Got a plan to explore Asia? Then you can start by visiting Bangkok. Of all the cities in Asia, especially Southeast Asia, Bangkok does have a myriad of tourist magnets that can attract international tourists to visit it.

From historical tours to modern tourism, nature tours to night tours (nightclubs and theaters), traditional markets to top boutiques; just name it, you can find all in Bangkok. No wonder Bangkok is finally recognized as one of the major tourist destinations in Asia.

Interested to explore Bangkok? If you are a first time traveler, check out the following information about Bangkok, from the attractions of Bangkok, the recommended sights to visit there, up to the access to reach Bangkok.

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Brief Information

Bangkok, via tatguru

Bangkok is the capital of the country of Thailand, as well as one of the major tourist destinations in the country. In fact, it can be said that Bangkok is one of the favorite tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. MasterCard Global Destination Cities Index had honoured Bangkok as one of the most visited cities in 2012, 2013 and 2016.

Various international tourism magazines also often includes Bangkok as a must-see city in Southeast Asia, so the fact that Bangkok is one of the Asian tourism gems was really undeniable.

As a city, Bangkok has a large area. The city has 50 districts, which are subdivided into 154 sub-districts. Some of the popular districts/sub-districts include: Siam Square (which has many modern shopping centers), Sukhumvit (as an exclusive district which often visited by expatriates), Khao San Road (famous as  backpacker paradise), and Ramkhamhaeng (with its large shopping centers and amusement Park).

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Bangkok Attractions

Bangkok, via wanderlusttips

Bangkok was not awarded as one of the most Asia’s favorite tourist destinations for no apparent reason. The city does have 1001 charms, which can make tourists from various classes find what they are looking for in Bangkok. But if you have not found a reason what makes Bangkok so charming, let’s peel it one by one, starting from the atmosphere as a whole.

Contrast atmosphere in Bangkok
Contrast atmosphere in Bangkok, via backwallpapers

As the capital of a country as well as the largest city in Thailand, Bangkok has the atmosphere of big cities, with many skyscrapers, heavy traffic, and densely populated districts. But interestingly, Bangkok also has many contradictory sides that make this city feel so alive and enthralling.

One of them is the existence of various historic and religious tourist spots, such as palaces and temples, which are widely available in Bangkok. So, whether you want a modern city-style tourist attractions, or you prefer to trace the past traces of traditional cultures, all can be found in the magnificent Bangkok.

Night at Bangkok
Night at Bangkok, via cdnimg.expetfinder

Not only that, Bangkok is also known as one of the cities that almost always alive for 24 hours. The city has many night clubs that are hype. Various new nightclubs are always popping up all the time, so the party goers are guaranteed to never feel bored venturing from one club to another club.

And, Bangkok also routinely became one of the concert venue of world-class musicians. This is what makes this city also became the target of lovers of live performances and music concerts.

One of the shopping centers in Bangkok
One of the shopping centers in Bangkok, via booking

Furthermore, Bangkok is also known as one of the favorite destinations to do shopping. The city has dozens of modern shopping centers that are able to pamper tourists with a variety of shopping budgets. 15 of these shopping centers even qualified for world level, and the most concentration can be found around Sukhumvit. But, uniquely, Bangkok did not merely malls.

The city also has many traditional markets with varied concepts: from ordinary market to floating market, which can accompany tourists shopping from morning until early morning. At its core, shopping lovers do not have to worry about running out of shopping spots to visit during their stay in Bangkok.

A rooftop bar in Bangkok

Besides being known as clubbing paradise and shopping paradise, Bangkok is also known as a culinary paradise. Some of the best restaurants in Asia – even the world – can be found in Bangkok. Various dining venues also exist in the city, which can be tailored to the tastes and budget of your tours.

Whether you prefer to eat in a fancy restaurant or in a rooftop bar located at an altitude, or the budget is just enough for a fun chat on the pavement, you can still enjoy the delicious cuisine of Thailand and Bangkok without worrying about over budget.

