Elephant is such an amazing animal. Even has giant body, they are harmless and safe to play with. In Bali Island, you have the chance to get to know better with the elephant through Bali Elephant Safari Park. Also, you can do plenty of fun activities with these wonderful animals. This safari has the concept of natural ecotourism area with about two hectares of width. It is also surrounded with national forest that enhances the natural atmosphere of your safari experience. To complete the adventure, a luxury lodge is built at this area with complete facilities.

Tourists Enjoying Elephant Ride at Bali Elephant Safari Park and Lodge (Source: Flickr. Credit: Striderv)
Tourists Enjoying Elephant Ride at Bali Elephant Safari Park and Lodge
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Striderv)

Getting There

Bali Elephant Safari Park is located on Jalan Elephant Park Taro, 80111, Indonesia. From Ubud, you just need to drive north for about 16 kilometers. It will take about 20 minutes to get there. From Ngurah Rai Airport, you need to drive north for about 52 kilometers away. The trip will take about 75 minutes.


Elephant Activities

At this beautiful safari park, there are a lot of activities that you can do with those wonderful Sumatran Elephants. Some of the popular attractions on this tourism destination are:

  • Elephant Safari Ride

Back riding the elephant is the main attraction at this safari themed park. Teakwood chair has been installed on the top of the elephant back so you could sit down comfortably. You do not need to know how to ride an elephant because you will be accompanied by a professional elephant trainer. All you need to do is just sit down and enjoy the ride. Elephant Safari Ride is available at two choices of session; day and night.

  • Elephant Patting

Show your love to this tender giant animal by caressing them. The animal is totally harmless unless you provoke them. To double ensure your safety, a professional elephant trainer will accompany you during this activity. You can also feed them with your bare hands with the foods prepared by the trainer. Taking photos with the elephant is also possible to do during this session.

  • Elephant Talent Show

Elephant is an intelligent animal. With some training, they can perform unique talent shows. At this park, there will be four elephant talent shows to be performed daily. Those are:

– Elephant Painting at 11.45

– Elephant Playing Basketball at 13.45

– Elephant Doing Math at 15.45

– Elephant Spraying Water for Good Luck at 18.45

Elephant is Painting during the Talent Show (Source: Flickr. Credit: Bali Hotels and Villas)
Elephant is Painting during the Talent Show
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Bali Hotels and Villas)
  • Elephant Museum and Gallery

The museum at Bali Elephant Safari Park is perfect for learning anything about this giant animal. At this museum, you can gain information and watch the galleries of elephant’s life from time to time. The collections on this exhibit include books, documentary videos, prehistoric horns, ancient fossils and artifacts, mammoth tusks, elephant bones, and much more. You can also see a giant skeleton of a mammoth dated from 15,000 years ago. It is the only one in South East Asia.

  • Elephant Bathing Lake

Elephants like to submerge on a lake. At the lake, they also like to play along. It is very interesting to watch them doing their things at this lake. You can also join the trainer to bathe the elephant with your hands-on.

Elephant Enjoys Submerging at the Lake (Source: Allison Mickel)
Elephant Enjoys Submerging at the Lake
(Source: Allison Mickel)
  • Botanical Gardens

Still at the area of Bali Elephant Safari Park and Lodge, you can find several beautiful gardens where some elephants like to chill on. The gardens have scenic paths and filled with various species of orchid flowers and plants. A garden also features a pond filled with giant Arapaima Gigas fishes from South America.


Elephant Conservation Center

Sumatran Elephant is considered as rare and endangered. Therefore, this safari park also works as a conservation center. World Zoo Association has declared that Bali Elephant Safari Park has met the international standard for animal care.

The park was opened by an Australian Nigel Mason. The idea of this park came up when he saw nine neglected elephants at the village. He felt poor for those elephants for living on a terrible environment. So he built a nice park for them to live well. Since then, the safari park has been asked repeatedly to take care of neglected baby elephants and prepare them to be released back to the wild until they are ready.

Bali Elephant Safari Park and Lodge lies on the area of 3.5 hectares wide and is surrounded by national forest. This allows the elephants to live comfortably because it feels very similar to their natural habitat. This park does not allow artificial insemination on the animals because they want them to breed naturally.

A Trainer is Teaching Baby Elephant to Walk (Source: Flick. Credit: mari k)
A Trainer is Teaching Baby Elephant to Walk
(Source: Flick. Credit: mari k)


Bali Adventure Tour

Besides doing fun activities with the elephants, you can also do several other adventurous activities nearby the area of Bali Elephant Safari Ride. These activities are offered for those who love to pump their adrenalin in a wild nature. Those activities are:

  • White Water Rafting

Bali Adventure Tour is the only one that offers a five-star rafting experience. With international-standard equipment’s, you can launch your raft into a 9.6 kilometers long river. This adventure is so much fun because you can see the scenic panorama along the way including wild pristine rainforest, tall trees, wonderful terraced paddy fields, waterfall, and more. At the end of your journey through the river, you will be spoiled with gourmet buffet feast on a private restaurant with beautiful view.

  • River Kayaking

Not very far from Bali Elephant Safari Park and Lodge, there is a beautiful river called Ayung River. This river is best for casual kayaking experience, even for the first-time kayakers. An inflatable kayak and a professional guide have been prepared to ensure your fun and safe experience. The kayak can occupy two persons at a time.

  • Mountain Cycling

Riding your bike to a mountain is such a fun thing to do in Bali. Bali Adventure Tour offers you a package of mountain cycling to Batur Volcano at Kintamani. The journey will go on to the 16 kilometers long of pathways. It will go through lush valleys, traditional villages, ancient temples, and exotic paddy fields. The cycling package will include a guide that will explain you about history and culture.

A Group Doing Mountain Cycling (Source: Flickr. Credit: Travel to Kintamani)
A Group Doing Mountain Cycling
(Source: Flickr. Credit: Travel to Kintamani)
  • Tropical Trekking

Trekking through the tropical nature of Taro is another option from Bali Adventure Tours. The trek will go through old Hindu village dated from about 3,000 to 4,000 years ago where the traditions and cultures are still well preserved. You will also walk through an ancient temple that becomes home for the rare and sacred White Cows of Bali. Bamboo forest and terraced paddy fields will also be your breath-taking panorama along the way. A guide will accompany you to provide explanation of every environment you go through.


Besides those wonderful activities, Bali Elephant Safari Park and Lodge still has several other attractions that may enhance your experience with the elephant. Therefore, for an ultimate vacation, please check out our next article where we would provide more information about this fantastic tourism object.


Adventures with the Elephants in Bali Elephant Safari Park and Lodge – Part 2 (END)