If you go to Purwokerto on your holiday, don’t miss to go to Baturaden. Baturaden  is one of tourist resort in Central Java. It is located in the north of Slamet Mountain, Banyumas regency. An area on the slopes of Slamet Mountain, it is on the altitude of 640-m above the sea level.

Slamet Mountain is the biggest volcano mountain and the second highest mountain in Java Island. As a mountainous area, standing in Baturaden, you can see the view of some areas under the mountain such as Purwokerto, Banyumas, Nusa Kambangan Island, and some beaches in Cilacap. The resort is about 14 kilometers from Purwokerto. It can be reach about 15 to 20 minutes drive from the town.

via anekatempatwisata.com
via anekatempatwisata.com

The name of Baturaden comes from Banyumas Javanese language; those are “batur” means servant and “raden” means the noble/ the master. The name of Baturaden is based on the legend of the man named Suta and the woman who were in love.

The woman was a daughter of a noble man and Suta was her servant. Suta was the horse keeper of the woman’s father. Since they were in love, Suta told his master that he would propose her to marry. Suta’s master was so angry.

He would never his daughter marry the servant because they were in a very different social status. They decided to run away. They felt so tired and took a rest in the slope of a mountain. The place they used to take a rest had a good natural beauty with fresh air. They loved the place and decided to live there after their marriage. The place is now being called Baturaden.

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via kompasiana.com

Arriving in Baturaden, you will be greeted by the fresh and unpolluted air. The green landscape makes the natural beauty is so refreshing. The fresh air will tend to be chiller at night.  Surrounding by 200 ha of pines forest, the temperature is around 18 – 25 °C.

Baturaden is the most popular tourist resort in Purwokerto (Banyumas). You will find many travelers/tourists from other provinces in Indonesia and also from other countries who come here to see the attractions of Baturaden.

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via wikimapia.org

You will feel the easy acess to reach this resort and there is no traffic jam. If you want to stay here longer, there are many hotels and villas available. The visitors’ favorite moments to go to this resort are usually on lebaran or public holiday. They come with their families, friends, and mates.

On their days out, many local people in and around Banyumas areas also love to spend their time here enjoying the fresh air and the natural beauty of the place to refresh their mind and soul after their various work.

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via 4.bp.blogspot.com


Baturaden has many interesting spots to be visited those are:

  • Botanical garden

You can find many beautiful flowers and plants such as Havana flower, daun dewa, Brimulia, keladi tikus, antarium lipstick, palem paris, lidah gajah, and widoro laut which rarely be found in any places. If you are such a plants or flowers lover, you can buy them to add your collections or as a souvenir for family and friend. There are many available to be sold. The price is not really high.

  • Curug Gede

Curug Gede is a beautiful waterfall in Ketenger village. It is about 3 kilometers from Baturaden main resort. The height is about 50 meters. It is in 1500-m from sea level. There are nine waterfalls in this village.

Curug Gede is the most beautiful one surrounding by the hill. Since the location is under the hill, the access to reach this waterfall is quite hard and is not recommended for children. It is also not recommended to swim. However, you can still enjoy the perfect beauty of the place. The gorgeous view, the fresh air and water, the green plants and stones decorate the nature perfectly.

  • Pancuran Pitu

It is located about 2.5 km from the main gate of Baturaden. Pancuran Pitu is a natural hot springs which flow away directly from the range of rocks on the foot of Slamet Mountain. The water contains a high level of sulfur.

The water temperature is about 60 – 70 °C. you can see the steamy water flow away from seven douches. Something interesting is many people come here to soak in the sulphuric water because it is believed that the hot sulphur water here can cure the skin and bone diseases.

  • Wana Wisata

This resort is located about 2 km from Baturaden. If you want to spend your night in Baturaden, Wana Wisata is the place where you can do camping with family or friend. This spot offers a green and beautiful forest panorama. It is so perfect to build a tent.

  • Taman Kaloka Widya Mandala

This park is a zoo for educational tourism. There are many animals send from around Indonesia and from other countries. There are elephant, Salt water crocks from papua, Phytons, Cassowary, Porcupine Orangutan, and Bald Eagle.

There are also some collections of unique animals such as a fife-legged cow, a three-legged goat. You will also find satwa langka museum in this site. Some species endangered by extinction such as wild deer, Sumatra tiger, and leopard are exist here.


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