Yogyakarta is one of the most popular tourism destination cities in Indonesia. Many tourists from all over the world loves to come here. Yogyakarta is welcome for everybody; simple backpackers or even an exclusive tourist. The city has every objects, amenities, and facilities for various needs.

Talking about needs, every tourist indeed needs to eat. They need to eat well in order to enjoy the city. Yogyakarta has many kinds of foods to offer you. One of the great places to eat and have fun is Banyu Mili Restaurant. Banyu Mili is an exclusive restaurant located on Griya Mahkota Residence, Godean Avenue in Kilometer 4.5, Yogyakarta.


Banyu Mili Restaurant can occupy up to 500 people. They offer three kinds of place to eat so the guest can choose where they feel comfortable the most. The largest place is the indoor restaurant with the capacity of more than 200 people.

There is also a Joglo with capacity of about 100 people. Joglo is a semi-outdoor place with traditional structure. And there is also a Lesehan place. Lesehan means the table is very low and there are no chairs. This is how the Javanese people usually eat. If you want to feel the traditional aura, try out the Lesehan one.

As for the foods, there are many kinds of foods they are offering. Most of them are Indonesian foods, especially sea foods. They also have some European foods on the menu just in case they have guests who do not wish to eat Indonesian foods. The most recommended one is Grilled Shrimp with Honey. The taste is very savory, and has some sweet sensation on the tounge.

Do not like shrimp? You can try out their Egg Crab which is also popular among the guests. The taste is very rich. The seasoning is perfectly absorbed to its deepest meat. All the animals used in the sea foods are bred by Banyu Mili itself because they want to make sure that they serve always fresh foods.


The foods in this restaurant are sold within the price of $1 to $15. Those prices are very reasonable for such kind of exclusive dine. The restaurant is open every single day from 10.00 a.m to 10.00 pm.


The Extra Facility
Banyu Mili is not just a restaurant. There are also many kinds of recreation object around here in this area. Therefore, instead just a fine dine, you can also have some vacation here. Some of the recreation objects are:

  1. Swimming Pool
    Let your children play on this fun and hygienic pool. While watching out for your children, you can take a relax rest on lounge chair with umbrella. You can even order a food from the restaurant to the swimming pool as snacks.
  1. Water Boom
    Swimming is not enough. Have some more fun on this water boom facility. There are slides and water castle which is fun yet safe enough for children to play on. The water boom facility is united with the swimming pool.
  1. Artificial Lake with Fishing Facility
    The lake is intentionally made for a fishing facility. This must be very fun for men. The place is calm and enjoyable. The fishes are so many and so big. Therefore, you would not feel disappointed for catching a small fish. You can even ask the restaurant to cook the fish you catch.
  1. Gazebo on the Lake
    Beside, fishing facility, there is also a nice gazebo where you can have a nicer dining. This gazebo is located in the center of the lake. The view and the aura are very perfect for a romantic dinner. There are eight gazebos in this lake. But you better make a reservation first if you want to use this facility, as it is very popular.
  1. Water Ducks
    Go around the land riding water ducks. It is fun to ride with your family and friends. It is also good activity for a romantic date before taking a diner in the gazebo.
  1. Meeting Room
    Throw a party is possible in Banyu Mili. They provide a meeting room which is wide enough for 200 people. The meeting room is equipped with air conditioning system for the guests comfort. The view is directly to the lake so it is suitable for family gathering, private party, or even a wedding.
  1. Karaoke
    Want to go all out while having fun? Try karaoke! Sing your favorite songs with friends and family. In Banyu Mili, they provide a wide clear LCD screen and great audio devices for maximum fun.
  1. Aero Modeling
    Play along with aero modeling where you can drive a plane with remote control. It is a great place not only for children, but even a lot of adults like to play along in here too.
  1. Homestay
    Vacation would feel more amazing if you stay in. Homestay is much more recommended than a hotel if you have a vacation in Jogja. By staying in Banyu Mili Homestay, you could enjoy those facilities mentioned above and still able to get delicious meals every time.


Now, what else are you waiting for? Go ahead, take your family to Banyu Mili Restaurant!


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