Indrayanti Beach via
Indrayanti Beach via

One day in Jogjakarta on Java Island, I and a couple of friends of mine decide to have a one-day vacation. We plan to go to the beach. There are many beaches nearby Jogjakarta. But, from what we hear, nothing could be as beautiful as the beaches in Gunungkidul.

There was not any public transportation that can bring us from the city to Gunungkidul, so we have to ride our own vehicle. We went there by riding motorcycle. To make it worse, the road was not even smooth and short. It seems like a never-ending roller-coaster. It went up and down and there were many sharp turns. Even so, none of us wanted to give up.

So, after two to three hours of ride, we finally reach Gunungkidul. The first beach we visited was Sepanjang Beach. In Indonesian, “sepanjang” means “as long”. As named, the beach is very long and quiet. The beach was still so natural and untouched. It did not even have any tourism management so we did not have to buy any tickets.

After enjoying our morning at Sepanjang Beach, we decide to have a little adventure. We went to Sundak beach to do some diving. It was a sudden idea so none of us bring any diving equipment. Lucky us, in Sundak there was a man who rented out some diving equipment. He even worked as the diving instructor.

Diving on this beach was amazing. The wave was not big, so it was safe for newbie divers like us. Under the water, there were many beautiful sea animals and plants. Also, the water was clear so we could see them easily.

Sun was already high when we finished diving. It had already past lunch time. And, that was when we realize how starving we were. Moreover, we just got so worn out after diving excitedly. That time we had no idea where to find delicious food around. We were about to go to random food seller when our diving instructor showed up again and I suggest that you to Kukup beach to eat. So there we went.

In Kukup, we saw many fishermen who work there. That was when I realized why our instructor wanted us to go here. The fishermen give many kinds of raw seafood, fresh from the ocean! And, they sell it really cheap! So in Kukup, you can buy raw seafood from the fishermen. Then, you bring it to any food tavern and they will cook it for you.

Kukup Beach via
Kukup Beach via

So we bought some squids, shrimps, and fish from an old fisherman and bring it to a tavern owned by his wife. While waiting the woman cooking out food, we decided to have some light walk to the coast and took some photographs.

In about an hour, our meal is served. Not only just the seafood we cook, the tavern lady also provides some rice, sambals, and some vegetables. As for the drink, all of us ordered cold young coconut, as it is the best thing to drink on a hot beach. Yummy!

While enjoying our meal, we did not really think about how much we would have to pay for this kind of prosperity. But we agreed that we would pay, however, much it would be, as we were sure that the price must be worth it. And then, when the time came for us to pay, we were really shocked! The price was very cheap! It is cheaper that regular food we usually buy on the city. How perfect that day was!

Before going to villa, we agreed to go on to one more beach in Gunungkidul. So we went to Indrayani beach. The beach was quite similar to Sepanjang; it is totally untouched. We just sat there and had some little chit-chat.

Ngrenehan Beach via
Ngrenehan Beach via

After going to two beaches, I started to figure out the characteristic of Gunungkidul beach. The beaches are categorized as karst beach. All the beaches have white sands. The water is still clean and clear, totally uncontaminated.

Coral and seaweed can be easily found anywhere around the shoreline. Cliffs are everywhere around. And the best part of it; you can see so many ocean creatures on these beaches. I took some of my favorites, such as a starfish, a transparent baby fish, and a baby turtle.

The trip back home seemed like to be longer before. Maybe it was because we were so tired. But everything was worth it.

If you are interested in going to this beach, the first you need to be concerned about is the trip. The road is not easy, so do not try riding a motorcycle if you could not ride really well. While on the beaches, do not EVER to walk on the shoreline without any footwear. There are so many little animals and plans that can be dangerous if you step on. Bring extra clothes if you plan to get wet. And the most important thing is, always bring a camera.


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