Bangkok, via asiarents

Another attraction of Bangkok lies primarily in its climate and geographic position. As a tropical country, Bangkok has relatively warm temperatures throughout the year; and that made this city interesting enough to be explored anytime (especially for tourists coming from 4 seasons country).

The position of Bangkok was fairly strategic, because from here you can travel to destinations in other countries within a fairly short distance. You only need about 4 hours to reach Bali, 2 hours to Singapore, and 3 hours to Hong Kong. Strategic isn’t it?

A hostel in Bangkok
A hostel in Bangkok, via booking


But, there are other things that make this Bangkok so sexy in the eyes of tourists. Maybe even this is the real charm of Bangkok. As the capital of a country, Bangkok is practically cheap enough to be visited by anyone. You can easily find a variety of culinary with a cheap price.

Cheap accommodation was scattered everywhere, ranging from the type of hostel, to 5-star hotels with cheaper rate than 5-star hotels in major cities in other countries. Therefore, don’t be so surprised if you can find various types of tourists in Bangkok, ranging from tourists with unlimited tourist budget, to backpacker.

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Things To Do In Bangkok

From so many tourist activities that can be done in Bangkok, here are some things you must do in the city:


Visit The Various Temples

Thailand has many beautiful and magnificent temples, and some of the best temples in Thailand can be found in Bangkok. Five of them which must be visited while you are in Bangkok include the following: 

  • Wat Pho, Temple with Giant Sleeping Buddha Statue

Sleeping Buddha statue in Wat Pho
Sleeping Buddha statue in Wat Pho, via charsu

The statue of sleeping Buddha in this temple does have a fantastic size: 15 meters high, 43 meters long. Its existence is hard to ignore, right?


  • Wat Arun, Temple With An Iconic And Unique Architecture

Wat Arun
Wat Arun, via megatour

One of the temples with the most iconic architecture in Bangkok.


  • Wat Phra Kaew, The Most Important Temple in Bangkok.

Wat Phra Kaew
Wat Phra Kaew, via getoutmore2010

The temple located in one area with the Grand Palace, indicating how important the position of this temple in Bangkok.


  • Wat Traimit, the Elegant Golden White Temple in Chinatown

Wat Traimit
Wat Traimit, via

This temple is very well suited to be visited by travellers who plan to explore Chinatown.


  • Wat Benjamabhopit, Popular to be Visited by Local Government

Wat Benjamabhopit
Wat Benjamabhopit, via

Indeed, because the location of this so called temple “The Marble Temple” is really located near the center of government buildings and the palace.


Visiting the Grand Palace

Grand Palace
Grand Palace, via eccotravel

Grand Palace can be called as the main tourist attraction in Bangkok. You can’t called yourself as Bangkok tourist if you have not stopped at the Grand Palace. The place that has been the residence of the King of Thailand for 150 years has a magnificent architecture and interesting, and of course, has a high historical value.

It’s just, if you want to visit this place, make sure you wear proper clothes, OK! For men, they should wear trousers and shirts/T-shirts with collar, while women should wear polite clothing, closed, and should not wear those transparent kinds.


Culinary Tour

Pavement culinary in Bangkok
Pavement culinary in Bangkok, via tajlandiafaq

Bangkok has many cool culinary destinations, ranging from street vendors, small roadside restaurants, to upscale restaurants and roof top bars. Choose what the best fits to your budget, and have fun!


Shop ‘Till You Drop

A night market in Bangkok
A night market in Bangkok, via thailand-press

Starting from traditional markets, floating markets, night markets, to world-class shopping malls; Lots of shopping spots in Bangkok are already waiting to be explored by shopaholics.


Celebrating the Night

A night club in Bangkok
A night club in Bangkok, via yogi-real

Likes the nightlife? Bangkok has plenty of upscale nightclubs that can satisfy your desire to celebrate the night. Alternatively, you can also explore the red-light district area like Soi Cowboy which has many pubs and bars, or stop by the various clubs and bars at Khao San Road.


