colonialism era about more than 200 years before the Independence of Indonesia. Some acts of struggle to reach that Independence also happened in Jakarta.

The biggest and also the most popular historical tourism object in Jakarta is the region of Kota Tua Jakarta (Old Town Batavia). It is a region that once was the Dutch governmental centers during the colonialism era in Indonesia. This region is filled with old building remains from that era. It becomes a contrast with modern buildings in the city of Jakarta. Some of the buildings are still used for other functions.

Old Town Batavia (Source: Flickr. Credit: Wihinggil PraYogi)
Old Town Batavia
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Wihinggil PraYogi)

You can also visit National Monument, a landmark of Jakarta which represents the Independence of Indonesia. The place has a wide park for people to enjoy as well as an underground museum that showcase the history of Indonesia. Other historical objects to visit on Jakarta are National Museum, Sunda Kelapa Port, Onrust Island, Proclamation Museum, and many other museums.


6. Cultural Tourism

Despite the modern life, Jakarta also has interesting cultures to explore. The cultures that are strongly rooted in Jakarta are the culture of Betawi ethnicity and the culture of Chinese descendant ethnicity.

For the Betawi culture, you can explore in Setu Babakan Village. The village is located in front of an artificial lake (folk language: setu). A local guide would explain to tourists about the culture of Betawi while taking you to walk around the village.

Not very far from the setu, you will see a performance stage. Every once in a while, the stage is used for performing traditional Betawi arts such as Tanjidor musical performance, Lenong (Betawi theatrical humor), Lenggang Nyai Dance, and much more. At this village, you can also taste several traditional Betawi cuisines.

Andong; Traditional Horse Cart (Source: Satya Witoelar)
Andong; Traditional Horse Cart
(Source: Satya Witoelar)

As for the Chinese culture, you can visit the area of Glodok, the Chinatown of Jakarta. The region is dominated by Chinese descents. They have been living there since the Dutch colonialism era. Going around the region, you will notice that almost every building in this region is built with Chinese architecture and feng shui. The region also has many shops and food stands.


7. Nature’s Beauty

Some people might think that with that Jakarta is such a crowded place filled with high rise buildings and there is no space for enjoying the nature. Now that is completely wrong. On the northern side of Jakarta, there is an archipelago called Seribu Islands (Kepulauan Seribu). This place is one of the best and the most popular tourism destination in Jakarta.

At Seribu Islands, you can explore many beautiful small islands, exotic beaches, and wonderful ocean around it. You can also do many water activities such as snorkeling, swimming, banana boats, and much more. The islands also have plenty choices of accommodations; from budget inns to exclusive resorts. You can also taste several traditional culinary of Seribu Islands. To reach Kepulauan Seribu, you can take a boat ride from Marina Port.

A Beach in Seribu Islands (Source: Flickr. Credit: yemaria)
A Beach in Seribu Islands
(Source: Flickr. Credit: yemaria)

8. Culinary Tourism

As for the culinary, Jakarta has everything your tongue could ever wish. The city has a wide range of culinary variations. You can explore the unique taste of local Betawi culinary such as Kerak Telor, Gado-Gado, Selendang Mayang Ice, and much more. Those are available in many street stalls, culinary centers, or around tourism objects such as Old Town Batavia or Setu Babakan.

Kerak Telor Stall (Source: Flickr. Credit: Satya Witoelar)
Kerak Telor Stall
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Satya Witoelar)

On the contrary, Jakarta also has plenty restaurants that serve cuisines from anywhere in the world. Either it is local Indonesian cuisine, Indian, Italian, or even vegetarian cuisine; you will always find a restaurant that could satisfy your appetite. There are also several culinary centers and food courts where you can find wide variety of foods in one place.


If you think that those tourism objects are not enough, you need to know that Jakarta also has plenty events and exhibitions to enhance the tourism. Shopping events, art events, cultural events, and even culinary events, everything is available from time to time.

From this long explanation about Jakarta tourism and attraction, we could conclude that Jakarta will never be boring to explore. So next time you have the chance to visit Jakarta, make sure to explore its attraction to the fullest.