Lay back and relax on a beach is something. But watching a school of dolphins prancing around in the ocean might make that experience feels more ultimate. That is what you can do at Kiluan Bay.

Located on the Province of Lampung, this secluded bay is totally worth a visit. This simple paradise also offers many other interesting activities to enrich the experience that you will never forget. Not very far from the bay, you will find Kiluan Island, an exotic island which is excellent for adventure.

Lay Back and Ease Yourself (Source : Flickr / Kiluan Dolphin)
Lay Back and Ease Yourself
(Source : Flickr / Kiluan Dolphin)

Getting There

To get to Kiluan Bay, first you need to arrive in Bandar Lampung. You can access it through the sea by getting on a ship to Bakauheni Port. From the port, get a bus with the route of Rajabasa. Make your stop at Bandar Lampung. Other way to reach Bandar Lampung is by plane. Flights are available from many big cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta City, Medan City, and Banjarmasin.

From Bandar Lampung, you can hire a car or get into a communal travel van from local travel agent. It will take you to Kiluan Bay for about 3-4 hours. The trip might be a little bit rough. The road are not always smooth. You will also experience some ups, downs, and turns. But the scenery you will see along the way would be mesmerizing.

If you want to visit Kiluan Island, it is best to get on a traditional wooden boat called jukung. It is easy to find one around the bay. One jukung can occupy up to 4 people (including the boat driver). It will take about only 15 minutes to reach Kiluan Island.


Staying There

There are no hotel, let alone a resort, operating around the Kiluan Bay. Form of accomodation that you can find there would probably be a simple wooden cottage with basic facilities and amenities.

Other choices of place to stay is at the local people’s house. Some of them open up their house as a homestay for tourist. Choosing the homestay might give you a great experience as you can feel the real atmosphere of Kiluan village. But remember to always mind your manner and respect the house rule.

Simple Cottage in Kiluan Bay (Source : Flickr / Kiluan Bay)
Simple Cottage in Kiluan Bay
(Source : Flickr / Kiluan Bay)

If you like to be in an open nature, you can do camping there. Bring your own neccessities. For the meal, you probably can order the local people to cook it for you. Some of them offer catering services for campers.


The Pink Dolphin

Pink Dolphin is the main attraction of Kiluan Bay as the population of pink dolphins on this lovely bay is quite great. They always go out in groups. So once you encounter them, there will be a bunch of this huge cuteness dancing up and down the water surface.

Such a pleasant thing to see. And as you may have known, dolphins are not dangerous animal. If you are lucky enough, you can come as close as possible to greet them.

Unfortunately, dolphin is shy animal so they do not always show up anytime. Thus, you need to manage a strategy for a chance of meeting them. Easiest way to get it done is by contacting the homestay management and ask for the possibilities to meet the dolphins. Let them set the schedule, but be aware that there is always a chance for it to fail naturally.

The pink dolphins mostly are seen in the morning, around 6.00 to 9.00 AM. To get closer, hire a jukung. It is a traditional wooden boat that is 2.5 meters long and 45 cm wide. The jukung can take you further to the ocean to see them closer. It is also low enough that you can even reach out your hand to pat the dolphins.

But remember to always be gentle to those innocent dolphins. To ensure your safety, do not forget to hire a life vest, unless you sure know how to swim. The best spot to encounter the dolphins is about 30 minutes away from the coast line.

School of Dolphins at Kiluan (Source : Flickr / T. Singh)
School of Dolphins at Kiluan
(Source : Flickr / T. Singh)

Other Activity

Beside sitting by the beach and watching the pink dolpins dancing in the wave, there are still many other fun things you can do around there. Here are some:

  • Kiluan Island

About 15 minutes away from the beach, there is a small island called Kiluan Island. This tiny land  is famous for its purity and tranquility. Being uninhabitant and barely explored, you can see how pristine and natural it is.

Trees are growing wild and strong, covering most of the area and bringing fresh air throughout the island. If you love challenge, try going deeper in the jungle where you will find a simple lake. The water is very fresh and clean that you can not resist yourself to jump in for a swim.

  • Gayau Lagoon

Hire a tour guide and ask him to take you to Gayau Lagoon, a secret little paradise nearby the bay. It is totally worth to visit as the view is astonishing. The lagoon has lots of coral reefs standing strong and solid, breaking the wave. Thus, it would be safe enough for you to swim. For more challenging activity, you can put your snorkel on and see what it has beneath the water surface.

Swimming in the Lagoon (Source : Flickr / Indri Sjafri)
Swimming in the Lagoon
(Source : Flickr / Indri Sjafri)


To make sure the get the best vacation ever while you are in Kiluan Bay, try considering some of these tips below:

  • Most recommended time to visit Kiluan is on the dry season, which is around April to September. Because on the rainy season, the road from Bandar Lampung to Kiluan would be slippery and muddy. Not to mention that every agenda you have planned might need to be canceled as it is pouring down. Dolphins also tends to show up more often during dry season.
  • Be aware that there barely are shops around the bay. So it is best for you to prepare all the supplies you might need since Bandar Lampung. Things like toiletries, snacks, beverages, and meds are important to prepare in advance. And as for your daily meal, you do not need to worry about it. The cottage staff or the homestay owner will provide it for you three times a day.
  • Dolphins do not show up everytime. A lot of tourists even got no chance to see them even if they have stayed for several days. Prepare your mental to accept this fact when you visit the bay.
  • Prepare yourself with a dry pack. Keep your gadget in there as you ride the jukung. Also bring extra clothes on your backpack. Jukung is very low and close to the water surface so there is a high possibility for you to get wet.
  • As the place is quiet secluded, signal reception for your phone and internet would be nearly impossible. Notify your friends and family about this in case they are trying to contact you, so they would not freak out if you are out of reach.
  • The sun ray might be very hot. If you have sensitive skin, bringing a sunblock is a must. You can also bring your sun hat or sun glass to help to shade your face.


Kiluan Bay is like a secluded paradise. With not much of visitors and flawless beauty, it is such a perfect place for those who seek for peace and tranquility. The dancing dolphins are amusing and the Kiluan Island is challenging.