Makassar is one of the most popular tourism destinations in Indonesia. Makassar is also known as Ujung Pandang or Bumi Angin Mamiri. There are many beautiful and fun objects to visit, especially for backpackers and wilderness explorers. Some of those places are:


1. Losari Beach

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Losari beach is very wide and the view is highly exotic. This beach is very famous in Indonesia. It sometimes is used for shooting movies and pre-wedding photographs. The beach is located on the west side of Makassar, so you can see the sun sets there. Around 4.30 o’clock in the late afternoon, people usually start gathering here to see the sunset.

Besides the exotic view of sunset, Losari beach is also popular for its night culinary market in Makassar. After the sunset, you would find there are so many food taverns and restaurants offering various kinds of seafood.

To make it more fun, Losari provides several duck boats for tourists. Each duck boat can take up several people and will take them around the sea for 15-30 minutes. It costs only $1 per person.


2. Fort Rotterdam


Fort Rotterdam was originally named Fortress of Ujung Pandang. It was built during the era of Gowa-Tallo Kingdom under the instruction of the Ninth King of Gowa-Tallo. The construction was built using clay. Years after years, the fort was starting to wear out. Therefore, when the Fourteenth King was on in charge, he instructed his people to reconstruct it using stones.

When Indonesia was under Dutch colonialism, the fort was taken over by the Dutch government. The name was changed to Fort Rotterdam. After Indonesia got their freedom, the fort became unused. Therefore, the government initialized it as tourism historical object. This Fort is located around the southern beach of Makassar.


3. Somba Opu Fortress

Besides Fort Rotterdam, Makassar has another fort called Fort Somba Opu. This fort is much wider than Fort Rotterdam. This fort was also built under the era of Gowa Tallo Kingdom. But this building was more likely to be used as a Government office than a fort.

A few years ago, the fort was renovated to be Mini-Park of Southern Sulawesi. At this park, you can see a miniature of Southern Sulawesi. You can also see many traditional houses, such as Bulukumba House and Toraja House.


4. Mandala MonumentĀ 

This monument is located on the center of Makassar, nearby the Karebosi Park. The monument is 75 meters high, so it is very easy to find. The monument was built on January 11st, 1994 as a reminder of a special historical event; The Freed of West Irian. While Indonesia was fighting for West Irian’s freedom, Makassar was being the busiest city as the government people gathered there to stay close to Irian. Besides that, most of Makassar people even volunteered to help out.

Therefore, when their hard work came to succeed, the Government decided to make a monument in Makassar to remind people how great they were. Behind the monument, there is a stage where local or national bands like to play sometimes, to entertain people in Makassar.


5. Paotere Harbor


Paotere harbor is located about 5 kilometers away from Makassar. If you use pedicab, it will take you about 20-30 minutes. Pedicab is local vehicle that is very common and easy to find in Makassar. On the harbor, you can see many kinds of ships, especially the Phinisis, from the small-and-simple ones, to the huge-and-magnificent ones.


Phinisi is traditional ship of Bugis with complicated and strong construction. The Phinisi was invented by Gowa-Tallo people during the 14th Century. It was originally used for long travelling. But now, every people in Makassar use it. Even the fishermen also use phinisi construction for their small fishing ships. On the harbors, you can also find many souvenir shops. The best-selling souvenir is the replica of phinisi.


6. China Town Makassar

Similar to any other country, Makassar also has a Chinatown. Local people used to call it Pecinan. The Chinatown Makassar has a magnificent entrance; a huge gate with complicated Chinese architecture.

The most common thing to sell in Chinatown is foods, many kinds of delicious foods. But if you come here during Cap Go Meh or Imlek, there will be amazing ceremonies and festivals.


7. La Galigo Museum


The museum is located inside the area of Fort Rotterdam. On the museum, you can see many fossils and artifacts ever found in Makassar. Besides that, you can also see how Makassar people live during the era of Gowa-Tallo Kingdom because the museum also displays many things from that era such as jewelry, miniatures, and many samples of weapon.


8. Monumen Korban (Monument of Victims)

During 1946-1947, the Dutch were trying to run again their colonialism against Indonesia. In Makassar, a captain named Westerling instructed his army to kill everyone who want to fight back. The army was so cruel. After shooting and killing thousands of people, they took all the victims to an area. They buried all the victims in one huge hole.

In order to honor the bravery of those victims, Makassar Government built a monument there. Every December 11th, a ceremony is held to remember how hard it was to fight for our own freedom.


9. Samalona Island


Samalona is a small island located on Makassar Strait. From Losari beach, you can ride a fisherman’s boat, heading southwest for 20-30 minutes. Samalona Island is very close to the main island. It can even be seen from the top of Fort Rotterdam.

Samalona Island is a perfect place for snorkeling or boating. Because the island located in the strait, there would be no dangerous tide or sea-waves. Besides that, under the water, you can find many beautiful sea creatures such as fishes and corals.

For doing snorkeling, you only need to pay $3 for renting the equipments. For boating, you need to pay about $38 to rent the boat. The boat can occupy several people. So if you go with your friends, you can share the cost and have fun together.


10. Bugis Water Park


I have already mentioned several historical objects and natural ones. Now, let me introduce you to a modern one; Bugis Water Park. Similar to any other water park, Bugis Water Park also provides huge pools, amazing slides, and many other fun water recreational facility.


Another interesting thing about Makassar which you may not miss is the culinary. Makassar people are really good cooks. There are many kinds of foods and beverages you must try out when visiting Makassar, such as Coto Makassar, Palu Butung Ice, and much more.


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