As you might have known, Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is also the largest, the busiest, and the most populous city in the country. Being that, Jakarta indeed is filled with many facilities for many kinds of activities. That what makes this city became the most populous and the busiest city in Indonesia. With all that business, the people of Jakarta, both occupants and visitors, indeed requires entertaining facilities to help them relax and let go of all the stress.

Some people think that Jakarta is boring and crowded that everything in Jakarta is all about business. But actually, if you go around this large city, it wouldn’t be so hard to find many kinds of interesting attractions or activities. You could even say that the city has almost any kinds of enjoyment you wish to get.

From relaxation spa to historical exploration, from flea market to luxurious shopping mall, from nature exoticism to modern cinema, there is nothing that is impossible to find. At this article, we would like to show you every interesting thing you could explore in Jakarta.

The Skyline of Jakarta (Source: Flickr. Credit: The Diary of a Hotel Addict)
The Skyline of Jakarta
(Source: Flickr. Credit: The Diary of a Hotel Addict)

Getting to Jakarta

Jakarta is one of the busiest cities in the world. That means the mobility is high as well. To accommodate that, any kinds of transportations are made available at the city. For air transportation, the city has three airports and one airstrip. The main airport is Soekarno Hatta International Airport in Cengkareng district.

If you are from other country, you can reach Jakarta by getting a flight to this airport. The flights are available from and to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, France, Uni Emirat Arab, Qatar, Yemen, and several other countries in the world. This airport also serves domestic flights from a lot of cities in Indonesia.

There is then Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport. This airport serves low-cost domestic flights, hajj flights, VVIP flights, and family flights. If you are using private plane, you need to manage your landing permit on this airport. If you come to the city with chartered flights, there is a chance that you will land on Pondok Cabe airport that is also used for military aviation activities. On Seribu Archipelago, there is an airstrip to accommodate tourism chartered flights to the archipelago.

Other mode of transportation is via water. On Tanjung Priok Port, you can find many ferries to travel passengers to many other ports in Indonesia. This port is the largest seaport in Java Island. Other port is Muara Angke Port that accommodates public ferries and boats to Seribu Archipelago. Andthen, there is also Marina Ancol Port that accommodates tourism ships.

For land transportation, if you are already in Java Island, you can reach this city using trains or public bus. Long-distance railways have made it possible for you to get a train ride from and to Surabaya, Semarang, Yogyakarta, and many other towns in Java Island. Public buses are also available with the route of almost any towns in Java Island.

Approacing Jakarta (Source: Flickr. Credit: VirtuaTravelR)
Approacing Jakarta
(Source: Flickr. Credit: VirtuaTravelR)

Travelling Around

It is not difficult to go from one place to other in Jakarta city as the city has many roads and public transportations. The main road structure of Jakarta consists of inner ring road, outer ring road, and five major toll roads radiating outwards.

Besides that, plenty other toll roads and regular roads are also connecting one area to other ones in Jakarta. At several artery roads, there is a law that prohibits a car with less than three passengers to pass by during weekdays. This is the attempt to reduce traffic jam in Jakarta.

Going around the city Jakarta is easy with public transportation. KRL (electrified rail train) is available around Jabodetabek. There are six routes of train to travel around the city. The ticket fare is only $0.1 for the five first stations and other $0.05 for each additional station. You would also need to pay a deposit fee for $0.4 but it will be given back to you once you take off of the train on your station destination.

Other popular public transportation is TransJakarta bus. This mode of transportation is very convenient to use as the shelters are available at almost any points in Jakarta. It is also free from traffic jam as it has its own roadway that is prohibited from other vehicles. The rate is also very cheap. During busy hours, you need to pay for $0.2 flat. You don’t need to pay more even if you change your destination or have several transits at other shelters. On non-busy hours, the ticket fare will get lower to $0.1 per person.

Transjakarta Bus and Shelter (Source: Flickr. Credit: Yusuf KS’ Photography)
Transjakarta Bus and Shelter
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Yusuf KS’ Photography)

Jakarta also has several other public bus and minivans such as Kopaja, Metro Mini, and Mikrolet. You can also go around the city using taxi, bajaj (auto rickshaw), or ojek (motor taxi).


The Attractions

Now that you know how to go to Jakarta and how to travel around the city, we would like to explain what are there in Jakarta for you to explore and enjoy. As we have stated above, the city has complete variations of attractions that you can enjoy the whole day and night. Here are those:

1. Modern Entertainments

Big cities always have a series of modern entertainments. In Jakarta, you could easily find those kinds of things such as karaoke place, bars, and cinema. Each one has different features and rates. For example, the cheapest cinema is available for only $2 per person. Meanwhile, an exclusive one could cost $7.5 or above. The most popular and the most common cinemas to be found in Jakarta are Cinema XXI, Premiere XII, and Blitz Megaplex. Those cinemas are mostly available at the mall.

If you like night clubs, Jakarta also has plenty of bars to party every night with loud music and beers. Some of the most happening night clubs in Jakarta are Empirica, Lable, Exodus, Colosseum, New Stingray Club, X2 Club Jakarta, Barcode, Stadium Discotheque, and much more.

Jakarta at Night (Source: Flickr. Credit: Elita Supargo)
Jakarta at Night
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Elita Supargo)

Karaoke is also a popular choice of entertainment in Jakarta. There are many kinds of karaoke place in Jakarta. Family karaoke doesn’t serve alcoholic beverages so it is safe to bring your children along to sing along. Exclusive karaoke would cost you more as the facilities and services are higher.


2. Shopping Experience

For ladies, shopping is the most interesting thing to do in a big city. In Jakarta, you could shop till you drop. Shopping malls are available at every corner in Jakarta. Sometimes there are even three to five shopping malls standing on the same road or area. Each mall has different brand class and range of price.

If you like luxurious brand that is already popular around the world, you could visit Senayan City, Plaza Senayan, or Plaza Indonesia where the tenants are dominated with world-class exclusive brands. If you want wide choices of tenants, you can visit one of the biggest malls in Indonesia such as Mall Taman Anggrek, Mall Artha Gading, Grand Indonesia, or Kota Kasablanka.

On the other hand, if you don’t like spending too much money on the things you buy, Jakarta is still the most perfect city for you. In Jakarta, there are also several shopping centers where you can get the best products in incredibly low costs. For textile and clothes, you can go to Tanah Abang Market, Mester Market Jatinegara, Pusat Grosir Cililitan, and Senen Market. Those markets are so wide that is impossible to explore the entire area in a day. Be careful while visiting these markets as there are many pickpockets.

Tanah Abang Market (Source: Flickr. Credit: Yassir Machmudi)
Tanah Abang Market
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Yassir Machmudi)

If you like souvenirs and accessories, you can hunt any variety of goods in Asemka Market where everything is cheap. On Surabaya Street and Ular Market, you can find many ceramics from other countries as well as many kinds of antique goods. Have a good bargaining for getting good prices. Don’t forget to compare the prices from one tenant to another to examine the price.


Please continue reading to our next article to find other wonderful attractions in the Special Capital Region of Jakarta, the biggest city in Indonesia.


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