Doing Cultural Tour

Want to do a cultural tour while in Bangkok? Here are some recommendations of cultural tourism activities you can do in Bangkok:

  • Visiting The Museum

Museum Erawan, Bangkok
Museum Erawan, Bangkok, via clublexus

Bangkok has many museums with a variety of themes, ranging from museums with history, art, contemporary art, to the museum with erotic themes.


  • Seeing Cultural Performances

A cultural performance in Bangkok
A cultural performance in Bangkok, via welcometour

It is not difficult to find various cultural performances in Bangkok. From cabaret shows, musical performances, to Muay Thai performances and kickboxing, you can find all in Bangkok.

Drop in to the Popular Districts and Streets of Bangkok

 Yes, Bangkok has several districts as well as streets that are popularly visited by foreign tourists. Few that must be included in your tour itinerary are as follows: 

  • Khao San Road, The Backpacker’s Paradise

Khao San Road
Khao San Road, via greenwoodtravel


  • Chinatown, the Colourful District That Always Alive

Chinatown in Bangkok
Chinatown in Bangkok, via monstergram.blogspot


  • Soi Cowboy, Bangkok Red-Light District

Soi Cowboy
Soi Cowboy, via


  • Royal City Avenue, Popular Clubbing Spot in Bangkok

Royal City Avenue
Royal City Avenue, via caniliveinthailand


  • Silom Road, Calm During Daytime and Wild at Night

Silom Area
Silom Area, via pattayatrader


  • Sukhumvit, for Those of You Who Like Noisy Urban

Sukhumvit, via nextstopbangkok


  • Rattanakosin (Old Town), Suitable for Those Who Love History Tour

Rattanakosin, via new-treveler


  • Soi Rambuttri, It offers a Contrasting Atmosphere with Khao San Road

Soi Rambuttri
Soi Rambuttri, via vivre-en-thailande


Visiting The Garden

The park may not be a major tourist destination in Bangkok. But, this city has some parks worth a visit if you are too tired with the throng of the Thai capital. Some of the parks that may be quite interesting to visit include the following:

  • Benjakitti Park

Benjakitti Park
Benjakitti Park, via


  • Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park
Lumpini Park, via blog.daum


  • Romaneenart Park

Romaneenart Park
Romaneenart Park, via pursuitofexcitement.wordpress


  • Santichaiprakarn Park

Santichaiprakarn Park
Santichaiprakarn Park, via centerwedding


  • Benjasiri Park

Benjasiri Park
Benjasiri Park, via asiavacations


  • Queen Sirikit Park

Queen Sirikit Park
Queen Sirikit Park, via timeout


  • Bang Krachao Gardens

Bang Krachao Gardens
Bang Krachao Gardens, via thaisky


Pamper Yourself with a Typical Thai Massage

Typical Thai Massage
Typical Thai Massage, via davaomassage

Thailand is indeed famous for its unique massage that emphasizes pressure at certain points, combined with rhythmic and efficacious movements to make the body more relaxed and energized.

While you are in Bangkok, do not forget to try the genuine Thai massage directly from the experts. There are many massage places scattered throughout Bangkok, ranging from roadside massages, to luxurious massages and spas that offer extra comfort.


Tracing the River in Bangkok

Tracing the river and canal in Bangkok
Tracing the river and canal in Bangkok, via kojaro

Did you know that Bangkok was once dubbed the “Venice of the East”? Currently there are many canals in Bangkok that dries up and stays as memories only. However, some rivers in Bangkok are still popular to be traced by boat.

For example, the Chao Praya River, Klong Saen Saeb, and Klongs of Thonburi. Interestingly, Bangkok offers a variety of water transportation modes for travelers to choose from, from water taxis, long tail boats, ferries, canal boats, to private cruises. Tourists can take advantage of this river route to reach certain attractions, or they can just sit back and enjoy the scenery around the river banks.


