If you wish to see and feel the beauty of nature as a vacation, Java Island has so many choices of destination. But if you are confused in choosing a place, check out the list below. These are the most recommended places to visit;

1. Green Canyon (Cukang Taneuh)

Green Canyon is located in southern of West Java. It is a river flanked by two huge canyons. The water is clear.  But due to refraction, the water looks like it is green. That is why people call it Cukang Taneuh (Green Canyon). On the canyon, you could find cave with stalactites and stalagmites that splutter fresh water. People call it “eternal rain”.

There are two kinds of river here. The calm one is great place to swim. The other one had some streams so you could do some rafting. The rafting is fun only cost you $1.5 to $3 . It is very cheap and fun; a great destination for backpackers.

via wisatanesia.co
via wisatanesia.co

2. Mount Bromo

If you like hiking, then I bet you would fall in love to Mount Bromo. This volcanic mount has many sulfur craters and beautiful sceneries to see. Does not like hiking? No problem. You can hire a horse to ride to the top.

Visiting Mount Bromo is not expensive. You only need about $4 to $8 to enjoy this exotic panorama. If you want to ride the rented horse, you are going to need $4 more.

via piquestories.files.wordpress.com
via piquestories.files.wordpress.com

3. Ujung Kulon

Ujung Kulon is the habitat of single-horned rhinoceros, an endangered species protected by WWF. The park consists of several jungles and beaches which are kept to stay natural, so they rhino could live here comfortably and safely. At this national park, there are also several other exotic animals such as deer, wild boar, and many kinds of birds.

Some activities you can do here are observing the rhino, surfing, snorkeling, camping, and canoeing. For camping, you need to pay $1.5 per person. For observation, it is only $1 per person.

Surfing will cost you only $1. Snorkeling is $3. The most expensive activity is canoeing. You need to pay $4 per person. And that is not included the canoe. You need to pay another 100,000 to rent a canoe. Each canoe has the capacity of 5 people.

via penabiru.com
via penabiru.com

4. Kusuma Agro-Tourism

Kusuma Agro-Tourism Park is located in Batu Tourism Park, in Batu Town, East Java. It is not far from Malang city. In Kusuma Agro-Tourism, you could do pick many organic fruits planted there such as strawberries, apples, dragon fruits, orange, guava, and some vegetables.

You can also do some outbound games such as mini off-road, paintball war, pony horse riding, flying fox, and much more. The fees for each activitiy are different, ranging from $0.3 to $15.

5. Lawang Sewu

Lawang Sewu is an old huge building in Semarang. It was built in 1904 when Indonesia was colonized by the Dutch. Lawang Sewu literally means A Thousand Doors. It is called like that because the building has so many doors.

The building was intended to be government office. But rumor said that the building was used to torture Indonesian people who were trying to oppose the Dutch. Now, the locals believe that this place is haunted. The building is located in the middle of the city. So you can easily go there using public transportation. The ticket is only 5,000 per person.


6.  Dieng Plateu

The plateu is located at 2000 mdpl in Wonosobo, Central Java. The temperature is very cold here. It could even reach 10-20 degree Celcius. So make sure to bring thick clothes. On this plateu, there is a crater called Sikadang.

The Sikadang crater is very unique as its positions can move due to natural circumstance. For having a vacation to Dieng Plateu, you need to prepare 150,000 to 250,000 per night, including the hotel fee.

via indonesiad.com
via indonesiad.com

7. Curug Malela

Curug means Waterfall. Curug Malela has similar shape with Niagara Falls, but it is smaller and much safer to play on. On the right side, there is a huge white canyon. Scientists believe that the canyon was originally a waterfall that froze out due to natural circumstance. the view would be at its best during the rainy season.

8. Ambarawa Museum of Train

If you want to learn about the history of train in Indonesia, the answer is in Ambarawa, Central Java. The museum keeps many kinds of old train that Indonesia ever had. To visit the museum, you need to buy a ticket for $0.5. There is also a train that is still able to work well. You can try to go around the Ambarawa using this train. It only cost you $1 per person.

9. Lalay Cave

If you are a big fan of Batman, you probably would like to visit this cave. There are a lot of bats living inside this cave. Do not be afraid, the bats are not dangerous. They are herbivore. It is better to come here by late afternoon.

At this time, you would be able to see the bats flickering very beautifully. It is like a living black cloud. Lalay Cave is located in Sukabumi, West Java. Not far from the cave, you could see a beautiful beach to play on while waiting the bats to do their rituals.

via pbs.twimg.com
via pbs.twimg.com

10. Ijen Crater

Ijen Crater is a crater located on the biggest Caldera in Java. The acid level is very high in here. Therefore, you need to be extra careful unless you want your body to melt out. The crater color is bluish green. In the morning, there would be thick fog.

This place is a perfect place people who love challenge and adventures. But do not worry; it is not as dangerous as it sounds. You could find some sulfur miners working around here. Ijen Crater is located in Banyuwangi, East Java.

via bromoeastjava.com
via bromoeastjava.com

Now that is the top ten of most recommended place to visit for a vacation in Java. People love to go there due to each of its uniqueness. Which one catches your attention the most? Do not waste more time. Just pack your bag and start your adventure!


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