Surabaya which becomes the capital city of East Java province Indonesia is one of the cities that are not to be missed in East Java. Surabaya tourism destinations cover many types of attractions including cultural and historical tourism, religious tourism, and ecosystem tourism and many more. The city which has the symbol of a crocodile and a shark is also well known to be the base of Indonesian Navy. Here are some of the tourism destinations that can be found in Surabaya.


1. House of Sampoerna



House of Sampoerna is one of Surabaya tourism destinations which offer many things in a spot. The tourists will be able to take a look at the beautiful architectural design of the building which was built in the colonial era. House of Sampoerna consists of three parts. The main hall is functioned as a cigarette museum.

The west wing functions as Sampoerna Family residence while the east wing functions as a café. By visiting the museum, the visitors will be able to see various collections of tools needed in cigarette making. They are also able to learn about traditional cigarette making that covers picking the good tobacco and clove, cigarette paper making process, rolling process until the packing stage.

The House of Sampoerna also offers its visitors to ride Surabaya Heritage Track bus. The bus will take the visitors to the old town and some historical sites in Surabaya. The museum opens daily at 9:00 am to 10:00 pm. The tourists do not have to pay any entrance fee. They are free to explore the whole museum.


2. Arab Village


Stepping in Ampel Street which is located about 10 km from downtown Surabaya; the visitors will feel as they are in Middle East countries. This Surabaya tourism destination is famous for its Middle East culture. In Arab village, the visitors will find a well known mosque named Ampel Mosque. There are many visitors who visit Arab village to visit Sunan Ampel grave.

There is a traditional market in Arab village where the visitors will be able to shop for Moslem clothes, perfumes, date palms and many other shalat equipments such as mukena and sarong. The village is also known for its Middle East delicacies.

The tourist should try the Kebuli rice which is rich for seasonings and its delicious lamb chops. In fasting month, the village will be filled with so many people shopping for clothes or buying some dishes which are usually eaten first after a full day fasting.


3. Suramadu Bridge


Suramadu Bridge is one of the most famous Surabaya tourism destinations. The bridge links Surabaya and Madura Island. The constructions of the bridge is started in 2003 and ended in 2009. Many people visit the bridge only to see the beautiful design of the bridge while enjoying the view of Madura Strait.

The visitors are not allowed to stop alongside the bridge. There will be some officers who check whether there is any vehicle stopping alongside the bridge. Reaching Madura Island in the end of the bridge, the visitors will be able to stop and enjoy some fresh drinks in many food stands available there. There are also some souvenir booths selling Madura Island merchandises. 


4. Wonorejo Mangrove Forest


Wonorejo mangrove forest is an ecotourism spot in Surabaya which lies in Wonorejo Village in the east of Surabaya. The ecotourism spot becomes famous in Surabaya for its refreshing and tranquil atmosphere. Many people come to the forest on the weekend or school holiday to enjoy the fresh air and refresh their mind.

There are two ways of enjoying the forest. The first way is by boarding a boat departing from Wonorejo village. The other way is by riding a motorbike alongside the forest. The riders will be able to see many fishponds alongside the road.

Tired of walking around the forest, the visitors will be able t have some rests in some gazebos while watching the beautiful sea view. There are many people come to Wonorejo Mangrove Forest jut to fish.


5. Ciputra Water Park


Wanting to experience modern tourism attraction, the visitors should go to Ciputra Waterpark. This Surabaya tourism destination is known to be the largest water park in Indonesia. The water park is located in Boulevard Citraland, Surabaya.

The water park operates from Tuesday until Sunday. From Tuesday until Friday, the visitors have to pay $5 for the entrance fee. Meanwhile in weekends and national holidays, the visitors have to pay $7 for the entrance fee.

The water park has some challenging attractions for different ages. Kids will be able to play water safely in Marina Lagoon and Chimera Pool. There are also many other attractions such as Roc Tower Thunder Ride, Sinbad’s Playground, Syracuse Beach, Sirens River and Racer Slide.


Surabaya has many other tourism destinations. However, visiting Surabaya will not be complete without visiting the destinations mentioned above. Surabaya is very easy to access.

There are many flights to Surabaya every day. There are many buses having Surabaya for its final destination. The people from another island are also able to reach Surabaya by ferries or cruises.


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