Tuk-tuk Ride

Tuk Tuk
Tuk Tuk, via di-thailan

Tuk tuk is a typical Thai tricycle, popularly used as a mode of transportation before a variety of mass transportation and public transport networks are built in Bangkok. Now tuk-tuk is more popular as a mode of transportation for tourism, and become one of the must-do tourist activities while in Bangkok.

There are some tips for you who want to try a tuk-tuk ride: first, negotiate the tariff before you ride the tuk-tuk. Secondly, do not be fooled by the invitation to visit certain tourist attractions, at a cost higher than the normal rate. Third, avoid a tuk-tuk ride during rush hour (approximately 7-9 am and 4 pm), because the risk of being stuck in traffic congestion will be greater than other hours.


Visiting Doctor and Dentist

A dentist clinic in Bangkok
A dentist clinic in Bangkok, via cosmeditourdental

Lately, Bangkok is becoming more aggressive in promoting itself as one of the best cities to do health tourism. One of the main facilities offered is a variety of dental clinics that claimed to have the best quality, but with a relatively affordable price. So even if you already have a doctor in your respective city, you might consider visiting a variety of dental facilities while in Bangkok.

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About Scam

Can’t be denied, Bangkok also could not escape from scammers who are eyeing the tourists, especially those who are first time visitors. Here are some popular scams that often happen in Bangkok, and tips to deal with it:

  1. Informing that a tourist spot closed today for one reason or another, and volunteer to be a guide to other tourist attractions. Usually the scammers will intercept tourists who are heading to a tourist place to provide such false information, so tourists can not see correctly whether the place is really close or not. One of the best solutions is to ignore the scammer, and go directly to the tourist destination.
  1. Illegal taxi fraud. Usually these taxis are deliberately parked in front of the hotel/airport, and only targeting foreign tourists who are really need a taxi service. Usually tourists will be charged a double tariff, or tariff on their own (because they do not use taxi’s meter). It is advisable for tourists to use only official taxis, or taxis recommended by the hotel/airport.
  1. Sex show fraud. Usually occurs in areas with a lot of night club concentration. Generally scammers will offer the opportunity to see free shows, or you do not need to pay if you do not like the show. In fact, you will still be charged the cost of watching, and that can be more expensive than the usual price. Do not be fooled by the persuasion of lure free performances, and do not trust any persuasion to get into a certain place.
  1. Tuk-Tuk fraud. The usual mode is a tuk-tuk rider persuading you to stop by somewhere, just to buy gas or stop by a shop. In the end you will incur additional costs to buy something in a store (which works with the tuk-tuk driver). The solution for this, do not go along if the driver deviate from the tourist destinations you have set.

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Access to Bangkok

Suvarnabhumi International Airport
Suvarnabhumi International Airport, via phraram

There are many ways to reach Bangkok, but the two most popular are using airplanes and trains.

As the capital of Thailand, Bangkok became the main entrance of the tourist entry into the country nicknamed the White Elephant. Foreign tourists arriving by air (from outside Thailand) will usually land at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok’s main airport which serving international flights.

Another case if you go to Bangkok from within Thailand, chances are you guys will land at Don Muang Airport. So is if you use Air Asia flight, because since October 2012 the airline is just flying and landing from Don Muang Airport.

Bangkok can also be reached by train line. The main station in Bangkok is Hualamphong, which connects Bangkok with the northern, eastern, northeastern, and southern regions of Thailand. You can buy train tickets for today or tomorrow, and usually, the payment system also receives cash and credit cards.


Orientation in Bangkok

Street’s ambiance in Bangkok
Street’s ambiance in Bangkok, via siemens

Nowadays, the transportation modes in Bangkok has grown better. There are various alternative modes of public transportation that have reached almost all parts of Bangkok, except for certain areas that still require further development.

Travelers can opt for skytrain, metro (MRT), bus, taxi, and water boat that ride along the river and canal in Bangkok. For an extra tourist experience, tourists can also choose typical transportation modes such as tuk-tuk, to taxibike.



Photos taken from various sources without any additional edits other than the resizing process.


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