Discovering Indonesia in One-Go at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah – Part 1

Discovering Indonesia in One-Go at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah – Part 2


One day is not going to be enough to explore the entire area of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah as the venues are just too various and too interesting to be missed. You will never get bored to explore each one of the venues.

On the two previous articles, we have already talked about the transportation, accomodation and plenty wondeful venues such as miniatures of Indonesia, religious buildings, science and technology display center, recreational facilities, unique theaters, and the venues of flora and faunas. Today, on the last articles, we will talk about the remaining venues that are as amazing as the ones we have discussed before. Let us not waste another time and check out the article below.



Museums are always nice to visit. Seeing the collections of a certain topic and gain lots of information about it is such a fun way to learn. In Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, there are 15 museums to explore. Each one of them has their own topic to present. Those are:

  • Museum of Indonesia

Museum of Indonesia represents the history of anthropology and ethnology in Indonesia. The building design was adapted with Balinese architecture. Around the main building, you will see several sculptures along with each of its name and description. Reliefs are also decorating the wall, enhancing the exquisite Balinese architecture.

The museum has three zones of display which is located on each floor. First floor is “Bhinekka Tunggal Ika” which displays traditional clothes of each province in Indonesia. Second floor is “Human and Environment” which displays miniatures of traditional houses, living equipments such as hunting tools and cooking utensils, and several diorama that represents the life circle rites. Last, third foor is “Arts and Crafts” which displays many collections of traditional crafts and art products such as textile, sclupture, metal crafts, and wooden carvings

  • Museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi

Museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi is a museum that showcases souvenirs related to the history of Indonesia after Independence Day. It is also known as Museum Tumpeng because the building has forms similar to Nasi Tumpeng, a mountain of yellow rice traditionally from Indonesia which is usually used for celebration or ceremonies. The form was adapted from Nasi Tumpeng to show grattitude and happiness for earning the Independence after years of struggling.

Museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi (Source: Flickr. Credit: rakyan ‘boyan’ tantular)
Museum Purna Bhakti Pertiwi
(Source: Flickr. Credit: rakyan ‘boyan’ tantular)
  • Museum Pusaka
  • Museum Asmat

Asmat is a primitive tribe in Papua Island, Indonesia. The tribe is famous for producing wonderful wooden sculpture with high artistic and cultural values which are very favored in international market. The artistic products of Asmat are displayed on the Museum Asmat in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. The building is eye-catching with unique traditional Papua architecture.

Museum Asmat (Source: Flickr. Credit: Staysya Dinka)
Museum Asmat
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Staysya Dinka)
  • Museum Komodo dan Taman Reptil

Komodo is a giant reptile which was the last species of Dinosaur that still survive until today. Naturally, komodo only can be found on Komodo Island, Indonesia. But in Museum Komodo, you can see …..

  • Museum Timor Timur (bekas Anjungan Timor Timur)

The province of Timor Timur was used to be a part of Indonesia. TMII even has a venue of it, along with other provinces in Indonesia. But in 1998, the province had referendum and now is no longer a part of Indonesia. The venue which used to be Timor Timur Venue is now a museum.


Other museums available on Taman Mini Indonesia Indah are Museum Serangga (Insects Museum), Museum Minyak dan Gas Bumi (Museum of Oil and Earth Gas), Museum Olahraga, Museum Penerangan, Museum Telekomunikasi, Museum of Electrical and New Energy, Museum Transportasi, Museum Perangko, Museum Keprajuritan Indonesia,


Attractive Parks

Venue is not always a building. Sometimes, the venue is a small park with unique theme. Like on the area of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, you will see several unique theme parks such as:

  • Taman Budaya Tionghoa (Chinese Culture Park)

From its name, you could have wondered what this park is about. In Indonesia, there are many Chinese descendants . Their ancestors migrated to Indonesia during the era of Chinese revolution. after the migration, they felt comfortable in the country and decided to settle permanently. Even so, they never forget their culture. Discovering the chinese culture is very unique and interesting. So visiting this theme park is not going to be such a waste.

The Gate of Taman Budaya Tionghoa (Source: Flickr. Credit: fitriahandayani)
The Gate of Taman Budaya Tionghoa
(Source: Flickr. Credit: fitriahandayani)
  • Danau Miniatur Kepulauan Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago country. It consists of morethan 13,000 islands. Being a miniature park of Indonesia, TMII also has a miniature of Indonesian archipelago located in the middle of a lake. This wide artificial lake is located in the center of TMII area and being the vocal point of it. Although the islands on the miniature is much less than the real ones, it is pretty much similar. To enjoy this lake, you can ride a duckling boat around the lake or ride a cable car above it.


To Eat and Drink

Going around this wide park is impossible without eating or drinking something. And of course, there are plenty choices of foods and drinks you may find on this vase theme park. Here are some examples:

  • Simple Stands and Stalls

Thorough the area of Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, you will find many small stands and stalls along the way. The menus are various. They usually write down the menu on the stands’ façade so you would know what they have to offer without getting in the stands first. Most of them are selling traditional Indonesian culinary. These humbles vendors are selling foods and beverages on affordable prices.

  • Pasar Tiban Foodcourt

If you have not found the stands that sell the menus you are interested at, try coming to Pasar Tiban Foodcourt. This foodcourt occupies plenty of stands and stalls, similar with the ones you see along the way. It is just easier for you to browse and choose which menu you wish to try because all the stands are lining up neatly in one area. No need to go all the way around.

  • Puri Caping Gunung Restaurant

If you wish for a fancy dining, then Puri Caping Gunung might be your best place to eat. It is located nearby the venue of Nusa Tenggara. The restaurant looks stunning with cylindrical structure, glass walls, and pointy roof. This architectural approach results in an ecological building with beautiful views to see.

The restaurant also has a convention hall, performing stage, and supporting rooms. The parking site is also wide. Therefore, you can use this place for many events such as wedding, family gathering, or office meeting.

Puri Caping Gunung Restaurant (Source: Credit: apppindo)
Puri Caping Gunung Restaurant
(Source: Credit: apppindo) 
  • Pondok Pecel Madiun Restaurant

Other restaurant available on Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is Pondok Pecel Madiun. The design of Pondok Pecel Madiun was adapted from Javanese traditional architecture. You will feel the ethnical ambience since you step on the entrance by the music playing on the background. Most of menus are traditional Javanese cuisine such as Ayam Penyet (smashed chicken), Rawon Probolinggo, Gulai Tengkleng, etc.


Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is such a perfect place to visit as family vacation, school field trip, or even group gathering. Not only it is best for recreational purpose, the park also has various attractions with high values on culture and educations.

Understanding the entire Indonesia is also made easy by only visiting this park. To those facts, it is fair to say that Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a complete tourism object.


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