Discovering Indonesia in One-Go at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah – Part 1


Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is a recreational theme park which is intended to display the culture of Indonesia in Jakarta. Even so, this vast park does not only provides venues about culture, but also many other attractive objects to visit.

On the previous article, we have talked about the transportation and accommodation for visiting this park. We also have already talked about the cultural venue, religious venue, and also the venue of science and technology. Now, let us continue talking about other attractions to explore in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah.

Pusat Peragaan IPTEK

Besides cultures, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah also accommodates science and technology. Pusat Peragaan IPTEK (Science and Technology Display Center) is like a museum that displays many simulation tools about science and technology. This venue allows children to learn and play at the same time about science and technology.

There are more than 300 simulation tools for many branches of science and technology including robotic, mathematic, electric, magnetic, and much more. There is also a library with various collections of books and cozy reading space. There is also a mini theater to play documentaries. To enter this facility, you need to pay about $1.2 for the entrance ticket.

Kids Learn How to Make Nitrogen Rocket at Pusat Peraga IPTEK (Source: Flickr. Credit: tehkici)
Kids Learn How to Make Nitrogen Rocket at Pusat Peraga IPTEK
(Source: Flickr. Credit: tehkici)

Recreational Facility

A family recreational park is not complete without children’s playground. To that, Taman Mini Indonesia Indah provides two venues that are addressed for children’s ultimate entertainment. Those venues are Istana Anak-Anak and Snowbay Waterpark.

  • Istana Anak-Anak

Istana Anak-Anak, also known as Children Castle, is a playing facility for children. The building really looks like a castle from fairy tales. At the plaza of the castle, there is an outdoor playground where kids can play House of Balls, Ferris Wheel, Merry Go Round, and much more.

If you come inside this castle, your kids will find many intersting things such as various traditional toys of Indonesia from every regions, various musical instruments playable for children, and many practical toys. At the backyard of the castle, there is an artificial waterfall and Sendang Sejodo swimming pool. Kids may also get a mini train ride from Kereta Kelinci that will take them go around the castle.

This venue is a real heaven on earth for children. The entrance ticket is totally affordable with only $0.8 per person. To enjoy the rides, here are the pricelists:

  • Kereta Kelinci : $0.8
  • House of Balls : $0.4
  • Swimming Pool : $1.2
  • Bumper Car : $0.8
  • Airplane Ride : $0.4
  • Monorail : $0.4
  • Merry Go Round : $0.4
  • Ferris Wheel : $0.4
  • Kiddy Boat : $0.4
Istana Anak-Anak as Seen From A Cable Car (Source: Flickr. Credit: wisata loka)
Istana Anak-Anak as Seen From A Cable Car
(Source: Flickr. Credit: wisata loka)
  • Snowbay Waterpark

Other fun place to play is Snowbay Waterpark. Not only great for the kids, this venue is also favorites amongst adults, especially if you love swimming or playing on the water. The venue was beautifully designed using the concept of a snow mountain in the background. The pools look like bays on the mountain feet.

Many kinds of pools are provided to accomodates everybody; tots pool, kiddy pool, play pool, and general pool. There are also many kinds of water games at this venues. The most favorite ones are Typhoon River and Cool Running. Typhoon River is when you slide down a river through an underground cave. Cool Running is when you slide down the artifical ice mountain. Other water games are hurricanes, seawave, flush bowl, etc.

Snowbay Waterpark has complete supporting facilities such as cafeteria, foodcourt, gazebo, safe locker, souvenir shop, equipment rental center, musholla, etc. There are also spa and jacuzzi facility which is perfect for relaxing while your kids are exploring the waterpark. Ticket price to enter Snwbay Waterpark is $9 during weekdays and $11 during weekends.

Snowbay Waterpark (Source: Flickr. Credit: Muzammil Akhmad)
Snowbay Waterpark
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Muzammil Akhmad)


If exploring the castle and waterpark is still ot enough for you, then visiting theater in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah might finish the goal. It is not just a common theater that you may encounter on the city. At this wonderful park, there are two unique theater which you would not find in the city. Those are:

  • Theater 4D

Theater 4D is an updated venue of Theater 3D. The theater used to play movies and documentaries in 3D Motion, but now that technology have developed, it now plays the movies and documentaries in 4D Motion Technology.

The most favorite movie is Tree Robo, a story about the technology to built a robot using solar energy which makes the world a better place. At the backyard of the theater, there is an outbound adventure facility where you can play in teams. Entrance ticket is $1.5 during weekdays and $2 during weekends.

  • Theater IMAX Keong Mas

Theater IMAX Keong Mas is an advanced theater which is able to play movies using the IMAX DMR revolutionary technology. The system may upgrade the movie’s quality to make it looks much better. The movies played on this theater change regularly just like common cinema in the city. This way, visitors would not get bored for visiting the theater for over and over again.

Keong Mas literally means “Golden Shell” which was taken from a folk story of Indonesia. As named, the building has the shape similar to a giant golden shell. Ticket price to see a movie at this awesome theater is $2.2 for standard seat and $3.75 for VIP/Balcony seat.

A Kid is Posing with Theater IMAX Keong Mas in the Background (Source: Flickr. Credit: ratna’s beautiful memories)
A Kid is Posing with Theater IMAX Keong Mas in the Background
(Source: Flickr. Credit: ratna’s beautiful memories)

Flora and Faunas

In Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, there are also several venues intended to introduce the diverse floras and faunas in Indonesia. Some of the most visited venues are:

  • Taman Burung or Aviary

The Aviary of TMII consists of nine huge glass domes with different sizes. It is where there are thousands of birds live. With more than 300 species of birds on the venue, this aviary is considered as the most complete aviary in Indonesia.

The birds are grouped and put according to their habitat. The groups are then arranged based on the Wallace Line. This way, it is much easier to find the specific birds you wish to see. To enter this magnificent aviary, you need to spend $1.5 on the entrance ticket.

Magnificent Peacock on The Aviary of TMII (Source: Flickr. Credit: a r n i s)
Magnificent Peacock on The Aviary of TMII
(Source: Flickr. Credit: a r n i s)
  • Fresh Water Aquarium Park

Taman Akuarium Air Tawar (Fresh Water Aquarium Park) is a venue where you can see various species of fresh water floras and faunas. This aquarium park is known as the biggest and the most complete fresh water aquarium in South-East Asia.

In total, there are about 6,000 creatures from 126 different species from around the world live on this amazing aquarium including water floras, reptiles, crustaceaes, and fishes. The park also has library, auditorium, reptiles corner, carp tunnel, and a carantine facility for research and reservation projects. The entrance ticket for this wonderful aquarium costs $2 per person.

  • Flower Garden of Keong Mas

Flower garden of Keong Mas is located right nearby the Theater IMAX Keong Mas. From this beautiful garden, you will see the building of Keong Mas Theater in the background. This view will look even more magnificent during sunset as the sun goes down behind the majestic building.

Numerous flowers from many species scatered neatly at this vast garden, providing more cheerful aura on the atmosphere. This garden is available for rent for special events such as family gathering, music shows, parties, and more.

There are still other venues about flora and fauna in this beautiful theme park such as Cactus Garden, Bekisar Chicken Garden, Butterfly Garden, Orchid Garden, Jasmine Garden, and Herbs Garden. Each garden accomodates specific species as its own name.


Wait. Our discussion about Taman Mini Indonesia Indah is not over yet. This recreational park really has plenty of attractions to explore. Once again, please check our next article to see other interesting venues on this magnificent theme park.

Discovering Indonesia in One-Go at Taman Mini Indonesia Indah – Part 3 (END)